Monday, July 17, 2006

"I have no heart.."

But God shows His anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people
who push the truth away from themselves.
For the truth about God is known to them instinctively.
God has put this knowledge in their hearts ...
So they have no excuse whatsoever ...
So God let them go ahead and do whatever shameful things their hearts desired.
As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other's bodies.
Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God,
they deliberately chose to believe lies.
So they worshiped the things God made
(they worshiped themselves),
but not the Creator Himself, who is to be praised forever.
Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin ... murder ...
They are fully aware of God's death penalty for those who do such things,
yet they go right ahead and do them anyway.
Romans 2: 18, 19,24,25, 32

Sanctuary Ministries Update
Orlando Women's Center killing place
Saturday, July 1, 2006 J

Jesse reports: Had a REAL tough morning at the death camp today. So many people came to kill their babies that they couldn't all fit inside the waiting room. Standing room only. The waiting room was jammed packed so the rest spilled outside. There were about 6-8 women and men sitting on the porch the entire morning. One of the clinic workers made an announcement that the abortionist coming was going to be late so everyone should expect to be there 6 or 8 hours to kill their little ones (instead of the usual 4-6 hours) They announced that the women who wanted to murder their babies could reschedule the extermination of their sons and daughters if they wanted. Did this deter any of the mothers and fathers who were there to dismember their innocent, defenseless infants? Not even the littlest bit. So hell-bent on committing murder, that not one single mom would even consider leaving and taking more time to rethink what they were paying the killer to do to their babies. We plead with all of these pregnant moms and dads all morning. Saying everything we could possibly think of. No reaction. Some mornings when I go to the killing place, I feel a bit more "bad cop" (Law) than "good cop" (Grace)....and you will hear me speak truth harder. However, some mornings (like today) it is the opposite. This morning ....I was gentle. I was full of mercy and compassion. My words today were so full of mercy and compassion and hope that I hear myself sounding almost like a humanist. I made it all about the moms and the help we had to offer. I let them know that I understood that this was hard. I poured myself out ... gave them everything that was in my heart. The last thing I expected was for some tough guy to get in my face threatening to beat me up.....but sure enough....there he was. Mr Man. I think compassion brings out the worst in the uncompassionate. Mercy brings out the worst in the merciless. I remember, in the pride and violence of my ignorance and youth, I used to joke about how one day I'd like to defend myself against somebody threatening to beat me up....just to show they can't push me around. That's all gone now. The last thing I want is to get in a fight. When the guy was threatening me today I simply said, "It is obvious that you sir could completely whoop my let's just agree to that and not have any violence.....and PLEASE don't commit a violent murder against your unborn child." Jesus said "Blessed are the peacemakers". It's so weird though, because in this wicked world, the very act of trying to make "peace" seems to encite more violence. I guess we shouldn't be so suprised.

Look what they did to the One who IS the Prince of Peace.
They beat Him and mocked Him and nailed Him to a Cross.

I talked at length with an interesting woman named Linda who brought her "kinda adopted" daughter to have an abortion. Linda said she was completely against the murder of this baby. She said she had begged her surrogate daughter to not do it. Linda even offered to adopt the child. So did her son. She told me all the things she said to the girl (some of it was really good stuff that I'll use to minister on the sidewalks). But the girl was dead set on doing it. This girl even told her surrogate mom words that made me shutter.

She told Linda, "I don't have a heart.....I know I don't because
I don't even feel bad about what I'm going to do".

WOW! What scary words from a young woman....the wicked sure are honest.

I urged Linda to leave her daughter not be part of this diabolical act. And guess what? Linda did leave! She went inside and told her daughter that she didn't want any part in the slaughter of that innocent child and she wasn't going to stay there any longer. Linda told me that two other women inside the killing place were bawling their eyes out.

--- Another Orlando Rapist Gets Away with Murder ---

I talked with a guy named Todd who brought his underage "girlfriend", Jenny, to kill the baby he had impregnated her with. Todd said:
"If Jenny doesn't have this abortion, her parents will find out about us!
They could have me charged with statutory rape."

I told Todd: "Hey, man, it's time to be a man and do what is right". When Todd's phone rang he simply cut me off. Would you like to know how Todd's underage girlfriend got to have a surgical abortion without her parents being notified?? Per instruction of the abortuary, to bypass informing her parents about being raped by an older man,

Jenny simply went to the Orange County Courthouse!

As we have seen in similar cases here in Orlando, the judge gave Jenny a judicial waiver so that she didn't have to notify her parents that an older guy has been having sex with her and had made her pregnant. The Orange County Court order helped a man get away with rape (and continue to rape) a teenage girl and then execute the child who was the evidence of Todd's crime.

This is the system. This is Florida. This is Orlando. This is America.

Every now and then I get a reminder of how wicked the world really was one of those days. This all happened in just two hours, from 6:30-8:30 AM.

For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness,
has shined in our hearts,
to give the light of the knowlege of the glory of God
in the face of Jesus Christ.
I Corinthians 5:6Come quickly,

Lord Jesus! ~ Jesse
Marian reports:

The past three days (as we do each time we go to the sidewalk outside the killing place) we offered different alternatives to abortion. We warned the women and men of the many risks involved during and after an abortion. The only woman who took a brochure from us today (which is full of tremendous information) threw it back down on the ground and yelled expletives at us. We offered financial assistance, wonderful information about adoption (which is not only free but can provide them with financial help!) , medical assistance, etc.
One man threatened Jesse with harm. Jesse quietly replied,

"I know you can whip me, but how can we help you?"

Once we have taken the time to offer everything in the way of help (the Good Samaritan model) we begin to warn the men and women. We remind them of what they already instinctively know. We speak to their God-given conscience, which tells them right from wrong. We warn them that God is Holy and Just and is He is angry with our sin. We warned the murdering mothers and fathers (and clinic workers) of that great and terrible Day of the Lord when they would have to face Him and give an account of all of their wicked deeds -- but to no avail. Many laughed at us when we shared the gospel of repentance and faith with them.
It is horrifying to think of them when they stand before the Lord. There will be no smiles or laughter on the day they have to face the Righteous and Holy God.

My heart was broken today to see these heartless individuals laughing at the sight of the large poster of a 10 week old aborted baby. The photo clearly shows a baby whose body had been ripped to pieces during the suction abortion procedure that is so common during the first trimester. It was extremely discouraging and troublesome.

As I think of the image of the individuals laughing at the dead baby, I think of Satan laughing as he sees God hurl each of these moms and dads into the Lake of Fire. Today, as we do many other days, we think of the door to the abortion mill as a door to hell itself. Only a few of us Christians were on the outside trying to keep these people from falling in through the gates of hell. It reminds me of the verse in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 7:13,14

“Enter by the narrow gate;
for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction,
and there are many who go in by it.
Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life,
and there are few who find it. "

Now more than ever before, I realize why our Lord was moved with compassion at the lost -- there are so many.

Our Pastor compared the spiritually lost multitudes to a ship wreck at sea where hundreds are floundering in the waters while a couple of individuals on the beach try to figure out where to start saving those who are floundering in the ocean.
One or two may be spared from drowning.....

I suspect there were at least 60 babies murdered at The Orlando Women's Center Killing Mill in just the past three days. I wonder ...

Where are the pastors of Orlando?
at a meeting on Global Warming?

~ Marian

"I left God...and He sent you to me!"

Sanctuary Ministries Update
Orlando Women's Center killing place
Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blessing and honor and glory and power
Be to Him who sits on the throne,
And to the Lamb, forever and ever!
Revelation 5:13

It was an amazing morning. It has been so difficult the last few weeks. People's hearts have been so hardened. But oh, how we rejoiced and continue to rejoice for one little precious baby saved.

There was a long line of women and their companions lined up at the door of the killing place, waiting for it to open so that they could have their babies dismembered. We did our holy best and put forth Jesus' message of life and hope to everyone who arrived.

When Melissa and her mother Edith came by taxi all of us were shocked to see how very young Melissa looked. She was only 13 years old. Melissa gratefully took our ministry packet, but her mother snatched it out of her hands and demanded; "What is this?" and then "Don't listen to them!" and hurried her to get to the door. It was still early and the clinic doors hadn't been opened yet. We offered Edith and Melissa assistance of various sorts; medical, financial, adoption, etc, promising to do whatever we could to help. We asked ... no, we begged Edith to support her daughter through her pregnancy, saying; "Please, take her home and away from this place!" Edith was angry and acted very beligerent. It was obvious that Melissa didn't have a chance to speak with us, Edith totally dominated her daughter.

Gina took time to speak directly to Edith, saying; "My own daughter became pregnant when she was very young. I have been where you are. It is hard, but you can do this. It isn't the end of the world. I promise. We will help you and what is even more important, God will help you." With that Edith started humming very loudly, to drown out what Gina was saying. She literally leaned over in her daughter's ear and started humming straight into her ear so she couldn't hear us. Marian spoke up and said; "You need to be there to protect your daughter now more than ever," She begged, "Please don't set this horrible precedent for your daughter by killing your grandchild". The missionaris were all thinking ... What a terrible legacy for a family. Edith would have to live with the fact she had taken her young daughter to kill her own little baby. Melissa would share the memory of this awful day of death with her own mother ... forever.

Edith was loud and obnoxious during the entire time she was waiting to go into the killing place. Her daughter would just stare at her mom, and then at us, never saying a word. Poor little Melissa looked so scared -- like a lost little lamb without it's mama, without a shepherd. Dale let Melissa know the truth; "Your mother can't force you to kill this baby. We will help you. Please, come over and speak to us." Edith continued humming and chanting very loudly to drown out our words. Marian spoke to Edith directly; "You may drown out our words and you may be able to hide this abortion from others, but God knows what you are doing. You cannot hide this from Him." The missionaries watched helplessly as mother and daughter walked through death's doors with dozens of other abortion bound neighbors.

We continued to reach out to the forty neighbors who came to the killing place. Two hours passed and we had many chances to engage the lost. Mary Jo was able to give a powerfully thorough gospel appeal to Lucy, who had accompanied her sister who was aborting. We were blessed to serve Jesus in the heat of the morning. We were tired but thankful to have such a precious opportunity to obey the Great Commission while it is still day.

All of the sudden the door to the clinic swung open. It was Edith and Melissa! Edith was yelling at her daughter; "Melissa, if you don’t do this, you will not be able to live at home anymore!” Melissa walked over to us and came to a stop in front of 4-5 counselors missionaries. Edith plopped down in a chair on the porch yelled to her daughter; "Go! Go over to them! Let them help you!"

Of course, we were completely stunned. Melissa walked right over to us. She stood silently facing us, tears rimming her huge eyes. We asked her if she came out because she didn't want to have the abortion. Melissa shook her head "yes". Edith started yelling at us, telling us; "You take her! She can't come home with me! This baby can't live at my house so you had better figure out something for Melissa!"

Every one of the missionaries immediately started making offers to come alongside Melissa. Dale and Marian offered to have her come and live with them. They even offered to adopt her baby if she wanted. And so did Dave and Paula.

Jesse began to gently reason with Edith, asking her to come over and work it out with all of us instead of yelling back and forth from the porch of the killing place. Marian and Dale stepped forward and assured Edith that they had offered Melissa a place to live throughout her entire pregnancy. Their daughter, Mary Jo, turned to Melissa and said, “Yes, Melissa! I am an only child...there is plenty of room for you”.

We asked Evelyn if we could take Melissa home and she stiffly answered; "Yes, fine" and then went silent. As w were making intial preparations to care for Melissa, Edith started talking to us again. She started to shift. She said Melissa could go home with her, adding "You all need to give us all the info we need for adoption."All the while Melissa is just standing there with her eyes down. Still, we saw quite a bit of courage in that little 13 year old girl. Saying no to her dominant mom. We were amazed and impressed by this young lady's determination to save her baby.

Jesse gently asked Edith to come to talk with us so we could find common ground and work something out. Then it happened.

Evelyn seemed to soften just a bit. She began lamenting;“What are all my friends going to think of me? I have a 16 you daughter at home, pregnant, too. I am a bad mother! I taught them right, but I can’t watch them all the time! What will they think of me?” Just as we were going to respond, Edith stood up from the chair and looked like she was going to say something aggressive. Then suddenly, she broke down and began weeping. Edith said, “God brought you to me. I left God and He sent you for me!" With that Edith stumbled down the walkway toward us. She kept asking what others would think of her and one of the counselors said, “Ma’am, you will face God one day and He is the One you need to be concerned about.” Edith nodded and said, “Yes, and I will be responsible for this.” She turned to her precious daughter and asked, “Melissa, do you want this baby?” Melissa nodded quickly, a look of tremendous relief on her face. Edith turned back to us and said, “Well, I better figure out how all this is going to work out...I guess there will be two new babies in my house.”

Edith confided that she was so ashamed at what had happened to her 13 year old daughter. A 20 year old man was in jail for having sex with Melissa, who was only 12 years old when she became pregnant. Edith also shared with us her own mother had taken her to a killing place when she was 15 years old to kill her baby. Edith became so soft. She was so broken inside."I've stopped going to church," she said. "But I now know the Lord led me here today." We told her Edith to worry about what others would think but about what our Lord would think. She understood and nodded as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Edith said that she was profoundly affected by our presence and by our words. Although she acted as if she was not paying any attention, Edith heard every word that came out of the missionary's mouths. She said when she first came up the sidewalk she heard Gina saying those things to her about once being a mom with a pregnant daughter. She wept as she admitted that Gina's words REALLY touched her. Edith said that she knew they were words from God and she was trying everything she could to drown them out (the humming). At this point, Edith was like a completely different woman then the one we met just 2 hours earlier. She was compassionate and open. She told us that even though she was saying Melissa had to leave, that she never really meant it. She wanted Melissa to stay at home with her.

What started as a holy battle, ended with sacred unity. A mother and daughter are going to have a precious little baby. They are going to decide whether to keep the baby or give her up for adoption. Mary Jo is going to try to get Melissa and Edith to go to their wonderful church with her and her family.

We all exchanged phone numbers and hugs and sent Edith and Melissa away with money for the taxi and for a nice breakfast together too. The whole missionary team gathered in a huddle, weeping and PRAISING GOD for what we had witnessed!

1 precious little baby saved on July 15, 2006, for which we rejoice ... however ...

20 darling babies, whose names are known only to God, perished on July 15, 2006. They will be disposed of like garbage and tossed into plastic bags and dumped into a box marked "Medical Waste". There will be no grave for them. No place to mark that they had been alive and were murdered in Orlando. Their tiny little human bodies will be incinerated by Stericycle in a mass grave along with dirty pads. Perhaps some day our government will erect a monument in Washington, D.C. in memory of the 46 + million as a tomb of the unknown babies who have been slaughtered for profit in this country. What a legacy for the United States of America. With the blood of our own citizens saturating the soil and the sewers of our nation, we have no high moral ground to stand on. We should be ashamed.

May I ask you a question today? Who do you think is responsible for reaching out and intervening to save the children in Orlando from murder by abortion? Who do you think is responsible for sharing the gospel in our community? Is it not reasonable to expect that the holy work of reaching those who are lost and perishing in thir sins in our city is OUR responsibility? Yours and mine!

Don't expect the churches to be intentional about sharing the gospel outside the four walls. With a few beautiful and blessed exceptions, churches are simply not active in purposeful outreach to evangelize. It is a rare thing to see anything about evangelism listed in church bulletins or on their websites. Don't let that be your excuse. Today matters forever. Make your time and your life count. Don't be fooled into thinking that someone else will be there to try to save the babies. Don't think that someone else will reach the lost in your community. Take the bull by the horns,! Don't wait! Be intentional about sharing your faith today.


Join us on the streets of Orlando this week, won't you?

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith & Friends
Sanctuary Ministries

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