Monday, February 19, 2007

911: "Her Baby was Born Alive"

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Anonymous said...

God have mercy on us all for our apathy and foolishness. May God help us to accept the truth and obey the voice of God. May the works of darkness be overcome by the power of God, Isiah 42. There is no difference between the evil in Noah's day and the evil of today's world. God will not allow this to happen forever. Thank God we have the book of Revelation to show us who wins in the end. We must not be afraid to be the salt of the world. We must carry the cross of Jesus and die daily. The servant is not above the master. Lord, please forgive us and help us to love you more than anything or anyone else. Provide the workers and resources we need to continue the struggle to be the witnesses we are to be. Protect us from those who mean us harm. Our eyes are upon you. Your help is on the way. Psalm 91.