Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Bare Necessities

I woke up singing the The Bare Necessities this morning. Do you remember that song from The Jungle Book? Take a look & sing along with Baloo & Mowgli & me:

When Scott asked me what made me sing that song I told him that the Lord had been speaking to me lately (& all through last night) about the simplicity that is in Christ & His gospel. I have been contemplating the biblical mandate for humbly & faithfully sharing the truth as it is in Jesus:

And He called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases. And He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to perform healing. And He said to them, “Take nothing for your journey, neither a staff, nor a bag, nor bread, nor money; and do not even have two tunics apiece. Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave that city. And as for those who do not receive you, as you go out from that city, shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them ... Now after this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them in pairs ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going to come ... Saying to them ... Go; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves. Carry no money belt, no bag, no shoes; and greet no one on the way."
Luke 9:1-5 ,Luke 10:3

Matthew Henry comments:

Christ sent His twelve disciples abroad, who by this time were able to teach others what they had received from the Lord. They must not be anxious to commend themselves to people's esteem by outward appearance. They must go as they were. The Lord Jesus is the fountain of power and authority, to whom all creatures must, in one way or another, be subject; and if He goes with the Word of His ministers in power, to deliver sinners from Satan's bondage, they may be sure that He will care for their wants. When truth and love thus go together, and yet the message of God is rejected and despised, it leaves men without excuse, and turns to a testimony against them.

What Christ directed them to do, in prosecution of this commission at this time, when they were not to go far or be out long.
(1.) They must not be solicitous to recommend themselves to people's esteem by their outward appearance. Now that they begin to set up for themselves, they must have no dress, nor study to make any other figure than what they made while they followed Him: they must go as they were, and not change their clothes, or so much as put on a pair of new shoes.
(2.) They must depend upon Providence, and the kindness of their friends, to furnish them with what was convenient for them. They must not take with them either bread or money, and yet believe they should not want. Christ would not have His disciples shy of receiving the kindnesses of their friends, but rather to expect them. Yet St. Paul saw cause not to go by this rule, when he laboured with his hands rather than be burdensome.
(3.) They must not change their lodgings, as suspecting that those who entertained them were weary of them; they have no reason to be so, for the ark is a guest that always pays well for its entertainment: "Whatsoever house ye enter into there abide (v. 4), that people may know where to find you, that your friends may know you are not backward to serve them, and your enemies may know you are not ashamed nor afraid to face them; there abide till you depart out of that city; stay with those you are used to."
(4.) They must put on authority, and speak warning to those who refused them as well as comfort to those that received them, v. 5. "If there be any place that will not entertain you, if the magistrates deny you admission and threaten to treat you as vagrants, leave them, do not force yourselves upon them, nor run yourselves into danger among them, but at the same time bind them over to the judgment of God for it; shake off the dust of your feet for a testimony against them." This will, as it were, be produced in evidence against them, that the messengers of the gospel had been among them, to make them a fair offer of grace and peace, for this dust they left behind there; so that when they perish at last in their infidelity this will lay and leave their blood upon their own heads. Shake off the dust of your feet, as much as to say you abandon their city, and will have no more to do with them.
2. What they did, in prosecution of this commission (v. 6): They departed from their Master's presence; yet, having still His spiritual presence with them, His eye and His arm going along with them, and, thus borne up in their work, they went through the towns, some or other of them, all the towns within the circuit appointed them, preaching the gospel, and healing every where. Their work was the same with their Master's, doing good both to souls and bodies.

Following Jesus & going out to the mill to fish for men. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. By the grace of Christ, that's what we do! We are not the hare, we are the tortoise. (
Hear our great Savior as He tells us to strip down to the bare necessities, saying: "Take nothing with you" Do not fall prey to thinking that you have to have special materials, extrordinary knowlege of how to help women, perfect memorization of certain scriptures. Do not worry that you do not have all manner of provision to give to the mothers right at hand. Remember Peter in Acts 3:6? When he came upon a crippled beggar the apostle looked him straight in the eye & without apology declared: "I don't have any silver or gold, but I'll give you what I do have. In the name of Jesus the Messiah from Nazareth, walk!"

Thus, if we would attempt to good purpose the healing of men's souls, we must go forth in the name and power of Jesus Christ,
calling on helpless sinners to arise and walk in the way of holiness, by faith in Him.
How sweet the thought to our souls, that in respect to all the crippled faculties of our fallen nature,
the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth can make us whole!
~ Matthew Henry

Dear ones, do not be deceived into believing that there are any trappings, even religious trappings that are necessary to preach Christ & Him crucified to those who are perishing. Do not go out commending yourself, your 'niceness', your 'spirituality' or even 'your many prayers', for we are only unprofitable servants. Our Master speaks in Luke 17:10: "So likewise you, when you shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do."

When you go out to minister to those who are perishing, do not lift up our ministry or your church or any pregnancy center or post-abortion counseling. Do not succumb to flattery & aggrandizement when you engage the aborting moms & their companions.

medieval scourge: a whip or lash, especially a multi-thong type used to inflict severe corporal punishment

“But beware of men, for they will hand you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues ..."
~ Jesus
Matthew 10:17

Several times during this week alone religionists have questioned the value of our biblical method of teaching & preaching from the Bible, calling to repentance from sin to faith in Jesus & unswervingly pointing to Christ when we minister. It's sort of ironic because very few lost people question our allegiance to the King & His Word. They seem to understand that we are Christians, doing what Christians do; pointing to the Savior! These subtle & sometimes not-so-subtle attacks come from within the visible church, some even from our our fellowship! We are admonished & even chastised by professing Christians to stop using scriptures & just speak 'peace' & practical help & leave OUT the Word of God! It is shocking until we remember that we should never be suprised because Jesus warned us from the beginning that this would happen when we went out to evangelize with the truth as it is in Jesus. The Lord was honest. He said that religious people will '... scourge you in their synagogues" That means INSIDE THE CHURCH buildings! (scourge means: ) Matthew Henry wisely taught what the Bible reveals that the purpose of the gospel is not merely for those captive by the devil OUTSIDE the church:

The design of the gospel was to conquer the devil and to cure the world ...
The devil, as an unclean spirit, is working both in doctrinal errors (Rev. 16:13),
and in practical debauchery (2 Pt. 2:10);
and in both these, ministers have a charge against him.

Resist the temptation (including RELIGIOUS pressure) to change the bare necessities of the gospel message of Christ & resort to anything less than the simply gospel mandate to call aborting mothers to repent & believe by the means of the scriptures for the Word of God is the means of special revelation of saving grace that releases sinners from the bondage of sin & death: "Faith comes by hearing & hearing comes by the Word". (Romans 10:17) It is wicked & it is sin to replace Christ & Him crucified with humanistic, woman-centered reasoning. We are great sinners & Christ is a great Savior. The Lamb of God is not only enough. He is MORE than enough.

And I, brothers, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring to you the testimony of God.
For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified
... And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:
That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God
... not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nothing:
But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world to our glory:
I Corinthians 2:1,2,4, 5,6,7

The indwelling sin (the law of sin & death) in our souls rises up & tempts us to turn from the good that we know to do. Romans 7:21-23 gives us an illustration of how our old nature (our flesh) wages war against the Spirit (the law of grace & life) when we prepare to minister & often continues to tempt us even while we are sharing the gospel. "I find then the principle that evil is present in me, the one who wants to do good. For I joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man, but I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members ..." When we are sharing the gospel, & it seems to be falling on deaf ears, even to the religious ones in our midst, remember the scripture from I Corinthians 1:18: "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but to us which are saved it is the power of God." We must trust that even though what we are speaking from the scriptures is a mystery (& foolishness) to the aborting women & their companions & to the false converts in the church, IT IS ENOUGH because it is what God has ordained to win souls to Himself, & also to add to the guilt of those who refuse, resist, suppress & hate the truth & righteouness of God in Christ. (Romans 1:18) Yes, beloved, "... it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe." (I Corinthians 1:21)Romans 7:24,25 points us the the Author & Finisher of our faith for help in resisting the world, the flesh & the devil, "Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!"

Lift up Christ! He is enough! Depend upon His Spirit! Did He not promise "If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me"? (John 12:32) We are not to lift up anyONE (a saint/icon or ourselves) or anyTHING (a pregnancy center, a church, an adoption agency, our ministry) else but CHRIST. Depend upon Jesus to quicken those goats and wolves (both within & without the visible church) by the power of His Holy Spirit. In His instructions for service in Matthew 10 Jesus warns; "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the middle of wolves: be you therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves ..." (Matthew 10:16) Our Master has already told us that we are being sent out as sheep to the slaughter, like our Savior. We will be offered up to the authorities by the religious people, who will do so believing that they are doing God a favor! Jesus promised that they will hate us as they hate Him. But let us take courage in the Lamb Who has bought our redemption with His own Body & let us never be ashamed of Him & His Word, for hath He not promised: “Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven. Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to SET A MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, AND A DAUGHTER AGAINST HER MOTHER, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AGAINST HER MOTHER-IN-LAW; and A MAN’S ENEMIES WILL BE THE MEMBERS OF HIS HOUSEHOLD. (Matthew 10:32-36)

It's not a pretty picture, is it? No, but it is the way of salvation. It is the glorious path that is narrow & leads to eternal life.

Greet no one along the way. The People's New Testament notes: 'The Jewish salutations were very formal, hypocritical, and consumed much time. It is said that it often required from one to three hours to complete these formal salutations. The disciples were not to consume thus their precious time, nor did the Savior wish them to go through with foolish and insincere forms.' Wesley notes: ' The salutations usual among the Jews took up much time. But these had so much work to do in so short a space, that they had not a moment to spare.' Matthew Henry (my personal favorite Bible commentator) writes:

Not that Christ would have His ministers to be rude, morose, and unmannerly; but,
(1.) They must go as men in haste, that had their particular places assigned them, where they must deliver their message, and in their way directly to those places must not hinder or retard themselves with needless ceremonies or compliments.
(2.) They must go as men of business, business that relates to another world, which they must be intent in, and intent upon, and therefore must not entangle themselves with conversation about secular affairs ... You are a minister of the Word; attend to your office.
(3.) They must go as serious men, and men in sorrow. It was the custom of mourners, during the first seven days of their mourning, not to salute any, Job 2:13. Christ was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and it was fit that by this and other signs His messengers should resemble Him, and likewise show themselves affected with the calamities of mankind which they came to relieve, and touched with a feeling of them.

Do not become distracted by idle chatter & unnecessary activities (the holidays are RIFE with them). Even religious activities can be little more than formalism & distractions.When you are committed to go out to seek & save the lost with Jesus, do not look to the left or the right. Be faithful to keep your committment to witness.

Silver & gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee, in the Name of Jesus Christ, rise up & walk. We don't have to have enough funds or support or people to help or anything else when we go to the aborting moms.

What we do is not glamourous. Far from it. It's not flashy. It is not a temporary 'movement' or 'happening'. It is nothing new fangled. And unlike foreign missions or big fancy conferences or crusades, it doesn't take a whole lot of money or organization to accomplish. It is the day in, day out, in season out of season ministry of the gospel, sowing the seed of life & eternity. Be ye glad that the Lord has sought you out & commissioned you for this great work of redemption, beloved.

I have excerpted some notes from Matthew Henry's comments on Matthew 10 below. I think they are GREAT. I hope they encourage you in your humble service to Christ & your neighbor. Let us all continue in prayer & study & fellowship & as Good Samaritans go out in glad-hearted obedience to the duty of the Great Commission.

Scott & I like to recall one of our favorite bumper stickers, which says: "Minimalism, it's the least you can do." : ) Let us all purpose to be preachers of Christ & depend on The Bare Nececessities of LIFE & eternity.

Together For the Glory of Christ & the Good of our Neighbors,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

Matthew Henry on Matthew 10:
...His ... ambassadors; they were His disciples, v. 1. He had called them some time before to be disciples, His immediate followers and constant attendants, and He then told them that they should be made fishers of men ... Christ commonly confers honours and graces by degrees; the light of both, like that of the morning, shines more and more. All this while Christ had kept these twelve,

1. In a state of probation. Though He knows what is in man, though He knew from the first what was in them (Jn. 6:70), yet He took this method to give an example to his church. Note, The ministry being a great trust, it is fit that men should be tried for a time, before they are entrusted with it. Let them first be proved, 1 Tim. 3:10 ... let him first be observed as a candidate and probationer ... because some men's sins go before, others follow, 1 Tim. 5:22.

2. In a state of preparation. All this while He had been fitting them for this great work. Note, Those whom Christ intends for, and calls to, any work, He first prepares and qualifies, in some measure, for it. He prepared them,

(1.) By taking them to be with Him. Note, The best preparative for the work of the ministry, is an acquaintance and communion with Jesus Christ. They that would serve Christ, must first be with Him (Jn. 12:26). Paul had Christ revealed, not only to him, but in him, before he went to preach him among the Gentiles, Gal. 1:16. By the lively acts of faith, and the frequent exercise of prayer and meditation, that fellowship with Christ must be maintained and kept up, which is a requisite qualification for the work of the ministry.

(2.) By teaching them; they were with Him as scholars or pupils, and He taught them privately, besides the benefit they derived from His public preaching; He opened the scriptures to them, and opened their understandings to understand the scriptures: to them it was given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, and to them they were made plain. Note, They that design to be teachers must first be learners; they must receive, that they may give; they must be able to teach others, 2 Tim. 2:2. Gospel truths must be first committed to them, before they be commissioned to be gospel ministers. To give men authority to teach others, that have not an ability, is but a mockery to God and the church; it is sending a message by the hand of a fool, Prov. 26:6. Christ taught His disciples before He sent them forth (ch. 5:2), and afterwards, when He enlarged their commission, He gave them more ample instructions, Acts 1:3.

II. What the commission was that he gave them.

1. He called them to Him, v. 1. He had called them to come after Him before; now he calls them to come to Him, admits them to a greater familiarity, and will not have them to keep at such a distance as they had hitherto observed. They that humble themselves shall thus be exalted. ...

2. He gave them power ...authority in His name, to command men to obedience, and for the confirmation of that authority, to command devils too into a subjection. Note, All rightful authority is derived from Jesus Christ. All power is given to Him without limitation ... It is an undeniable proof of the fulness of power which Christ used as Mediator, that He could impart His power to those He employed, and enable them to work ... in His Name ... Note, The design of the gospel was to conquer the devil and to cure the world. These preachers were sent out destitute of all external advantages to recommend them; they had no wealth, nor learning, nor titles of honour, and they made a very mean figure; it was therefore requisite that they should have some extraordinary power to advance them above the scribes.

(1.) He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out. Note, The power that is committed to the ministers of Christ, is directly levelled against the devil and his kingdom. The devil, as an unclean spirit, is working both in doctrinal errors (Rev. 16:13), and in practical debauchery (2 Pt. 2:10); and in both these, ministers have a charge against him. Christ gave them power to cast him out of the bodies of people; but that was to signify the destruction of his spiritual kingdom, and all the works of the devil; for which purpose the Son of God was manifested ...

(2.) They are names by couples; for at first they were sent forth two and two, because two are better than one; they would be serviceable to each other, and the more serviceable jointly to Christ and souls; what one forgot the other would remember, and out of the mouth of two witnesses every word would be established. Three couple of them were brethren; Peter and Andrew, James and John, and the other James and Lebbeus. Note, Friendship and fellowship ought to be kept up among relations, and to be made serviceable to religion. It is an excellent thing, when brethren by nature are brethren by grace, and those two bonds strengthen each other.

Monday, November 10, 2008

We Are The Tortoise

The Tortoise & the Hare
One day a hare saw a tortoise walking slowly along and began to laugh and mock him. The hare challenged the tortoise to a race and the tortoise accepted. They agreed on a route and started off the race. The hare shot ahead and ran briskly for some time. Then seeing that he was far ahead of the tortoise, he thought he'd sit under a tree for some time and relax before continuing the race.

He sat under the tree and soon fell asleep. The tortoise, plodding on, overtook him and finished the race. The hare woke up and realized that he had lost the race.

The moral, stated at the end of the fable, is, "Slow and steady wins the race."

Dear Friends,
We who are serving Jesus through Sanctuary Ministries just calculated how many people we are impacting with the gospel of life & eternity & we are amazed. In five days of ministry (sadly, there is still one day, Sunday, that we have no Christians to witness) , we engage over 100 aborting women & men (including clinic workers & abortionists) every week at Orlando Women's Center. That means we reach 430 people a month, which means that we minister to over 5160 abortion-bound neighbors a year!!! (And we are not counting all of the infants in the womb who arrive to the clinic under the love & pleading of the gospel of Jesus Christ!) Our humble missionary labor of love reminds me of the old story of the tortoise & the hare. (You can see a cute extended version here:

We haven't been ministering five days a week the entire time since Pendergraft opened this particular death mill in 1996 (we started out there providing a ministry of presence two days a week) but we have been faithfully sharing the gospel of life & eternity slow & steady every week, week after week, month after month, year after year, at Orlando Women's Center since the very day it opened. Our humble grassroots effort to educate, help & share the gospel with lost & dying neighbors at abortuaries themselves is undoubtedly having an impact on our community. While education, awareness & the gospel do not cause every heart to repent, some do & others become convicted & do not kill again. Sadly, for those who resist & supress the truth that God has been kind enough to provide in their conscience AND then in the prophetic witness of sidewalk counselors, their guilt is increased. By the grace & strength of Christ we see an aborting mom change her mind & a baby is saved approximately once every 7 hours of our ministry time. The more we are there, the more babies are saved!

I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift ...
Ecclesiastes 9:11

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.
Psalm 20:&

God alone gives men & women success. It is a blessed honor to be faithful to the Savior's call to witness & intervene for the helpless imperiled orphans in Orlando. We who have been forgiven & granted repentance unto life want to share this gift with the lost. It is noblesse oblige, if you will. We who are RICH & WEALTHY with all spiritual riches in heaven have so much to offer. Shall we be stingy & keep this salvation to ourselves? Never! Shall we look the other way when we KNOW that the babies are being led to the slaughter & delivered into the toilet every week at Orlando Women's Center six days a week? Never! Would it be holy to pretend that Baby Rowan (, wasn't murdered in the shadow of a thousand steeples in our city? In being obedient to the Great Commission in faithful, regular, consistent witness of life & eternity to those who are perishing, we are successful in the eyes of the One who really counts. Jesus showed His disciples how to share the gospel with their neighbors. He sent them out to preach repentance of sin & faith in Him. Let us continue to do God's work, God's way & trust that God will accomplish what He has ordained biblical preaching to accomplish. Listen to brother Matthew Henry who says:
See the difference between worldly people and godly people, in their confidences. The children of this world trust in second causes, and think all is well if those do but smile upon them ... "But," say the Israelites, "we neither have chariots and horses to trust to nor do we want them, nor, if we had them, would we build our hopes of success upon that; but we will remember, and rely upon, the name of the Lord our God, upon the relation we stand in to Him as the Lord our God and the knowledge we have of Him by His name," ...
Those who make God and His name their praise, may make God and His name their trust.

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."
~ Jim Eliot

Let me ask you a question: What would you be willing to risk & do for Jesus Christ & your neighbor if you knew you couldn't fail? Even if all political efforts fail & we experience increasing persecution, we will continue to take our stand, with Jesus' gracious help & enabling power, to reach our abortion-bound neighbors for His glory & their good. Won't you join us & stay for the long haul? The battle belongs to the Lord & He will return in glorious triumph. You & I, if we genuine members of the fellowship of the redeemed, cannot fail.

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

Men's success seldom equals their expectations. We must use means, but not trust to them: if we succeed, we must give God the praise; if crossed, we must submit to His will. Those who put off the great concerns of their souls, are caught in Satan's net, which he baits with some worldly object, for which they reject or neglect the gospel, and go on in sin till they suddenly fall into destruction.

~ Matthew Henry

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sanctuary Ministry Update, Oct 1, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Missionaries: Mary Jo, Amie, Myra, Allura

There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

Proverbs 14:12;16:25

A woman who has no fear of God, who is willful ...will as certainly ruin her family, as if she plucked her house down.

Here are grace and sin in their true colours. Those that despise God's precepts and promises, despise God and all His power and mercy.

... those that make light of sin, make light of Christ ...

Holy fear guards against every thing unholy.

~ Matthew Henry

Allura reporting:

Regina came back...

to kill her baby this a.m. She said she’d changed her mind about keeping her baby. Doris refused to bring her so she drove herself to OWC. This happens often, but each time it breaks my heart. Please pray that God will rescue this lost young woman, for His great glory alone.

Today being late abortion day, I saw many women walking in with pillows and water bottles. (It takes from 6-72 hours for these women to go through labor and then deliver their dead babies into the toilet - A very pregnant woman with a big belly wept quietly as her 2 friends kissed & hugged her, and then she walked inside the doors, refusing our offers of help. Another woman brought her 15 week pregnant friend, Roxanne, who wouldn’t listen to anything we had to say.

"Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, ...

I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'"

~ Jesus (Matthew 7:21-23)

TWO GRANDMOTHERS brought their granddaughters to kill their babies today. One of them has a sister who volunteers for a pro-life organization, so these women are familiar with the realities of abortion, but chose death over life anyway. 23 yr old Liz is a recovering drug addict with a felony, so she can’t get a job. She said there’s no way they could support this baby, who is the result of a one-night stand. I brought up adoption, but they both refused to even discuss it. Grandma said, “I’m a Christian. I believe God puts us here on this earth so that we can accept Christ as our Savior and live the best Christian life that we can. But everyone has to decide what is right for their life, and we’ve decided that this is the best choice.”

(... those that make light of sin, make light of Christ.)

The other grandmother seemed like a sweet little old lady sitting on the porch reading a magazine. (In the attached photo with Regina) But she was talking to Regina and showing her pictures of movie stars, laughing so this troubled young mom couldn’t hear my offers of help. I said it was sad to see someone of her generation trying to STOP a young woman from doing what is right because the Bible tells the older women to teach the younger women to do what is right. I said, “My own mother prays for me as I try to help young girls choose life for their babies.” (Thanks, Marmee!) and I added, “God’s plan is that we become wiser as we get older, but instead, you are acting like a fool, joking about what is evil in the sight of God.” She put her magazine down and turned to me and spat out angrily, “You don’t know anything! My g’daughter was raped! She’s a diabetic and she can’t have this baby. So just shut your mouth!” I tried to express my sympathy for her granddaughter and asked if she was in counseling, but she just screamed, “Shut up! Shut your mouth! Don’t say another word to me!” When her granddaughter (pink shirt in pic) came out, I tried to give her a brochure on rape, but both women continued to laugh & talk loudly. Finally I left knowing that our God is the only One who can rescue anyone; I’m just to be a willing vessel. But oh, how I long for That Day when “all hurt and pain will cease and we’ll be with Him forever.”

His Only by Grace,


Sanctuary Ministry Update, Sep 30th, 2008

Tiny human feet (10 weeks after conception)

Sanctuary Ministries Update
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Orlando Women's Center (OWC) abortion clinic
Missionaries: Allura, Ursula, Julia, Shirley Jo

Allura reporting:
When Regina told me she was 11 weeks pregnant, I said, “Oh wow! I have a picture of what your baby looks like right now! She has tiny fingernails & toes, & she can even suck her thumb! No new major organs will form after this point. She’ll just grow bigger and stronger!” Her sister, Doris’ eyes filled with tears as she began pleading with Regina to save her baby. It was a beautiful thing to watch God soften their hearts! Julia and I were joined today by Shirley Jo, as well as our Catholic sisters, Ursula and Myra. We all rejoiced in the rescue of Regina’s baby!! But it was hard to see so many women walk past us to kill their babies.

Two Haitian women arrived together: the aborting woman didn’t speak any English and kept hiding her face while her friend filled out the paperwork for her. I offered to put them on the phone with my sweet Creole-speaking friend, Valencia, but they declined.

Ursula and Myra and I talked to a woman who’d come for a free Pap (as a marketing ploy the clinic is now offering free pap smears as incentive for sexually active women to become familiar with them in hopes that they will abort their babies there & will refer their friends there to abort as well). The woman claimed to be a Christian, but said, “I think women should have the right to choose.” When we showed her a picture of an aborted baby, she said, “I can’t believe people do things like that!” She assured us that her 19 yr old daughter at home is “a saint” and would never get pregnant. She accepted a pink-covered Gospel for her daughter, but said she could never talk to her about the reality of abortion, because, “It would traumatize her!” L

The Hispanic girl sitting on her boyfriend’s lap said that she was also there for a Pap. Her boyfriend was disgusted that OWC is an abortion business and he accepted a pamphlet for “Shepherd’s Hope Clinics” (

where low-income women can receive free basic medical care, including Paps. He said they wouldn’t be back at OWC.

A lady came to bring a friend for a free Pap. But she was so angry! She told us we didn’t have any right to tell the aborting moms what to do. She even said, “They don’t have to answer to you, only to God!” And we agreed with her! But we stated that we were there to warn those women of impending judgment because that’s what the Bible tells us to do. She made fun of us, yelling loudly when I tried to talk. As we were leaving, I made one final plea, but the angry woman began yelling again and no one could hear me so I turned to leave. The Hispanic guy called out to me, “Hey, Lady! You’re doing a great job out here!”

My hero, Charles Spurgeon, helps me to think biblically about persecution for righteousness sake: “To be laughed at is no great hardship to me. I can delight in scoffs and jeers. Caricatures, lampoons, and slanders are my glory. But that you should turn from your own mercy, this is my sorrow. Spit on me, but oh, repent! Laugh at me, but oh, believe in my Master! Make my body as the dirt of the streets, but damn not your own souls!” Wow! I am so not there yet. But I serve an awesome God!

Thank you for praying for this ministry. I’m at OWC every Tues. (11:30-1:00) & Wed.(8:15-9:30) Lord willing. Who will join me on the front lines next week? J


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Are Aborting mothers' victims?

What does the Bible say?

Women who have abortions:
Are they 'innocent victims' or 'guilty perpetrators'?

One person who identified themselves as a 'passionate pro-lifer' wrote:
"I view the women as victims, because they were sold a quick, painless solution by "experts" and instead they will spend the rest of their lives trying to heal. They don't need more judgement."

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse...
They show that what the law requires is written in their hearts, a fact to which their own consciences testify ...
Romans 1:18-20 & Romans 2:15

To argue that a woman (or man) who plans & carries out a violent sin against an innocent person is a victim is more than wrong, it is unbiblical. God teaches us in His Word that we who are sinners are not 'victims' of sin, but rather willing participants & guilty perpetrators. General revelation (natural law/knowlege of right & wrong) is given to all human beings. Just as the rapist is not a 'victim' & the child molester is not a 'victim' & a thief is not a 'victim' & a liar is not a 'victim', & an adulterer is not a 'victim', each aborting mom has to violate her own conscience to murder an innocent person. She is not a 'victim' of sin she is a 'victimizer'.

For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies ...
Matthew 15:19

Jesus teaches us that people are not sinners because they sin, they sin because they are sinners. (Read John Piper on Total Depravity: An aborting mother is a sinner. She has a wicked heart, filled with original sin, out of which proceeds evil thoughts & murder. Although it adds to her guilt & stores up wrath against her (Romans 2:5), fornicating & killing her baby doesn't make a woman a sinner. She fornicates & kills her baby because she IS a sinner. The testimony of the Bible is clear. The conscience of an abortion-minded woman is given to her by God. It is informed by the moral law (the ten commandments, incluing 'You shall not murder'). Half of women who kill their babies (through all nine months of pregnancy) do it again. Explain how that makes her a 'victim' instead of a perpetrator of sin? Matthew Henry explains: 'In every wilful sin, there is contempt of the goodness of God.' Our goal is not to condemn the women who are arriving to kill their infants. John 3:18 Jesus explains that they are already condemned. But we must use the Law of God, which brings the knowlege of sin & is perfect, converting the soul. (Ps 19:7) We must not allow a woman who is committing the sin of murder (& is often practicing the sin of sexual immorality) to go unprayed for & unwarned. That's why we go to the abortion clinic to engage the mothers. The Bible is clear that no murderer or fornicator has any inheritance in the kingdom of heaven (Eph 5:5, I Cor 6:9,10). The Law of God ("You shall not murder") was made for sinners (I Timothy 1:8-10). We are to go to the perishing infants to intervene to rescue them, offer help to their moms & we are to use the law lawfully.

A (wo)man who is laden with the guilt of human blood will be a fugitive until death; let no one support him/her.
Proverbs 28:17

Cursed be (s)he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say, Amen
Deuteronomy 27:25

A woman who has murdered her infant is not to be supported (& referrred to as a 'victim') but rather rebuked and called to repentance for this & all of her sin. A woman who has killed her baby by abortion or has helped someone else to take their infant's life must be called to repent (confess & forsake) the sin of murder & sexual immorality & all known sin & trust in the Savior Whose blood is sufficient to cover the sin of the true penitent. There is no forgiveness or healing outside the salvation that God has prescribed, through Jesus Christ. 'Repent & believe the gospel' is the Lord's message for all who sin.
(See attached article "Cursed is She" & read "Why Post-Abortion Support is Unbiblical" at:

Are these the words of victims?

... and although they know the ordinance of God,
that those who practice such things are worthy of death,
they not only do the same,
but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.
Romans 1:32

Although the Bible's testimony about woman's guilty knowlege of sin is sufficient, let me share some actual samples of written advice from post-abortive women to a mother who is planning to kill her baby by abortion. (I have hundreds & hundreds more of these from post-abortive mothers.) AIt is important for you to know that all of these women were offered personal, practical, emotional & spiritual help through their pregnancy & were given great information about adoption & shown profiles of couples on the adoption waiting list BEFORE they killed their children. As you will see from the chilling excerpt below (& from the testimonies I have attached in a document entitled "Abortion quotes from abortive moms") women plan to kill their babies, they kill their babies & then they help other women kill their babies. The Bible teaches about original sin & human depravity & that settles it, but the truth of the matter is that the willful behavior of aborting moms (sinners) prove what God reveals to be absolutely true.

I've had multiple abortions,and I almost never think about the earlier ones -- this latest one (two weeks yesterday) comes and goes, and it's unpredictable. I had a second-trimester abortion ..., carried a pregnancy to 42 weeks, had three more abortions (one of them second-trimester), and then carried another pregnancy to 42 weeks, and never had any problems. I had an early abortion last time around (a few weeks ago) and it was the least invasive and easiest psychologically of all the experiences I've had. I've had five abortions, and none of them plunged me into depression as severely as the aftermath of two live births.I know what I've done has been done with the utmost of attention to the ethics and philosophical issues involved.

Relaxation is key, and pampering yourself the night before.A good friend of mine -- who has had multiple abortions -- wrote the following advice to me when I was struggling to get through the days until my appointment:

I'd suggest taking a long hot bath by candlelight. Shower first to get all
clean; exfoliate, scrub, cut your nails, get off any old junk. Then fill a
tub with hot water and a generous handful of sea salt. The salt will extract
toxins from your skin, rebalance the salinity of your cells, and neutralize
the out of whack vibrations you've picked up or created in the past few
days/weeks. Basically it sets you back to zero - clears your system and
spirit. Don't think about anything during the bath, but before hand, as you
slip under the water (til just your face is out), drop the question into
your head of what you really want to do. Don't try to answer it - just soak
with it and let something rise to the surface. Usually by the time you get
out the answer is peacefully clear to you. Sometimes you go to sleep and
either dream the answer, or wake up knowing it. That's the first thing I
recommend, to get right with yourself, balanced and be sure.

I found taking such a bath each night until the abortion really helped clear my mind and allowed me to make the right choice.
I have friends who had babies …and it's the biggest regret ever.

Over time, regretful feelings about your abortion often changes into something else -- there's a difference,
I think, between regretting being in a position where you had to do something you wish you didn't have to do, and regretting actually doing it.
In the weeks after my last one (which was my 5th), I wished I'd made a different decision. It's now almost five months later, and the more I learn
about the guy who got me pregnant, the more I thank god that I made the choice I did. I still regret being in that situation, but I don't regret my choice.
~ Alli (a rape crisis counselor who has a blog about killing her last baby: (

Since we often hear a diatribe about 'judging' (mostly from professing Christians who are at the abortuary to kill their babies) I've attached something we give out to those we meet at the clinic who mistakenly say; "The Bible says you are not to judge!"

In conclusion, here is what I would most like to emphasize.

For the Word of God is living and active and
sharper than any two-edged sword,
and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit,
of both joints and marrow, and able to
judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
~ Hebrews 4:12

"Defend the Bible? I'd rather defend a lion... what we need to do is just let it out of the cage"
~ Charles Spurgeon

We who are Christians should not be giving the same advice as the world. Our distinctive is that we are people of the Book! Let us not act like we are ashamed of the Word of Christ. Let us not behave as if the Scriptures play second fiddle to humanistic, therapeutic mumbo-jumbo. We believe that the Bible is God's inerrant Word, don't we? We believe in the doctrine of original sin, don't we? We know that women are not basically good. We believe that people are depraved, don't we? We believe that people sin because they want to sin, don't we? We believe that God holds sinners accountable for their sin, don't we? Let's stop all this man-centered, woman-centered drivel! Let's stay biblical & allow God's Word to influence the world for His glory & for our neighbor's good!

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

A great many learned men are defending the gospel; no doubt it is a very proper and right thing to do, yet I always notice that, when there are most books of that kind, it is because the gospel itself is not being preached. Suppose a number of persons were to take it into their heads that they had to defend a lion, a full-grown king of beasts! There he is in the cage, and here come all the soldiers of the army to fight for him. Well, I should suggest to them, if they would not object, and feel that it was humbling to them, that they should kindly stand back, and open the door, and let the lion out! I believe that would be the best way of defending him, for he would take care of himself; and the best “apology” for the gospel is to let the gospel out.
- Charles Spurgeon

Visit the Fatherless *+* Sanctuary Ministries Witnessing Times

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this,
To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
James 1:27

The silence of the church is deafening.

How can it be church as usual while the orphans are slaughtered
in the shadow of a thousand steeples
here in Orlando?

Join us for ...
Sanctuary Ministries Abortion Outreach

Orlando Women's Center

killing place

12:30 (ministry time 11:45-1pm)

9am Late & early term killings (ministry time: 8-9:30am)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
9am (ministry time: 8:15-9:30am & beyond)

7:30am (mnistry time 6:45-8am)
Please note: Days and times are subject to change. We highly recommend that you RSVP:

Baby developing in the womb at 19 weeks.

RSVP: Scott & Patte Smith

1103 Lucerne Terrace
Orlando, FL 32806

Patte & Kristin

(a precious little girl saved from abortion outside Orlando Women's Center killing place)

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte & Scott Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

There are “Jonahs” on the boat - and they are
sending the nation down.
Who are these Jonahs? I believe they are the “prophets” of America who will not preach the truth - who sleep comfortably in the bowels
of the nation while chaos reigns all around them. Too afraid to deliver God’s word ‘Repent’, they run the other way - toward smooth talk and pleasant sayings - “Peace peace” when there is no peace. And the depths of this great crisis can be laid directly at their door.

Yes - that’s right. A big reason why the ship of America is sinking is because her prophets ran away from their God-given task and message at the crucial moment.

If only these prophets had preached the TRUTH when the nation so desperately needed to hear it. If only they had begun - way back in the 1980’s - to call the lukewarm church to repentance,
to rebuke the people for their love of money, their greed, their sin. But no - the siren call of “popularity” was too strong. The call of
“grace, grace”, of mass acceptance, of big reputations and even bigger offerings. And so they sold out. And now they sleep bliss-
fully in the midst of the ship, while the storm whips to fury all around. How do you sleep, O Jonahs, who would not cry “Repent”?

... it is not just the leaders who are at fault here. It is also the people, who “love to have it so”. And thus until the heart of the people is scourged and purged they will accomodate the “Jonahs” -
even seeking more of their ear-tickling fables to comfort themselves in this time of breaking ...

until her people act of their own volition to throw these Jonahs overboard - this storm will go on and on. In fact, it is about to grow a whole lot worse.

Mark my words, America: Until you remove these Jonahs, your nation cannot recover. They have held the whole world in thrall by their apostasy. And God cannot have it so any more. How long will it take you to realize? How long will it take you to act?

THROW THE JONAHS OVERBOARD and be done with them!!
Only then will this mother of all storms subside.

~ Andrew Strom

After you go witnessing at the clinic with us, call some friends & go see Fireproof this weekend:

Modern Gospel's Hellacious Fraud Kills Babies

Conversion turns the balance of the judgment,
so that God and His glory outweigh all carnal and worldly interests.
It opens the eye of the mind, and makes the scales of its native ignorance fall off,
and turns men from darkness to light.
The man who before saw no danger in his condition,
now concludes himself lost and forever undone
—except renewed by the power of grace.
He who formerly thought there was little hurt in sin,
now comes to see it to be the chief of evils.
He sees the unreasonableness, the deformity and the filthiness of sin;
so that he is affrighted with it, loathes it, dreads it, flees from it, and even abhors himself for it
(Rom 7:15; Job 42:6; Ezek 36:31)
~ Joseph Alleine

Hello Co-Laborers,
A friend of mine recommends that lost women go to Josh McDowell's website to acquire an understanding of how to be saved. I went there to check it out: I find two very disturbing particulars about the message McDowell has laid out on his website. It is easy to see how this type of false gospel contributes to the sexual immorality of the professing Christian women we are meeting & the mass murder of so many of their little babies. There are two grave errors on McDowell's webpage, entitled "How to know God personally";
#1. There is no mention of repentance (confess & forsake specific sin & original)
#2. There is a patently false assurance that a person is always saved (regenerated) simply by praying to receive Christ.

If you haven't done it already, I'd like to suggest that all of you consider listening to Hell's Best Kept Secret & True & False Conversion: (I highly recommend listening to each of them twice in order to comprehend the radical difference there is between a biblical gospel & an unbiblical gospel which is so prevalent today.)

The false assurance of faith has created the tragic syndrome we see at the killing place (& when we witness at all other venues as well). Aborting women (including clinic workers & the abortionists who profess to be Christians) are innoculated against the true, biblical gospel, which requires repentance & holiness because they have 'prayed a prayer to receive Christ' & been assured that they are saved. Jesus told us that unless a person is born-again they cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven. Salvation is a Spirit-wrought change in the soul of a person. There is no biblical evidence that the idea of 'praying to receive Christ' causes a person to be saved. In fact, the bible teaches that the prayers of the unrepentant (wicked) are not only NOT HEARD by God but they are an abomination to God (Proverbs 15:8 & 28:9). Only the Holy Spirit can assure a person that they are born -again (regenerated). And Jesus taught that only those who endure to the end will be saved. (Matt 24:13) It is interesting to note that the scriptures reveal that 'even the demons believe'. But, obviously, the demons were not saved. The demons did not repent.

It is remarkable to think that someone like Josh McDowell would leave out the neccesity of genuine repentance when it was clearly taught by John the Baptist (Matt 3:1-10) by Jesus Christ (Matthew 4:17;9:13;11:20-21;Luke 13:2-5;15:7,10;24:46-48) & by the Lord's disciples (all through the book of Acts). The Bible says that God is commanding “that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). Thomas Watson's The Doctrine of Repentance is the best book on biblical repentance that I have ever read. I hope that you will find time to read the whole book: It's a LOT to chew but well worth savoring every mouthful.

John Piper addresses the genuine distinctive of being born-again from the counterfeit:
Thomas Boston wrote a fine biblical treatise called: 'Ye Must Be Born Again'.

Remembering the warning of Jesus in Matthew 7:22-29 & we must not tell people they can be saved any other way but by God's appointed way of salvation, which is the way of repentance (& accompanying holiness) & faith by regeneration of the Holy Spirit. The Savior warned that those who remained 'workers of iniquity' may have 'believed' but Jesus sent them away with the words that no one ever wants to hear on that great & terrible day of the Lord, the Day of Judgment: "I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity." (see Luke 13:27 & Psalm 6:8 as well)

In commenting on Matthew 7:22-29, the bible commentator Matthew Henry observed:
Christ here shows that it will not be enough to own Him for our Master, only in word and tongue. It is necessary to our happiness that we believe in Christ, that we repent of sin, that we live a holy life, that we love one another. This is His will, even our sanctification. Let us take heed of resting in outward privileges and doings, lest we deceive ourselves, and perish eternally, as multitudes do, with a lie in our right hand. Let every one that names the name of Christ, depart from all sin. There are others, whose religion rests in bare hearing, and it goes no further; their heads are filled with empty notions. These two sorts of hearers are represented as two builders. This parable teaches us to hear and do the sayings of the Lord Jesus: some may seem hard to flesh and blood, but they must be done. Christ is laid for a foundation, and every thing besides Christ is sand. Some build their hopes upon worldly prosperity; others upon an outward profession of religion. Upon these they venture; but they are all sand, too weak to bear such a fabric as our hopes of heaven. There is a storm coming that will try every man's work. When God takes away the soul, where is the hope of the hypocrite? The house fell in the storm, when the builder had most need of it, and expected it would be a shelter to him. It fell when it was too late to build another. May the Lord make us wise builders for eternity. Then nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ Jesus. The multitudes were astonished at the wisdom and power of Christ's doctrine. And this sermon, ever so often read over, is always new. Every word proves its Author to be Divine. Let us be more and more decided and earnest, making some one or other of these blessednesses and Christian graces the main subject of our thoughts, even for weeks together. Let us not rest in general and confused desires after them, whereby we grasp at all, but catch nothing.

If you are just listening to Hell's Best Kept Secret & True & False Conversion for the first time, or if it's been a while & listened again, I would like to hear your thoughts. You will really be blessed by reading Joseph Alleine's brilliant book called Alarm to the Unconverted. This book addresses the mistakes people make regarding the gospel & conversion. It helped me get a clearer picture of the gospel & I trust it will bless you as well. You can read it online here:

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

Are you good enough or are you a lost cause?

Starring Death in the Eye

In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of men.

And the Light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.

John 1: 4 & 5


Sanctuary Ministries has utilized the powerful graphics of both beautiful images of pre-born babies & photographs of infants who were slaughtered by abortion for as long as I can remember. I am convinced that it is a visual depiction of the moral Law of God, 'You shall not murder'. The Holy Bible describes that Law of the Lord as being 'perfect, converting the soul' (Ps 19:7)& a light (Pro 6:23) a that it is a schoolmaster to lead people to Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:24). We have faith in the instrumentality of the Lord's Word & we have utmost confidence that God will use these graphic images of murder to help us communicate truth to the conscience of aborting moms, dads, friends & even the clinic workers when we display them as we speak the Words of Life & Eternity to them.Following is an article by Frank Pavone with evidence of how the Lord provides a witness to the sin of abortion with the graphic images.

If you have people in your life who disagree with the use of these images, you might consider sending this along to them. And while you're at it, invite them to come along with us to the killing place to rescue the perishing, will you?

Together for Life & Eternity,

Patte Smith

Sanctuary Ministries

Staring Death in the Eye

A few of my colleagues in the pro-life movement have at times made the blanket generalization that showing pictures of aborted babies "doesn't work" or is "counterproductive." They say people already know abortion is evil, and seeing the photos will only turn them away from our movement. Nor, they say, will the photos persuade someone not to have an abortion.

May I present some evidence to the contrary. These are three of hundreds of emails I receive from people who see these photos at

1. "Up until I visited this site I had been prochoice. I thought that I would do an Internet search to see exactly what an abortion entails. After seeing the images on your site, there was no decision to be made. I figured that whatever hardships having a baby at this time would bring me would be far easier than living with the guilt I knew I would never rid myself of if I was to get an abortion. The pictures had such a powerful effect on me. They helped me to be strong and realize that this pregnancy was made possible by God and if it wasn't meant to be, that was His choice, not mine."

2. "Hello, I am a sixteen-year-old female and I just finished looking at the pictures on your site and reading what actually happens during an abortion. Up until five minutes ago I was extremely pro-choice. Because of your site, I realize that abortion is not a choice about a woman's is the LIFE of a BABY. Never before did I realize how truly horrible and careless abortion really is. Maybe it's because I'd never seen the pictures, or read the actual descriptions of abortion. Maybe I was too afraid to know the truth. But within 3 minutes of viewing your website, my face was covered in tears. Those pictures just really hurt to look at. I cannot express how grateful I am that you have shown me the truth about abortion. God bless you."

3. "Thank you so much for your website. I am 14 weeks pregnant and my partner wants me to have an abortion. ... so I thought about it. I got on the internet trying to see how much it cost and I was lead to your site. I wanted to see what happens and what they look like at 14 weeks. Thanks to your site. I am not going to do it. I am unable to commit murder. That is like killing my own children at their age. This is a remarkable website. Everyone should see this site before they consider having an abortion. Everyone needs to see this to determine if they are able to live with themselves after doing this".

Many other messages like these are posted at

Now if someone prefers not to use the photos, that's fine. Many others will, and there are many other kinds of pro-life work to go around. But please don't say the photos don't work. They certainly do.

This column can be found online at

Fr. Frank's columns can be heard via podcast. See for more details.

Fr.. Frank's columns can be listened to in MP3 format at

Praise for our Work!

Father Pavone: Recently an email was sent to me with a link to your video [on youtube]. After watching a response was necessary.

This is one of the most terrible, loathsome, sickening, awful (in both senses of the word) AND most necessary videos I have ever watched. Just now, not 5 minutes ago I watched it and it so deeply affected me. I have never been a proponent of abortion, in fact it is and has been my firm belief that abortion is wrong. Still this video is necessary because it tells the truth and could convince someone who is on the edge. We do have to remember that the violence of abortion does not make it wrong. It is wrong because our Lord says it is wrong.

I will be sending the email on to friends and acquaintances whether I know their stance or not. I have many friends both Christian & not who will find this email as disturbing as I but will recognize it’s importance. Thank you for producing it. -- Nancy

Are you good enough or are you a lost cause?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

LIFE Matters

He who lets another sin & holds his peace is a manslayer.
~ Thomas Watson

When innocent people are targeted & ruthlessly attacked by family members & accomplices from other tribes, we call it genocide. Abortion does just that. Educate yourself about abortion. (Go to for starters & see my list below (*)to create a library of resources about the murder of babies in the womb) Find the killing places in your community & make a holy committment to spend a few hours of your time outside them every single week. Greet the women. Tell them what God says about the shedding of innocent blood. Offer your help & support to the aborting moms. Speak up & speak against abortion of babies through all nine months of pregnancy. Do everything in your power to tell the truth about the American holocaust. Share the Law of God & the gospel of salvation through repentance & faith with everyone one you know. And shout aloud, in defense of the little children all around you with your VOTE. Vote AGAINST Barak Obama.

Deliver those who are being taken away to death, And those who are staggering to slaughter, Oh hold them back.
If you say, "See, we did not know this," Does He not consider it who weighs the hearts? And does He not know it who keeps your soul?
And will He not render to man according to his work?
Proverbs 24: 11,12

We are the only people who can reach the generation of our time for life & eternity.

Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

* EDUCATE YOURSELF & OTHERS. Gather these audio/visual materials & invite others to watch them with you.
Watch & share these videos describing abortion techniques: early suction abortions later dismemberment abortions induction of labor abortions
Choice Blues:
Biology of Pre-Natal Development:
Video of abortion murder of Baby Rowan
(a boy who was born alive & left to die, which Obama supports!

McCain or Obama Would Have Significant Impact on Federal Judges, Abortion
by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 12, 2008

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Washington, DC ( -- The winner of the presidential election will have a chance to appoint not only one or more Supreme Court judges but will be able to markedly shift the judicial landscape nationwide. That's the result of a new study conducted by the Brookings Institution in Washington.

Brookings research director Benjamin Wittes points out that the Supreme Court is primed for a strong shift in the conservative or liberal direction.

The court is currently considered a tossup with four liberal and four conservative judges and Justice Anthony Kennedy a tossup. That's how it plays out on abortion with at least a 5-4 majority in favor of keeping Roe v. Wade and its opinion for unlimited abortions in place.

Because the pro-abortion judges are older and likely nearing death or retirement, the next president could determine whether abortion stays legal throughout pregnancy for another 35 years or if states can protect women and unborn children.

But the reach of a president goes beyond the nation's highest courts -- to appeals and district courts that decide the overwhelming number of cases.

"Collectively at the lower court level and individually at the Supreme Court level, those nominees do incrementally and sometimes quite dramatically affect the direction of the law," Wittes said.

Russell Wheeler, a visiting fellow at Brookings, examined the data on the lowers courts and showed how presidents can change the tide of the direction of the courts.

During President Clinton's two terms, he was able to change the number of Republican appointees during the Reagan and Bush terms from 64 percent in 1993 to 41 percent in 2001 while the number of Democratic judges increased from 21 percent to 44 percent. (The rest of the judgeships were vacant.)

In his eight years as president, Bush has been able to move those numbers back to a 56-36 percent split in favor of Republican judges.

Looking ahead, Wheeler said McCain could shift the judicial percentages in favor of pro-life advocates.

"Overall, McCain would be able to increase the number of Republican appointees up to 74 percent - a very strong majority," he said.

Under Obama, the number of Democratic judges could conceivably go to 58 percent and the Supreme Court could have a roster of young abortion advocates ready to keep unlimited abortions in place for decades.

A McCain victory could put a GOP majority in place in all 13 of the federal appeals courts, which frequently decide the outcome of state laws that limit abortions. An Obama win could leave Democratic majorities in place in eight of the circuits.

"Aside from the Supreme Court, you could say this election could make a difference in terms of the composition of the courts of appeals measured by judges appointed by president of the two different parties," Wheeler said.

Obama has already promised a pro-abortion litmus test for judges while McCain has said he will appoint judges who will not make up the law from the bench.

Are you good enough or are you a lost cause?

Buried in medical files? Click here for information on an electronic system.

September 2008, Update

I proclaim the Name of the Lord:
Ascribe greatness to our God.
He is the Rock, His work is perfect;
For all His ways are justice,
A God of truth & without injustice ...
Deuteronomy 32: 3,4

Dear Gospel Co-Laborers,
I've attached an update from a precious family who have been faithfully witnessing on Friday nights at the bar scene in Orlando. We believe that Jesus is doing a powerful work in & through these dear brothers & sisters. I have no doubt that the gospel seeds that are planted by their humble witness plows up the fallow ground of many sexually immoral, abortion-vulnerable hearts. Babies are saved when they preach & witness, either right then & there, or because the men & women are prepared to receive our holy plea when they arrive at the killing place.

I hope that if you plan to witness with us tomorrow morning that you are able to arrive early. The fields are white to harvest but the laborers are few, (& they like to sleep in.) Gina is keeping the dear little son of one of the mothers she has been faithfully loving for the past year. With the support of Gina, Giovanni's mommy placed her baby for adoption with a wonderful couple. Little Giovanni is staying overnight with Gina tonight : ) This means that Gina may not make it to the clinic so please pray that Jesus sends a Spanish-speaking Christian to us by 8:15 am.

I am very sorry that I have not been keeping you informed about our missionary times lately. One of the reasons that I have not been writing is because SO MUCH has been happening that I simply do not know where to begin (or end!) Christ has blessed us with an incredible array of divine appointments in the past several weeks. We were humbled to be used by our great God & Savior to help two Haitian couples; Denise & Pierre & Phoebe & Wally, turn from the sin of murder this past Tuesday & Wednesday. We have evidence that other couples left without killing their babies as well. Praise be to the Lord of All! Please pray that we are doing what we should to love & serve our glorious King & those who are perishing.

May I humbly ask that each of you seek the Lord to give you a heart that burns for Him & for this holy gospel mission? Will you please seek the fire of the Holy Spirit & ask for a renewed zeal & committment to be with us each & every week? I ask that you consider making it a priority to arrive earlier & that you have all of your ministry materials in your hand as soon as you get out of your car. Scott & I are convinced that if everyone was on time Christ would allow our ministy time to be even more fruitful. May I recommend that you follow a few simple steps that have really benefitted me over my 16 years of street witnessing?
1.Prepare & organize yourself the night before by doing the following:
a. Pray
b. Scripture reading to have a timely word to share with the aborting women & their companions (& don't forget the clinic workers)
c. Be sure that you have 5 Ministry packets in English & 2 in Spanish. Put them in the car the night before.
d. Get a good night's rest. (At least 8 hours.)
e. Pray & read the Word (even if it is only for 15 minutes) before you leave for the clinic.

A question for all of you. So many times lately there have been aborting women & men there already at 8:15am. I'd like to ask whether y'all think that we should make our arrival time at 8am instead of 8:15, in order to enjoy the most possible time to plead with the couples who are murdering the little ones? Even if everything was quiet on the battle front, we surely could use the time to gather ourselves & ask the Lord's blessing on our humble efforts for His glory. Are you willing to make the committment to arrive at 8am on our ministry days?

Man all battle-stations. Scott suggested that we put together a battle-station assignment sheet so that everyone would know where to go & what to do in all the ministry stations at Orlando Women's Center. I think that's a GREAT idea & we will be working on this in the week ahead. This is going to be a real benefit in getting everyone into position upon arrival so that we won't be doing any lolly-gagging, but rather redeem the time make use of every moment of missionary opportunities.

...the Lord appointed seventy others whom He sent ahead of Him in pairs
to every town and place He intended to visit.
He said to them, "The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the Master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.
Go on your way; behold, I am sending you like lambs among wolves.
... and greet no man along the way.
Luke 10:1-4

The New American Bible study notes on the Master's admonition to "greet no man along the way" explains: Greet no one along the way: because of the urgency of the mission and the singlemindedness required of missionaries ... even customary greetings should not distract from the fulfillment of the task. The Geneva Study Bible notes: This is usual among the Hebrews when they command a thing to be done speedily without delay, as is found in 2Ki 4:29; for in any other case courteous and gentle salutations are matters of Christian duty. Wesley notes: these had so much work to do in so short a space, that they had not a moment to spare. Now listen to our dear brother Matthew Henry's in excerpts from his commentary on this Great Commission verse:
They must not encumber themselves ...but depend upon God and their friends to provide what was convenient for them: " ...(as before to the twelve, ch. 9:3); and salute no man by the way." This command Elisha gave to his servant, when he sent him to see the Shunamite's dead child, 2 Ki. 4:29. Not that Christ would have his ministers to be rude, morose, and unmannerly; but,

(1.) They must go as men in haste, that had their particular places assigned them, where they must deliver their message, and in their way directly to those places must not hinder or retard themselves with needless ceremonies or compliments.

(2.) They must go as men of business, business that relates to another world, which they must be intent in, and intent upon, and therefore must not entangle themselves with conversation about secular affairs. Minister verbi est; hoc age-You are a minister of the word; attend to your office.

(3.) They must go as serious men, and men in sorrow. It was the custom of mourners, during the first seven days of their mourning, not to salute any, Job 2:13. Christ was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and it was fit that by this and other signs his messengers should resemble him, and likewise show themselves affected with the calamities of mankind which they came to relieve, and touched with a feeling of them.

In light of the wise advice & admonition of our all-wise Savior as He sends us, His disciples, out to street preach, let us seek to be single-minded & avoid unnecessary chatting and get right to our holy ground spots & make all haste to settle in to the task at hand, that of seeking & saving the lost! If you do not have ministry materials at home, you will find them in our ministry basket. But, be encouraged to ask me for your own stash of minisry materials so that you are not scurrying to try & find what you need after you have arrived at the clinic sidewalk. (Sometimes I am already involved in witnessing to someone & have not been able to even get my basket out of my car, which might be locked!) With your ministry materials in hand & a song of glad-hearted trust for Christ in your heart, get right to an open spot & boldly greet & engage all of the lost as soon a you arrive. Because when our Lord Jesus commanded us: 'Follow Me & I will make you fishers of men' ...

It is not 'Follow Me, because of what you are already.'
It is not 'Follow Me, because you may make something of yourselves;'
but 'Follow Me, because of what I will make of you.'
~ Charles Spurgeon

Amen? Amen!

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte & Scott Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

He who lets another sin & holds his peace is a manslayer.
~ Thomas Watson

From: "home"
Date: September 12, 2008 10:08:46 AM EDT
Subject: Planting seeds - downtown Orlando

Hello fellow laborers and servants of Jesus Christ,

Another week of work, prayer, and other big events in our coutry. Our country is in such need of revival or even a reformation? Thank you for praying for God to help us, Americans, again start relearning to walk in and embrace the fear of the Lord.

This past weekend we went to the streets of downtown again! Everywhere we go, we see there are many lost, wandering, rebellious, sheep in this country, needing a shepherd, or even a seed-planter. Thank you for your prayers! God blessed it with great conversations, and fellowship with local soul-winners. We were grateful to have 4 brothers from Tampa join us, as well as Deanna and her friend, Stephanie. There were plenty of neat stories, and seeds planted. One day, we will get to hear the rest of the stories, and that will be exciting to hear what God did with a faithfully planted seed. Below, Madre (Barbara) shares some of the stories, and people to pray for.

(Update from Barbara)
This week was very interesting with all the special people who joined us. We encouraged each other with stories and talked ideas about how to do more difficult places to evangelize as we ate at Chic-Fil-A together - what a time of fellowship! Then we went to the top floor of the parking garage to pray. Oh to be able to remember those prayers - each one giving their petitions to God about this very hardened are of Orlando. Then we hit the streets to go share with whomever God opened the door for. Several of us stayed at our home corner to street preach, and others of us went out to pass out tracts and share one to one. Steven, Ristela, and I (Barbara) went walking and talked wtih several people. We saw Dina and in our hearts cried because she seems to have decided for now to be part of the bar world because she doesn't see how she could earn a living and support her 3 children by herself. But it did encourage us that she was so glad to see us and how she points out the fact that she looks for us each week. She said, "I saw your husband over there on the corner, so I wondered if your whole family was here. "Some of the group from Ybor City talked with her early in the night, which is so exciting to hear, but she needs to decide to turn to God. Please keep praying for her.

We got to talk to Rich, a homeless man, and he has heard about God, but really didn't think that he had sinned. (He hasn't really stolen, or lied or...) So I asked him when he stands before God one day what will he tell Him as to why he should get into Heaven. He said, Well, I haven't been a really bad person, and I've tried to help others and so on... I told him that all of us will face God one day either to be accepted into Heaven and give an account for the way we live and served God or to be judged for our sins (The things we have done wrong) and then sent to live eternally in hell away from God. I told Him that God will judge us by the 10 commandments, and if we all really look at those commandments, we would see that we all have broken them. God even says in the Bible that all have sinned and come short of God's glory. That is why jesus came to die not for anything He did wrong but to pay for our sins. He said, Well, I believe in Jesus. I said, Well the devil also believes in jesus, but do you think he will be in Heaven one day.

He said no! I said why not? He said "I don't know" I told him Satan was created by God as a perfect being, but Satan decided in pride "I can be like God', and he turned from following God to wanting to be god himself. Each of us gets to make that decision also either to follow God and repent and actually turn from our sin and ask God to forgive us or choose to keep getting drunk or lie or whatever other sins we want to do and then one day pay for those sins ourself, because we chose not to follow God. He said Well I'd like to think about what you said, so I gave him a few extra tracts to read and told him to keep reading his Bible. I told him he needs to choose Jesus to pay for his sins and get involved in a church to be in fellowship with others so he can have believers to encourage and challenge him.

Then John, Ristela and I tried to pass out tracts to the firefighters, but most of them were not interested. One told me if I donate to 'Jerry's Kids', then he'd take a tract and even go to the website and get the book and read it (Mark Cahill's 'One Heartbeat Away'). So I gave a dollar donation and he took the tract. John dropped a 'Million Dollar Bill' tract in one of the boots, which caught their interest too. Please pray for our police and firemen; they are constantly bombarded with sinful situations and also harsh, rebellious people, so they too get weary and even give into those things and choose to live badly. They try to protect other people and in the process are treated badly, and can't see God in all that.

>>>Just wanted to say thank you for all of the wives that stay at home and care for the little ones and pray for us as we go out. We chatted with Bobby from YWAM and his wife is expecting their third child and has been really sick and wanted to come down but couldn't. Thank you every one of you so much for praying for all of us as we go into the battle zone and God sees your hearts and He has special blessings for you, for watching the home front while your husbands are out spreading the gospel. And I have found through the years, as I've gotten older, that I get to be a mom figure in a lot of places I go weekly. I chat with cashiers about their lives and get to weave the gospel into the talk and give them a tract and tell them to visit the website and some even want to hear about where we went soul-winning.

A funny story; I've been slowly chatting wtih Alma, a cashier at Publix the past weeks (she's Catholic), and Vicinte, a new bagger was helping us, and he is a Christian, I've chatted with him a few weeks. Well, I was telling Vicinte that we were going downtown Orlando Friday night with a group from Ybor City. Alma was very surprised and said, "What are you going downtown Orlando today for? Are you going to sing?" I said, "No, we're going downtown to pass out Gospel tracts and street preach." She was so relieved and said, "Oh, well that souds like fun; you have a great time with the group from Ybor City."

It's so funny how people watch each of us and when they hear that we might be going a direction which does not match up with what they throught about us, how they want to warn us and talk us out of it. It's fun to get into people's worlds and even treat them like family. What a way to plant seeds of the gospel and how much God loves each of them.


We are expecting to be on the streets of downtown Orlando tonight.
Thank you to each of you for your prayers. Keep planting seeds.

Fellow laborers in His harvest,
David, Barbara, Steven, and Paul

Deliver those who are being taken away to death,
And those who are staggering to slaughter,
Oh hold them back.

Proverbs 24:11-12

In the article pasted below you will read that 66 infants were reported to have survived labor and delivery abortion in the UK in one year. Abortionists can murder the infants by lethal injection before inducing labor or cutting the child in pieces. The reason that 16 of these infants were not injected to kill them beforehand? Lethal injection had not been given in the 16 abortions over 22 weeks' gestation because the abortionists stated that the death of the infant was "inevitable". Oh, really? Than how come these infants are surviving abortion?

The 16 babies who were over 22 weeks gestation survived between one minute and four-and-a-half hours - half of the infants lived for just over an hour.

The remaining 50 babies who were born alive from abortion were under 22 weeks' gestation. Half of those infants survived for longer than 55 minutes, with one breathing unaided for ten hours.

Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

Psalm 82:3

If 66 infants are born alive from later term abortions in the UK, with a population of just over 60 million, one is able to reasonably estimate how many infants are born alive from abortion here in the USA, with our population of over 300 million. With five times the population of the UK, we must admit that at least 330 infants are born alive from abortion each year in America. Many of those babies who are born alive suffer and die in the toilets of Orlando.

This should give you a clear picture of what happens each & every week at Orlando Women's Center ( , where mothers have been arriving to have their babies murdered through all nine months of pregnancy since 1996. Abortionist & OWC owner James 'Scottie' Pendergraft advertised abortions up to 28 weeks in his yellow page ads & online for many years. I have personally met a couple at OWC who flew in for an abortion from Texas. The father of the child admitted that their son was 30 weeks gestation. Having come under scrutiny of Christians & the state of Florida, OWC has taken to state that they do not perform third trimester abortions (25-40 weeks gestation). The only way anyone is ever going to know whether they actually have stopped killing babies up to the due date is if Christians are willing to be there when the abortions are taking place and ask questions. Please take the time to read Lynn Vincent's shocking article: Here is an excerpt:

... a former medical assistant who had been in training to do Labor & Delivery abortions at Dr. Pendergraft's Hyde Park clinic. "When I was in training to do second trimester abortions, I was told that we would have [women] deliver into the toilet so that if the baby happens to be alive, that it drowns," said the former worker, who requested anonymity because she feared Dr. Pendergraft.

The medical assistant said she had never seen a baby born alive, but that co-workers at the clinic told her they had. "They would see them move or make a little sound, and other people would say that was involuntary. I didn't believe that and neither did they."

According to the medical assistant, all babies, dead or alive, were stuffed into red biohazard bags for later pickup by a medical waste service. She herself had delivered women with no doctor present, and disposed of babies' bodies that way. She added that no doctor was present during most deliveries, leaving medical assistants, and often unlicensed workers to care for patients. When she worked for Dr. Pendergraft, she said, she was one of two licensed workers among 10 on staff.

Florida's AHCA has uncovered late-term abortion problems with the clinic before. In a 2003 survey it said in 11 out of 11 third-trimester abortions sampled, the facility failed to have two physicians certify "to a reasonable degree of medical probability" that the abortions were necessary to save the life or preserve the health of the woman as required by Florida law. AHCA allowed the clinic to amend its records to "correct" the discrepancies.

During one incident, the medical assistant said, she delivered a 28-week-old baby dead while Dr. Pendergraft was out having lunch. "When I turned it over [on its side], the baby's hands went together like it was praying. . . . I was waiting for it to scream. . . . It looked so much like a living baby." That, she says, is when she decided she couldn't work there anymore.

Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.

Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:8 & 9

None of this should be a suprise to concerned Christians. We should all know about Baby Rowan:

Baby Rowan's murder has been made into a film:,

We should all know about Baby Shanice:,,,

Love the dear litle ones as we love ourselves (James 2:8)

Do our very best to hold the babies back from slaughter (Pr 24:11-12)

Protect the infants and defend their cause (Ps 82:3-4)

Speak up for the tiny children who cannot speak for themselves (Prov 31:8-9)

Seek justice on behalf of the suffering orphans (Is 1:16-17)

Isn't it time that we were all willing to do something to intervene for these helpless, defenseless, voiceless little babies? Isn't it time we rise up, with a loud voice to obey the command of the Lord to in His Holy Word:

Love the dear litle ones as we love ourselves (James 2:8)

Do our very best to hold the babies back from slaughter (Pr 24:11-12)

Protect the infants and defend their cause (Ps 82:3-4)

Speak up for the tiny children who cannot speak for themselves (Prov 31:8-9)

Seek justice on behalf of the suffering orphans (Is 1:16-17)

Join us this week as we minister in Jesus' Name at Orlando Women's Center killing place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Together for Life & Eternity,

Patte Smith

Sanctuary Ministries


66 babies in a year left to die after NHS abortions that go wrong
Last updated at 01:22am on 05.02.08
Botched abortions mean that scores of babies are being born alive and left to die, an official report has revealed.

A total of 66 infants survived NHS termination attempts in one year alone, it emerged.

Rather than dying at birth as was intended, they were able to breathe unaided. About half were alive for an hour, while one survived ten hours.

Scroll down for more...

A 3D scan of a foetus taken at 23 weeks by obstetrician Prof Stuart Campbell - terminations are legal until 24 weeks but some babies have continued breathing after being aborted

The figures are the first to give a national picture of the number of babies who survive abortion but are left to die.

Experts previously believed the phenomenon was limited to a handful of cases a year.

The babies were aborted using a drug to soften the cervix and induce labour. Once born no medical help is offered.

The statistics are contained in the small print of an official report by the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health, commissioned by the Government.

No data exists on aborted babies who survive into childhood and beyond but in rare cases this is known to have happened.

Experts last night revealed that the sheer number of abortion survivors means new guidance for doctors will be drawn up, telling them how to cope.

The findings also renewed calls for a lowering of the 24-week limit for "social" abortions, which end healthy pregnancies.

The report said the terminations were "predominantly on account of congenital anomalies", which may be life-threatening but which can also include problems such as cleft palate and club feet.

Obstetricians say this raises the possibility that at least some cases were social terminations, legal under the Abortion Act up to 24 weeks.

Doctors can also legally terminate a pregnancy up to birth if the baby is suffering serious deformities or the mother's life is at risk.

Guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends babies over 22 weeks which survive abortion should have their hearts stopped by lethal injection but this can be a difficult procedure for doctors.

Professor Stuart Campbell, an eminent obstetrician whose 3D scan images of babies "walking in the womb" have fuelled the debate over late abortions, said: "It is a distressing situation when these babies are being born alive.

"Medical advances make it increasingly possible for even those born after just 22 weeks in the womb to survive.

"There is also concern that babies with problems such as cleft palate or club feet are being terminated because they are not "perfect".

"These deformities may be corrected during childhood."

The findings follow evidence to MPs this week that foetuses feel pain before 24 weeks.

The figures for the CEMACH 2007 Perinatal Mortality report, gathered from hospitals in England and Wales during 2005, reveal 16 babies who survived abortion were born after 22 weeks in the womb or later in the pregnancy.

The remaining 50 were under 22 weeks' gestation.

CEMACH chief executive Richard Congdon said lethal injection had not been given in the 16 abortions over 22 weeks' gestation because death was "inevitable".

The 16 survived between one minute and four-and-a-half hours - half lived for just over an hour.

The remaining 50 were under 22 weeks' gestation and half survived for longer than 55 minutes, with one breathing unaided for ten hours.

Latest Department of Health figures show that abortion is rising, with 193,700 terminations in 2006, and 2,948 carried out over 20 weeks.

The majority of these - 2,036 - were for major abnormalities.

The British Association of Perinatal Medicine said new guidelines were being drawn up to cover babies born alive after abortion.

Neonatologist Professor Neil Marlow, president of the association, said: "Parents may be told that the baby will not be viable but may still want to hold it until it dies, and this is probably what we are seeing in these statistics."

Julia Millington, of the Pro-Life Alliance, said: "The fact that babies are being aborted so late in pregnancy that they are capable of survival will make many support the notion that the upper time limit should be reduced."

Couple's despair after daughter survives abortion at five months

A baby born alive after a botched abortion at 21 weeks is among the worst cases reported in the UK.

The little girl, who had Down's Syndrome, lived for three hours after being delivered.

Her parents claim they were "coerced" into a termination by staff at Macclesfield District General Hospital.

They were later told that their baby had not "really" been alive, even though she was clearly breathing.

The couple, who do not wish to be named, already had a toddler, a teenager and a 12-year-old with learning difficulties and felt unable to cope with another special needs child.

The 44-year-old mother said: "If I had been given any idea that the baby would be born alive after an abortion I would never have gone through with it. They coerced me.

"I have seen how society treats children with disabilities and it frightened me to bring another special needs child into the world, but somehow we would have coped with it."

Two days before the abortion in March 2004, the woman was given tablets which she was told would kill the baby in the womb.

But to their distress the baby was still clearly moving.

They went back to hospital and were assured that the baby would die during labour.

Soon after birth, however, both parents saw it gasping for air.

Are you good enough or are you a lost cause?