Saturday, June 19, 2010

Be sure Your Presumptuous Sins will find you out!

We meet many sexually immoral women who murder their infants saying "God forgives". We often ask them if they hope God will forgive the professing Christian pervert who intends to rape them.

Here is a story about indulgences, the practice of forgiving sins for a sum of money that was practiced by the Roman Catholic church. I have often thought that the non-Catholics churches only require church attendance & they give their hearers the impression that sin is nothing to God. Church has become a sort of 'indulgence'.

Enjoy this story.

A certain Saxon nobleman heard John Tetzel proclaiming his doctrine of indulgences, and the gentleman was much aggravated at this perversion of truth. Accordingly, he approached the monk one day and inquired as to whether he might purchase an indulgence for a sin he intended to commit.

“Most assuredly,” replied Tetzel, “I have received full powers from his holiness for that purpose.” After some haggling, a fee of thirty crowns was agreed upon, and the nobleman departed.

Together with some friends, he hid himself in a nearby forest. Presently, as Tetzel journeyed that way, the knight and his mischievous companions fell upon the papal salesman, gave him a light beating, and relieved him of his money, apparently taking no pains to disguise themselves.

Tetzel was enraged by the foul deed and filed suit in the courts. When the nobleman appeared as the defendant, he produced the letter of exemption containing John Tetzel’s personal signature, which absolved the Saxon of any liability. When Duke George (the judge before whom the action was brought) examined the document, exasperated though he was, he ordered the accused to be released.

Error is its own worst enemy!

D’Aubigne, J.H. Merle, The Life and Times of Martin Luther (Chicago: Moody, 1955), p. 103.

Letter from an imprisoned abortionist

I stood on the sidewalk at 1103 Lucerne Terrace praying against the opening of the first late term abortion clinic in Central Florida. James Scott Pendergraft had informed the city that he wanted to commit abortions through all three trimesters of pregnancy. When the Lord allowed Orlando Women's Center to open in 1996, I sensed that He wanted me to stay to reach out to the aborting moms & companions, clinic workers & yes, even the abortionists, with the gospel of life & eternity. I had already been ministering outside all of the other murder mills in Orlando for 3 years but when Orlando Women's Center opened, I settled down to make it my main mission field.

When Pendergraft was found guilty of conspiracy to commit extortion, lying under oath and mail fraud & sent to a federal penitentiary I wrote to ask the abortionist to allow me to visit him. I wanted to share the gospel with the man.

Here is what the serial baby-killer wrote to me in response to my letter:

James S. Pendergraft
Reg # 42979-018
Federal Prison Camp Atlanta
PO Oox 150160
Lukewood Station, SE
Atlanta, Ga. 30315

13 Aug 01

Dear Patte,
God says to love thy neighbors as thyself and to love all people including your enemies. That in order to love people you must not have hatred. I go to sleep every night with love and peace in my heart. I hate no one. I look forward to getting out soon and continuing my mission of helping women in one of the most difficult times in their lives. No one will ever change that. I am more determined than ever to pursue my mission.

I see you more than enough when I pass you on the sidewalk of Orlando Women's Center. If you would like to donate to my legal fees please talk with our security presonnel. God bless you and take care.

Dr Pendergraft

Perhaps this will help people to understand why I abhor the wishy-washy Christendom which makes everyone, including abortionists & aborting & post-abortive women, feels as if God loves them just the way they are ... unrepentant, with no fear of God in their eyes. This is the devil's business.

Sin is a devil dressed as an angel.
~ RC Sproul

Let niceties and relativism & humanism be flung to the dogs. Let churchianity & comfort IN sin be confessed & forsaken.

Silence kills babies. Abortion is the devil's business & the church is complicit by her silence & her tolerance. We should be ashamed & repent.

" for murderers ... their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur .."
Revelation 21:8

Photos from The 300: Warriors for Life & Eternity

"...the LORD will work for us,
for the LORD is not restrained to save
by many or by few."
I Samuel 14:6

Over the years of reaching out to aborting moms & dads with the gospel of life & eternity I have often been tempted to bemoan the fact that so very few Christians were willing to commit to evangelizing at abortion clinics every week. Now that I have served in this mission field of blood for 17 years I have come to see things differently. It has been my observation through study of the scriptures that the Lord is looking for ways not to INCREASE the numbers of those in His service, but to lessen their number by defining who IS & who is NOT a servant of the most High God. Consider the story of Gideon's army in Judges 7:

And the LORD said to Gideon, “The people are still too many. Take them down to the water, and I will test them for you there, and anyone of whom I say to you, ‘This one shall go with you,’ shall go with you, and anyone of whom I say to you, ‘This one shall not go with you,’ shall not go.” So he brought the people down to the water. And the LORD said to Gideon, “Every one who laps the water with his tongue, as a dog laps, you shall set by himself. Likewise, every one who kneels down to drink.” And the number of those who lapped, putting their hands to their mouths, was 300 men, but all the rest of the people knelt down to drink water. And the LORD said to Gideon, “With the 300 men who lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hand, and let all the others go every man to his home.”

Judges 7:4-7

God provides that the praise of victory may be wholly to Himself, by appointing only three hundred men to be employed. Activity and prudence go with dependence upon God for help in our lawful undertakings. When the Lord sees that men would overlook Him, and through unbelief, would shrink from perilous services, or that through pride they would vaunt themselves against Him, He will set them aside, and do His work by other instruments. Pretences will be found by many, for deserting the cause and escaping the Cross. But though a religious society may thus be made fewer in numbers, yet it will gain as to purity, and may expect an increased blessing from the Lord... They grudged not at the liberty of the others who were dismissed...

Yes; (1.) God would hereby show that when he employed suitable instruments in His service Ge did not need them, but could do His work without them, so that He was not indebted to them for their service, but they to Him for employing them.
(2.) He would hereby put those to shame for their cowardice who had tamely submitted to the Midianites, and durst not make head against them, because of the disproportion of their numbers...
(3.) He would hereby silence and exclude boasting. This is the reason here given by him who knows the pride that is in men’s hearts: Lest Israel vaunt themselves against me. Justly were those denied the honour of the success. My own hand hath saved me is a word that must never come out of the mouth of such as shall be saved. He that glories must glory in the Lord, and all flesh must be silent before Him...

Cowards would be as likely as any, after the victory, to take the honour of it from God, and therefore God would not do them the honour to employ them in it...
Note, Fearful faint-hearted people are not fit to be employed for God; and, among those that are enlisted under the banner of Christ, there are more such than we think there are. (2.) He directed the cashiering of all that remained except 300 men, and he did it by a sign: The people are yet too many for me to make use off...

God saith, they are too many, and, when diminished to a third part, they are yet too many, which may help us to understand those providences which sometimes seem to weaken the church and its interests: its friends are too many, too mighty, too wise, for God to work deliverance by; God is taking a course to lessen them, that He may be exalted in His own strength.

~ Matthew Henry

May the Lord count us worthy to be one of His faithful few warriors in the battle for life & eternity, & may we always remember that the glory belongs to Christ alone.

Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

Material to Share & Questions to Ask your Crisis Pregnancy Center

Purchase dozens of copies of

Go to your local pregnancy help center & give the director & all the counselors a copy of 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' & 'True & False Conversion'. Ask for feedback. Ask the director &/or counselors a few questions, like;

1) Do you tell your clients that their baby is a human being, created by God in His image & likeness & that her infant is a gift from God? If not, why not?

2) Do you tell your client that God says "You shall not murder" & forbids the shedding of innocent blood, calling it 'sin'? If not, why not?

3) Do you tell your client that sin is transgressing God's Law (His commandments) & that His commandments forbid both sexual immorality (fornication) & murder (abortion)? If not, why not?

4) Do you tell your client that the Bible prophesies that all murderers have their place in the lake which burns with fire & brimstone (Rev 21:8) & that no sexually immoral person has any inheritance in the kingdom of heaven (Eph 5:5)? If not, why not?

5) Do you explain to your client that Jesus has said that unless she repents (confesses & forsakes sexual immorality, thoughts of murder, & all other sin) she will perish (be sent to hell on the day of judgment)? If not, why not?

Withholding the truth, the Law of God, (which brings the knowledge of sin, is perfect converting the soul, is a tutor to Christ, speaks directly to the conscience, brings conviction & elicits fear of the Lord, etc, etc, etc) is suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. (Share the link: with her, because the moral Law of God has a 3-fold use, the second of which is to restrain evil, so even those who are not being savingly wrought upon can be powerfully affected by the sharing of the commandment "You shall not murder".) Although it is very tempting & you will find allies in your flesh, the world & with the devil to withhold the truth as it is in Jesus Christ through the scripture, it is the sin of omission. 'Methods' & philosophies which leave out the law & the gospel are not Christian or God-honoring but they are ministry-honoring & they are man/woman centered, rather than Christ/gospel-centered. We should not be trying to please women, but rather to please God, who has the power to save these lost moms & rescue their babies.

Recommend C.J. Mahaney's series of sermons called "Another Gospel: The challenge of the Therapeutic Gospel" Here is part 1:

"If anyone is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His Father's glory ..." Mark 8:38, Luke 9:26

"Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord... but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God ..." II Timothy 1:8

Intentional Murder

Two or Three Witnesses
Intentional murder

Abortion is the intentional murder of an innocent child (or children if there are twins in the mother's womb.)

In Numbers 35:16-21, 29-31 the duty for “The murderer shall surely be put to death” is commanded NINE times.

In verse 19 it is given that “The avenger of blood himself shall put the murderer to death ...” The Geneva Study Bible notes that the ‘avenger of blood’ is a member of the victim’s family customarily designated to avenge the victim’s death by killing the manslayer.

“Whoever kills a person, the murderer shall be put to death on the testimony of witnesses; but one witness is not sufficient testimony against a person for the death penalty.” Numbers 35:30

“Whoever is deserving of death shall be put to death on the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses; he shall not be put to death on the testimony of one witness. The hands of the witnesses shall be the first against him to put him to death, & afterwards the hands of all the people.” Deuteronomy 17:6-7

Two or three witnesses must agree and be sincerely convinced of the guilt of the bloodguilty because they must be there and willing to take part in the stoning.

This duty is part and parcel of fulfilling the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves and: “You shall not murder”. While shedding innocent blood is prohibited, the implicit duty of this commandment is to love and protect your neighbor and to prevent any harm from coming against an innocent person.

Since pure religion and undefiled is described as visiting the orphans in their affliction, we see a particular imperative to protect the little ones imperiled by abortion. These are the children who are orphaned by their mothers and fathers and family.

This duty is also related to love of justice and fulfills Jesus’ positive command to us to ‘judge righteous judgment’ (John 7:24)

“It is not good to show partiality in judgment. He who says to the wicked, ‘You are righteous,’ him the people will curse; nations will abhor him. But those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, and a good blessing will come upon them.” Proverbs 24:23-25

Showing partiality or preference to the guilty mother over the innocent child is biblically understood as a sinful offense to God and man.

“You shall do not injustice in judgment. You shall not be partial to the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty. In righteousness you shall judge your neighbor ... You shall surely rebuke your neighbor and not bear sin because of him.”
Lev 19:15,17

“You shall not show partiality in judgment; you shall hear the small as well as the great; you shall not be afraid of any man’s presence, for the judgment is God’s.”
Deut 1:17

We should consider the wee innocent children, who, being weak & helpless cannot speak for themselves. When witnessing for Christ & against the murder of babies we must guard against having & showing partiality to the 'greater' in might & power, which is the mother.

“You shall not pervert justice; you shall not show partiality, nor take a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the righteous. You shall follow what is altogether just...”
Deut 16:19,20

“Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”
John 7:24

Let us ask the Lord to lead and direct us, praying with the psalmist, “O Lord, according to Your Word, teach me good judgment and knowledge ...” (Psalm 199:65,66)

“For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy.” James 2:13

We must go forth humbly, knowing that out of the Lord’s grace for us we warn the wicked mothers & fathers & companions (& the abortionists & clinic workers as well), lest by their stubborn refusal to show mercy to their infants, God withholds mercy from them in the day of judgment. Thanks be to God for the friend who shared the moral Law and this Gospel warning with us, that we might repent to the saving of our souls through the truth as it is in Jesus Christ.