Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Got Money??

Got money?
Mothers pay big buck$ to murder their big babies!

Abortion at Orlando Women's Center killing place:

16 weeks $900
17 weeks $1150
18 weeks $1400
19 weeks $1850
20 weeks $2050
21 weeks $2300
22 weeks $2500
23 weeks $2700
24 weeks $2900

plus $75 for the Rhogam shot if she is RH negative
while Adoption remains FREE for the birthmoms,
plus she can receive financial assistance for living & housing expenses.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today was late term abortion day at Orlando Women's Center. We arrived early & watched in horror as one mommy after another, bellies heavy with child, got out of their cars with their companions (their mothers, fathers, lovers & 'best friends'). Each of the mothers (many of them church-goers like the clinic workers) brought the tell-tale pillows & snacks, revealing that they were there to labor-and-deliver their precious little boy or girl (or perhaps even both if they are carrying twins).

Although we offered every one of the mothers holy help & pleaded for them to have mercy upon their infants, all of the aborting moms chose instead to stay & pay to murder. They knew exactly what they were doing. Half of the women had done it before. There appeared to be at least six mothers murdering their well-developed little ones in Orlando today.
We offered every mother practical, emotional & spiritual support through her pregnancy.

Each of the aborting moms were offered wonderful information about adoption.

They refused.

Tragically, more than anything else, all of these mothers wanted their babies dead.
They were willing to pay thousands of dollars to kill for sex without consequences.
All of this happens every week in the shadow of 1500 steeples.
What a disgrace.

Labor & delivery abortions (induction of labor through the drug Cytotec) can take as long as 72 hours.
We encourage you to read Orlando Women's Center website regarding these commonplace late term killings yourself:

"While it is not entirely accurate, we think you should read through this website & the pages which describe how they will murder your baby for you for money.
Here are real excerpts from the website which we have taken the liberty of clarifying with additional words of phrases in parentheses:

Program (of killing your baby by abortion) is designed to be
socially, culturally, spiritually, and emotionally in harmony
with the variety of situations that our patients bring to us.

Some women want to bond with their baby once the (hated infant has been pushed out alive into the toilet &) premature delivery occurs. This is an important step for the patient and her family to help in bringing closure to this devastating crisis (of killing her innocent baby with malice & forethought instead of placing the child for adoption). Some couples initially find this a very frightening thought, but we have found that couples who wish to view or hold their child (whom they purposely paid to have slaughtered like a pig) are able to work through the grieving process more effectively.
... they may wish to have an intact fetus (that was delivered alive into the toilet & left to die like an animal instead of dismembered by D & E abortion:
they can view and hold (the child they murdered) as part of the grieving process.
For many of these patients, it isn't just a fetus - it is a baby.
When couples elect not to see their child (that they arranged to be brutalized) they may later regret omitting this option.
We encourage you to take pictures of the baby (you murdered) alone and with family members
(who participated in the slaying of your innocent son or daughter).

The difficult part after making the decision to (violate your God-given maternal instinct & your conscience to murder your baby & refusing the help that God sent to you through the Chrisitians who spoke with you outside the killing place, even though it would have been FREE for you to choose a loving adoptive home for your infant) is saying goodbye to the relationship you have had with your baby."

"For me, a life without murder is like a life without food
... I felt like the father of all these people,
since it was I who opened the door for them to another world."
~ Alexander Pichushkin,
serial killer who claims to have murdered over 60 people,0,5801810.story

You tell me, what is the difference?

You cannot tolerate wrong
Habbukkuk 1:13

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless ... in their affliction
James 1:27

Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Psalm 82:3

We are asking, no, we are begging the Christian community In Orlando to rise up & protest this genocide.
If we, the Church of Jesus Christ in Central Florida,
are unwilling to demand & do justice for these imperiled orphans, who will?

I will teach transgressors Your ways,
and sinners shall be converted to You.
Psalm 51:13

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith & Friends

Sanctuary Ministries