Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Do What Thou Wilt?

Recently a Broward County man named Christopher Welker caught two armed robbers outside his house in the middle of the night. In the midst of the scuffle he shot one young criminal dead and wounded the other. Although Welker acted in self-defense and to protect his girlfriend and their 17 month old daughter, he deeply regrets killing one of the bad guys. The police captain said;
"As far as we are concerned, it as a justified shooting. He was protecting himself ..."

Although quite a few people have told Welker that "he did the right thing", he feels conflicted. Not only is he worried about reprisals from the bad guy's friends, Welker says;
"I wish I could go back and just shoot them both in the leg ... I don't wish to take anybody's life."

The conscience of human beings tells them that murder is wrong. Even though the "victim" threatened him with a gun, Welker felt guilty about murdering a person. When a woman plans and executes her baby, it is vitally important that Christians be on hand to speak to their conscience about God's eternal command:
You shall not murder!

Welker never mentioned God but his conscience pointed him to eternal truth about murder.

Is the firm moral code of Christianity and the biblical gospel of repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ something to be ashamed of? Although the scriptures speak clearly and decisively about repentance (Acts 20:21; Mark 1:15-16, Luke 243:45-47, John 1:12; Rom 1:17, Gal 2:16, Eph 2:8-10), many churches, church goers and Christian ministries avoid the biblical gospel like the plague.

I am sending you to them to open their eyes
and turn them from darkness to light ...
~ Jesus

Sharon has been a crisis pregnancy counselor for two years. She explained how she counsels mothers who are considering abortion;
"We were trained in the Carenet approach ... if they are abortion minded, we ask if they would like infoon abortion and give them a booklet and review it with them."

This begs the question: "Info on abortion"? Information on choosing evil? There remains a glaring ommision in this "Christian" counseling. Sharon never mentioned that she provided her abortion-minded clients with biblical "Info on sin", which is exactly what murdering a pre-born child is.

I had a long talk with Maria, one of the degreed "counselors" in a Christian ministry here in Orlando. I asked Maria what she would say in response if a pregnant woman we sent to her for help said:
"I don't know what to do. I am still thinking of abortion."

The counselor said point blank; "Well, I could not tell the abortion-minded mother NOT to have an abortion.Although I am pro-life I cannot push my views on her."

Maria was unwilling to speak of abortion as an evil act of sin against a little child. Why?

Penny discovered she was pregnant when she was a senior in high school. She tells her story:
My mother was dead and my dad was an alcoholic. I had been living with a foster-mother who didn't care about me. My boyfriend was pressing for abortion. I didn't have anyone with any spiritual authority to turn to. I went to great lengths (yellow pages and over 4 hours of buses and trains) to find a nun to counsel me. When I explained my dilemma to Sister Catherine Mary, she sat quietly and looked very gently into my eyes and asked me about my feelings; "Well, Penny, what is it that you feel you should do?" I shook my head; "I really don't know sister." The nun said; "You have a very big decision to make, Penny. I cannot make it for you. You will have to listen to your heart and decide for yourself." She never mentioned GOD at all. She simply said: "You're going to have to decide what is right for you." As I the abortionist put on his gloves, I knew that I should jump up and get out of there. But I was intimidated by the "doctor" who held the cannula and the "nurse" who held my hand. I let the abortionist suck my baby apart and out of my womb. I was filled with shame as I left the place. I turned to my boyfriend and whispered; "Never again."

Although I can't blame the nun for what I paid for and did to my baby, through all the years since that abortion, I have wondered. Why the sister didn't offer me any biblical advice or good Samartian help? If she had only told me the truth. If Sister Catherine had told me what my baby looked like, explained that my child was a gift from God and that it would be murder to kill her. If she had addressed the sin of fornication with me and lovingly called me to true contrition. Catechism had taught her the necessity of repent or perish. Why didn't she share her knowledge of the holy with me? If she had cared enough about me to offer to help find me a place to stay during my pregnancy, if she had simply told me about adoption. Would that have been so hard? It seems like common sense now.

When I became a Christian five years later, my guilty soul found the truth that the nun had so cruelly withheld from me. I just love the way Jesus speaks to sinners like me. He looks into our faces and into our souls and says, "You are a sin-sick woman. You've made an idol of yourself and you are enslaved by the deceiver. Turn away from yourself and your sin. Die to yourself and turn to Me and live. I am the only One who can forgive you for all of your wicked thoughts, words and deeds. I am the Savior who will forgive and cleanse and heal the sinner who genuinely repents."

I often remember what happened to my poor baby. I pray for Sister Catherine's soul. God sent me, a pregnant mother-less girl, all the way to her that fateful day. It was a divine appointment. But Sister Catherine gave me the words of humanistic relativism, which is the counsel of death, instead of the words of Jesus, Who Himself is Truth and Life. God forgive her for the diabolical hand she had in murdering my baby."

Tanya was a long-time church goer. When she murdered her first baby by abortion, her pastor held a nice memorial service at the sea shore. Together they named the baby "Sophie" and threw flowers into the surf in a sentimental farewell. As Tanya considered killing another child her church friends her let her know that it was "up to her to do what was best". Her Christian counselor, "Miss Maureen", helped Tanya make the decision to murder her baby half-way through pregnancy. Miss Maureen even offered to counsel her two teenage children through the prolonged ordeal of a late-term labor-and-delivery execution of their little brother.

It is conversations like these that have made me realize that many Christians and pro-life ministry counselors are proponents of the "non-judgmental" "non-directive" counseling of moral relativism (Carl Rogers style) -- not biblical, Christian holy counseling. This is what is known as "covert" Christianity, but I would say that this is not Christianity at all. It's humanism. In fact, it is also found in the category of Satanism. The motto of Satanism is "Do what thou wilt." Even Wicca adds to the Satanic motto with the phrase "... but do no harm."

Many, if not most, of the people who offer pro-life and post abortion counseling are well-meaning, kind-hearted, mercy-motivated church-going people. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Just as we would never knowingly send an abortion-minded mother to Sister Catherine Mary or Miss Maureen, we certainly cannnot send moms who are vulnerable to murdering their babies to churches, pro-life ministries or post-abortion ministries that will not tell them the truth. Abortion is not merely about a "choice" or a "decision". Abortion is about the evil sin of murdering an innocent person. Abortion is the shedding of innocent blood. It is the taking of human life.

Think about this ....

If a person who was contemplating raping a two year old child came to a Christian "crisis pedofile ministry" would the counselor give the rapist information on how rapes are performed and review it with them? Would the counselor believe that she could not tell the rape-minded client NOT to sexually assault the toddler? Would the Christian believe that it "It isn't up to me to tell the rapist that having intercourse with a young child was wrong? They must decide for themselves that the violent assault was wrong." Would the counselor turn to the rape-minded person and say: "This is a decision you will have to make for yourself. If you do rape and even murder that baby, we will be here for you because God forgives and the baby will go to heaven."

If a ministry calls itself Christian, it must be unapologetic about the gospel. It's the gospel of LIFE and ETERNITY that is at stake here. Any church or pro-life or post-abortion ministry that teaches it's counselors that they are to refrain from speaking of abortion as child-murder and sin and avoid speaking of the necessity of genuine repentance (from fornication as well as intent to murder) is guilty of gagging the gospel of Jesus Christ. An organization may claim to be Christian, but if they fail to practice biblical principles of truth in their counseling, they fail to be Christian.

Replacing or suppressing the Gospel of repentance and faith is a distortion of the Biblical model. Fundamentally, this sort of counseling amounts to spiritual neglect because the woman is made to feel cared for (like Penny and Tanya) but is left in the darkness and depravity of her own sin. The hell-bent mother who is full of malice and forethought is given the false impression that God will hear her prayers and have compassion on her, when the scriptures teach that the prayer of the wicked is an abomination! (Psalm 66:18, Proverbs 28:9) The first prayer that God hears is the prayer of genuine repentance.

In the midst of all of this, the precious innocent child is left without the intervention of a Christian advocate to become another victim of pre-meditated murder. Adding insult to injury, the guilty mothers remain under the judgment of God and continue to store up wrath against themselves in the day of judgment. According to the doctrine of degrees of punishment, guilty fornicators and child-murderers suffer a greater penalty in hell for their sin if they fail to repent of their evil and sin no more. And yet, if they were to rely on what they heard from a "Christian" they were merely making a "decision"! The truth about her sinful condition and God's command to refrain from sexual immorality and the command against the murder of His gift is essentially purposely withheld from the lost mother.

Failure to use Biblical language such a sin, murder, wrath, hell and the call to righteousness, conviction, genuine repentance and holy living is a blatant disregard for the power and authority in the scriptures regarding salvation. Who else but the devil, who was a murderer and a liar from the beginning would be behind such spiritual deception?

The Church is so comfortable
wearing its rose-colored glasses
and promoting a mercy
which must surely beinsulting to God given the the prior self-forgivenessthat people lavish on themselves.
Individuals are sosure of their individual "deal" with God, that theyare willing to bet eternity on it.
~ Carl Bibeau

The Imperitive of the Law
Wielding the divine weapons of Scripture and the Law of God (the 10 commandments) are what Christians are instructed to learn to handle as they engage women who kill their babies. Proverbs 14:27 says: "The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death." It is a holy mandate to counsel in such a way as to evoke the fear of the Lord, not comfort in sin. The gospel is a divine imperative to turn from sin, it is not an "option". God commands all men everywhere to repent or perish in their sin. Instead of merely swiping at the web the eternal Word operates as the two-edged sword, addressing the spider of the sin nature (which is a heart enslaved to sin) . If women who are killing their babies hear the message of comfort from their churches, church friends pro-life and post-abortion ministries, they become innoculated against the true gospel. When they hear us preach Truth to them from the sidewalks outside the abortuaries, they assume that we don't understand grace. The artificial message of grace without the law and repentance undermines the Truth and makes women who kill feel absolved of guilt because other "Christians" have already "understood" and will stand by them and welcome them back after they murder their babies.

We bring the gospel of life to the abortion-bound women and men at a notorious abortion clinic here in Orlando. Every week, without fail, without exception, we meet people who are killing their children who tell us that
A) They are Christians and
B) Jesus forgives.

This includes the abortionists and the abortion clinic workers! It's time for the light of the gospel to invade the darkness instead of soothing the God-given conscience through religious platitudes. About 40% of women today have killed a baby by abortion. Statistics indicate that nearly half of the women we meet at the killing place have already had at least ONE abortion already. They are returning to murder again! Women are not having LESS abortions, they are having MORE. In 2004 Maryland reported that 17% of abortive women had 4 abortions or more!

Tanya, the mother who killed two of her children with compassionate complicity from "Christians", has some penetrating words for Christians who murder babies or fail to intervene in the killing of a child:

"I WAS one of those Christians. I was counseled by obviously pro choice 'Christians'. In my heart it all felt so wrong. Then I consulted more Christians. Everything they said went something like this; "This is not any easy decision. It looks like the best of all the bad "choices" you have available. You will be forgiven. Yes your baby will go to heaven."

I heard ALL of this ... and I bought it. I needed to believe something. I needed to hear it from people who had more religious and psychological knowledge than I possessed. I sought out Christian leaders, Christian counselors... and that is what I got.

No scriptural references. No sixth commandment. No hope that anything good could come from having this "unwanted child". In short, the message was clear; "Kill it...you have no other real choice...it will be okay ...you will be forgiven."

It happens everyday. It is happening to some family as I type ...

The churches are so remiss...so twisted in their faith. When the heck did become politically correct to overpower the teaching of Christ?!!!!

Don't get me wrong. You know me. You know I hold myself completely accountable for my sins. I simply want to point out that when a woman or couple feels LLLOOOOSSSSSSSST,
society and ESPECIALLY the modern day church, fails them completely. Women in crisis pregnancies are terrified, they cannot think clearly. They turn to someone they feel they might trust for guidance BECAUSE they know that abortion is WRONG,WRONG,WRONG. They know it in their hearts and their minds but they are force fed the "It's okay, it's your choice" medicine.
This bad medicine message gets confirmed by family, friends, mates, and yes their very own spiritual leaders. Of course you think it must be okay. Everyone is pressuring you or giving you blanket permission. Even your pastor. They give you the answer you NEVER hoped to hear in your secret heart. All you wanted was for people to show you it would be okay to have your baby... It's not a lot to ask for. It IS nearly impossible to find.

Now that I stand on the other side, I see that our churches are in grave error. How can they condone the killing of a child? How can they nearly encourage a mother to break a commandment? ... What are they afraid of? Losing membership? Look at these verses! Do they not apply to the church as much as they apply to each individual?

John 15: 20-21 see also Ephesians 5:11, and Ephesians 6:13-17. If I and others are commanded to do this, what gives our leaders blanket exemption?

If just one family member, friend or church counselor said something like..."Tanya, you are not alone. God wants you to have this child. He is a beautiful gift. I will not abandon you. I have nothing to offer you except myself. But, you can call me when you feel weak, frightened or uncertain. It will all become a blessing soon Tanya, and I will pray for you and with you. "

All I needed was ONE person to be on my side. Miss Maureen, my "Christian" counselor told me how likely it was that the father of my baby would abuse him, how if I had my baby my entire life would be in a constant state of chaos. Everyone around me just painted our sky darker and darker, with my every plea.

Until this changes, women will continue to ignore their consciences, trying to do what is "best" for everyone else around them. Our loved ones make us feel as though WE have BURDENED them if we want and love the child in our bellies. It is sometimes percieved as SELFISH not to KILL the baby.

But, what about my baby??! I told myself, and everyone seemed to confirm that ... it was okay.. maybe even kind to kill him. NOW, I know better."

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries


texnartist said...


I love your ministry, and I thank God for your ministry and you. Only one point, in the first couple of paragraphs you mention a man that shot and killed a man in self defense. You later refer to that as murder. Do you think that is an accurate portrail of a self-defense killing? It is justifiable to kill someone while serving in our military or in self defense, and that is not murder because murder is a sin. Where self defense is not a sin. Wouldn't it be possible to still be upset even if justified because a person has a high view of human life?


Hermano Scott said...

I just heard that you might be on O'Reilly. Great.

I just posted your email announcement of that on http://forums.theledger.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&s=5151088265&f=2631062365&m=3341049975&r=8261040085#8261040085
incase you would like to comment.

God Bless You and All You Do!

Hermano Scott said...


Sorry, the link was wrong.

It's on theledger.com
In the forums
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In the Thread "Supreme Court to Return to Abortion"

Patte said...

Murder is defined in the dictionary as: "the killing of another human being"

The bible appears to accept Self-defense as a sufficient reason to kill another person. "If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him," Exodus 22:2 From this scripture we can understand that there is no “blood-guiltiness” for that man who shot the intruder.

zancy said...

Few people have told Welker that "he did the right thing", he feels conflicted. The conscience of human beings tells them that murder is wrong.


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