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"You shall not murder"

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Florida Statute 390.0111 states: “No termination of pregnancy shall be performed in the third trimester of pregnancy unless: Two physicians certify in writing to the fact that, to a reasonable degree of medical probability, the termination of pregnancy is necessary to save the life or preserve the health of the pregnant woman … ” In addition Florida statute 797.03 states: “It is unlawful for any person to perform or assist in performing an abortion on a person in the third trimester other than in a hospital.”

We have documents from AHCA that prove that Pendergraft has been doing illegal third trimester abortions at Orlando Women's Center as far back as 2003. I would be glad to share these documents with you. I have a survey from 5/16/03 that details the following (quoted from the report):
"Based on record review & interview, the facility failed to have two physicians certify in writing to the fact that, to a reasonable degree of medical probability, the termination of pregnancy in third trimester was necessary to save the life or preserve the health of the pregnant woman, as required by Florida Statute 390.0111 for 11 out of 11 sampled patients."

According to the Florida Department of Health Public Health Statistics, in 2003 Orlando Women’s Center murdered more third trimester infants than any other abortion clinic in the state. Half of the abortions committed in the third trimester in the state of Florida in 2004 were reported as having been done for 'personal choice'. Get the statistics from the state to verify this for yourself.

Also, the FDLE had been doing investigation into Pendergraft for years because of allegations of third trimester abortions & live births where the infants were denied medical attention & died. George Cunningham was the agent.

Pendergraft murders babies through all nine months of pregnancy. So many beautiful, viable infants, many who are born alive. (Look at the attached article, written through an interview with one of Pendergraft's employees.) Beginning at 16 weeks gestation the mothers are put into labor & then deliver their infants into the toilet of the abortuary. Read about Baby Rowan, one of Pendergraft's little victims who survived an abortion in the second trimester, here: http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=43962

We have an extensive interview on film with a mother who labored & delivered an infant son (24 weeks gestation) at Orlando Women's Center. We also have a videotaped interview with a man who delivered a baby girl on the floor of a Tampa hotel bathroom after the mother of the baby was induced into labor by Pendergraft at his Tampa abortuary.

On November 15, 2001 Carol Howard went to Orlando Women's Center to have her daughter murdered by labor-and-delivery abortion at 22 weeks of pregnancy. She ended up leaving the abortuary & gave birth to her LIVE daughter. (See attached.) Carol's daughter just turned 6 years old. You can look up the case yourself.(In May of 2004 a civil action lawsuit was filed in Orlando’s Orange County circuit court against abortionist. Case number 04 -CA-1202) The attorney representing Carol Howard's baby is Jennifer-Gentry Fernandez of Tampa. http://www.fernandezfirm.com/verdicts.html

If you want to speak with abortionist Pendergraft directly, he lives with his girlfriend, Dr. Sangeta Pati at 77 Interlaken Rd. Orlando 32804. We hope that local media spokesman & journalists will pursue in depth interviews with Pendergraft. We also hope that people of faith & conviction protest in front of Pendergraft's house so that all of his neighbors know that he murders babies through all nine months of pregnancy. Pendergraft has been benefitting from & getting away with murder in Florida since 1996. Pro-life ministries in Orlando & Florida have done very little attention to bring attention to Pendergraft's reign of death in Orlando. There should always be public shame associated with the murder of innocent people. No one who kills children has a right to privacy.

It is interesting that according to Florida statute even though it is illegal to kill babies in the third trimester outside of the hospital (see the attached interview) the yellow pages from 2006 advertises that Pendergraft is willing to murder children through 28 weeks of pregnancy, well into the third trimester when they were, as always, plainly illegal. Take a look for yourself.

Together for Life & Eternity,
Scott & Patte Smith & Friends
Sanctuary Ministries

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