Monday, June 26, 2006

*+* Voice for the Voiceless *+*

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you,
that I have set before you life and death,
blessing and cursing:
choose life, that both you and your seed may live.
Deuteronomy 30:19

The Christian,
who lends his voice to the Christ,
must set before this morbid gathering,
in the most concrete way,
Life and Death.
~ Carl Bibeau

Sanctuary Ministries Update
Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Sidewalk Counselors: Allura, Marian and Dale, Gina, Mary Jo and Ben, Carolina, Myra, Ricardo, Dave and Paula, Carl, John, Meghan, 5 prayer warriors

Another crowd arrived to stand at the doors of Orlando Women’s Center to end the life of their wee ones. Our own Sidewalk Counselor, Carl Bibeau, describes it like this:

“The Deceiver is active in the death mill gathering, twisting the God-given emotions of those who would sacrifice their own offspring on the altar of economic upward mobility. As sidewalk counseling is a unique form of street evangelization, and as the logistics of Orlando Women's Center is a unique stage upon which sidewalk counselors have access, so a particular *moment* every morning affords a direct spiritual duel, choreographed for eyes to see and ears to hear. That *moment* lasts no more than five minutes. It begins with a satanic procession which, in effect, mocks the gathering process of the Faithful’s call to worship. Parents, holding their mute hostages within, gravitate with the focus being the front door of OWC. They assemble, facing that door, with their backs to those who witness to the Truth. The godly part of each individual who has come to kill, longs to hear that Truth. Their minds are attentive to the voice emanating from behind, despite their conscious effort to attend to *the opening of the door* which marks the end of the five minute window. It is during this time of heightened tension that the fundamental option must be laid out. The Christian, who lends his voice to the Christ, must set before this morbid gathering, in the most concrete way, life and death.

This is the unique “procession” we witness each day we arrive to witness to those who are perishing. Sometimes, even the seasoned counselors find themselves starring at all the backs, wondering what they can say to change the hearts of these lost people. Carl goes on to say,

“The Deceiver wishes to build his own community to deny the Truth. He bastardizes the group's affinity to reach out in social support. He twists their urge from within to protect their offspring, into *protecting* each other from the Truth. Instead of relying on a script or tract, the designated voice chosen by the Holy Spirit, must be scrupulously attentive to the action of the demonic community builders, and rely SOLELY on the promptings of that Holy Spirit to attract the beleaguered toward God's Community. Unlike other times in the ministerial day at OWC - where appeals can be isolated individual encounters with persons going to-and-from vehicles - or sermonizing can be directed to a general unseen congregation within - whoever is called to speak for the Lord must *SEE* with spiritual eyes, the battle as it unfolds in that unique 5 minute skirmish.”

And how do we, the voice for the Lord, prepare for this “skirmish”? Here Carl explains,

“I believe we must prepare by specifically praying beforehand for Total Individual Humility. We all have assessed the general distinction of our current calling before appearing for duty at the killing center, whether it be Prayer Warrior or Sidewalk Counselor. Prayer warriors, though not witnessing through speech, nonetheless must be attentive to the unfolding drama, and direct their prayers to where they are needed, in real time. Those counselors who will be lending their voices to Christ during *the moment* must subjugate their wills to the Holy Spirit. There is no room for pride or competition, for it is not the individual's utterances that change hearts. It is the Lord who saves. We serve the Lord by offering our voices as blank waveforms for His modulation. It is only when He directs the sequence of utterances, from possible multiple sources, that God's will is accomplished.Pray brethren, that our sacrifice of humility brings forth the Word that will make a difference in this world. We pray in the name of Jesus, the Christ, in unity with the Father, bidding the eloquence of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

PS...One baby saved (that we are aware of), 35 present for killing.

All for Him,
Paula <)))><
Equipping the saints in Orlando for works of ministry
I Thes 2:8

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ministry Update, June 8 2006

Sanctuary Ministries Update
Orlando Women's Center abortuary
Thursday, June 8, 2006 Late term (labor-and-delivery) abortion day

Marian, MJ and Ben, Paula and the boys, Rick DeVos and friend, John and Sue.

We have never seen such a busy late term killing day!!! One after another the women came in, all obviously far along in their pregnancies, many with cropped tops and low slung pants as if proud to show off their shapes. We offered each person a packet of information that explained the abortion procedure and the dangers to themselves and of course, the little one they were murdering. We also spoke to each about the WIN-WIN-WIN circumstances of adoption. The baby WINS by being given LIFE and a forever, loving family. The new family WINS because now they have the child that completes their family. The birth mother WINS because she can lay her head on her pillow each night, guiltless, knowing she did the RIGHT thing.

We spoke for almost three hours with one young couple, Jordan and Sheila. All of the sidewalk counselors found themselves pleading with this young couple throughout the morning. Jordan said that he originally wanted to kill the couple’s twin babies and had encouraged Sheila to set up the appointment, but now he didn’t want to go through with it. Sheila didn’t seem sure but just kept saying that she was in so much pain and so sick and had been recommended to “get rid of it”. I asked her if she had seen a doctor and she said no. I gave her a list of doctors near her home and she said she would ‘think about it”. Sheila made her way inside and the counselors encouraged Rick to go in and get her, to even propose marriage to her and to make the situation right. He said, “I would propose to her! But now she has all those people inside looking at me. She won’t listen!”. Sheila came out on the front porch and listened as different counselors told their testimonies from their own experiences. She wouldn’t say much, just listened and looked on, her eyes wide.

As the morning wound down, a man named Robert walked up and began to speak. He had been to Orlando Women’s Clinic this past Tuesday with his girlfriend, planning to murder their baby. He met a sidewalk counselor and very quickly they decided to not go through with it. He gave an impassioned plea to the couples on the porch. He pointed out repeatedly that abortion was forever and once they did this thing, they could never take it back. He said he felt sure God would help him through this and said he would pray for each of them on the porch to make the right decision. We all gathered around him and hugged him and prayed with him before he left.
We were struck by how many mothers bring their daughters to the killing place.

How may of these grandmother’s-to-be will never see a LIVE grandchild because of this selfish act?

A Catholic woman brought her two year old granddaughter of mixed race to the clinic today. She told us, “This grandchild, whom I never wanted to be born, blesses me more everyday than I can tell you” with tears in her eyes. She brought the little girl right up to the front of the sidewalk and her sweet voice rang out that she was “here to pray for the babies” as she held up her plastic rosary beads to the people on the porch. You could hear a pin drop.

We don’t know what ended happening with these folks today. We pray that our ministry of presence will be used by the Lord to glorify Himself and to convict the souls of the vileness of murder and shedding of innocent blood.
All for Him,
Paula <)))><