Monday, January 05, 2009

James 'Scotty' Pendergraft
Notorious abortionist & felon

The sixth commandment of God says:
You shall not murder
Exodus 20:13

In this commandment is a sin forbidden, which is murder, 'Thou shalt not kill' and a duty implied, which is, to preserve our own life, and the life of others....
We must not injure another in his body. Life is the most precious thing; and God has set this commandment as a fence about it, to preserve it. He made a statute which has never to this day been repealed. ˜Whose sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed.'(Gen 9: 6). In the old law, if a man killed another unawares, he might take sanctuary; but if he killed him
willingly, though he fled to the sanctuary, the holiness of the place would not defend him."If a man come presumptuously upon his neighbour, to slay him with guile, thou shalt take him from Mine altar, that he may die." (Exodus 21:14) ~ Thomas Watson

Allura reporting:
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nancy, Eric, SJ, Julia, and I were confronted by abortionist (& owner of five abortuaries) Dr. James 'Scotty' Pendergraft. I didn’t recognize him at first. He usually doesn’t get to the clinic until after we leave. Pendergraft walked up to me and said loudly, “Do you have something to say to me? Then say it. Go ahead. Talk. Talk. You have 1 minute so start now. TALK!” The intimidation worked. I just stammered & stuttered. Thankfully SJ boldly called out that there was still time for him to repent. Eric tried to get him to come over to talk rationally with him. But Pendergraft spoke like a crazy man and didn’t make any sense. Finally, one of the clinic workers actually reached out and pulled him inside by the arm. You have to wonder how that man lays his head on his pillow at night…he’s killed thousands of babies.


Aborting mom says:
“I’ve already repented and God has forgiven me.”

Someone may say, 'I am a Christian; I am on my way to heaven; I belong to Christ.' But if he doesn't do what Christ tells him to, he is a liar.
But those who do what Christ tells them to will learn to love God more and more.
That is the way to know whether or not you are a Christian.
1 John 2:4-5

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dave & Paula, Mayra & her husband, Spring, Francile & Larry ministered with me (Allura). An aborting mom named Debbie came for a 1st trimester abortion; she said, “I’ve already repented and God has forgiven me.” Dave and I tried to tell her she was believing a false Gospel but she said, “Don’t tell me about God; I know God. He forgives. Jesus Christ came and walked on this earth to forgive people of their sins. I read the Bible every day and go to church every week.” Debbie was there with her 23 year old sister, Tina, who’s trying to get pregnant and didn’t want her sister to kill her baby. Tina was so upset by the pictures of aborted babies that she actually threw up in the grass next to her car. In the picture above, Debbie is walking to her car as I’m pleading with her. When we got to her sister, who was sobbing as she threw up, I longed to comfort her and wrap my arms around her, but I didn’t dare touch her. I wept as I begged them both to leave the evil place with me and get some help, but Debbie screamed at me to leave them alone, saying, “Those fake tears don’t fool me a bit.” Another woman threw a rock at Dave and cursed at all of us over and over again, like she was possessed. A mom brought her 13 year old little girl who’d been raped…and refused my offer to help her through her pregnancy.

After the excellent message on evangelism at my church, I am more convinced than ever that God has called US, the Church, to GO to the abortion clinics in our city with the Light of the Gospel. Babies are now killed every day in Orlando, including Sunday, while we gather together to worship the Lord. God is raising up a beautiful group of young people from Metro Life Church (and also from Grace) who come with me as often as they’re able, and I am so grateful for their willingness to serve on the frontlines. I LOVE getting the texts or e-mails during the week saying, “I’ll be there!!” If God is calling YOU to come see what He’s doing at the abortion clinic, would you join with us as we say, “Here am I, Lord; send me”? I’ll be there, Lord willing, Tuesday @ 12:00 and Wednesday @ 8:00, but if you’re able to go another time, let me know! (Some of us are meeting to pray at Einsteins near the clinic @ 10:30 Tuesday. Let me know if you can join us!)

Your Fellow Sojourner & Exile,



If you are willing to serve the Lord with us on any of the seven days a week, please contact us right away. Currently we have no committed Christians to reach out to those who are perishing on Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons & Sundays. Thursdays are also sketchy.

Together for Life & Eternity,

Patte Smith

Sanctuary Ministries

If God will that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsmen's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk,
and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword,
as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said 'the Judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.'"

~ Abraham Lincoln
(from his second inaugeral address on the Civil War as divine judgment for slavery)

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