Monday, January 24, 2011

How one man preaches mercy & truth in Jesus' Name outside an abortion clinic

by Patte Smith on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 4:15pm

This is a photo of John Barros preaching at Orlando Women's Center killing place. John is my friend & co-laborer in the gospel. This afternoon God used him & another missionary named Debra to help turn an aborting mother from killing her baby. I asked John to tell us what he preached today. Here is John's scripture filled answer. May the Lord use His Word to inspire you to get out to share the gospel of life & eternity at the killing place in your city.

In Him,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

John wrote:
For space sake I will have to give a condensed version as to what I say because it usually takes 45-60 minutes. Here's the outline....
#1 I explain we are not there to judge them. God's law judges them and we are simply there to warn them of what God's word says about this..
#2 Share Proverbs 24:11 and Proverbs 31:8-9 establishing the fact that we have been sent to "rescue" and "Speak" aloud for the babies.
#3 Share Exodus 21:22-25 and explain if the fetus that dies during the injury required the life of the man then that is a living Human baby because God surely wouldn't require the life of that man if it was just a blob of flesh or group of cells. Share Psalm 139, regarding God creating babies.
#4 Establish that they and everyone in there is about to break God's Law in murdering their baby (6th commandment: "You shall not murder")
#5 Establish that by breaking this Law they risk being cursed by God. Using verses like Psalm 5:4-6, Psalm 7:11, Rev:20:8, Proverbs 6 :16-19. People forget that God hates and is a Judge. He hates the shedding of innocent blood. I use Cain, Noah and Pharoah at this point. Warn them that God warned Cain to do what was right and Cain hardened his heart, killed Abel and was forever cursed. Noah was a preacher of righteousness & the world hardened their hearts and it was too late to get into the ark when the rains came because God personally closed the door. Moses went to Pharoah to say "Let my people go!" The Word says everytime Pharoah hardened his heart, God added to the hardening. Warn them that today is the day of salvation. They have no promise of tomorrow.
#6 Share 2 Timothy 2 :25-26 and how the Devil has them trapped in a snare to do his will and are devoid of their senses.
#7 Share Luke 13:5, Acts 17:30 and others to show them that they need to repent and come to Christ.
#8 Share that Jesus understands. At the cross He knew pain like no one else, He knew loneliness like no one else, He knew betrayal like no one else, He knew weakness like no one else, He knew anxiety like no one else.. etc. etc. etc. Try to establish how well He knows THEM.
#9 Teach on Matthew 6:33 and Matthew 11:28 on putting down their burdens taking on His and seeking first the Kingdom. I read these throughout the whole time but BEG them at this point.
#10 Finally go through Psalm 11:4-6 Show how God is absolutely Pure, Holy, Righteous, and that He rules from His throne and has sent us there to stand for Him. Next it says He SEES... He KNOWS everything. He knows all of their thoughts and intents of their heart. Then they have TWO paths to go down. The one of violence (the wide path of destruction) that promises Hell or the way of the righteous (the narrow path) promising His "countenance", His pleasure, His Love, His Care.
#11 Then I beg (most often with tears) for them to come to Jesus and repeat all of His benefits.

This is kind of a outline and depending on what enfolds in front of us it can go very out of order, but that's what is usually in it. I am not smart enough to argue the scientific reasons against abortion, but frankly in what's getting to many years now I have never seen anyone turn through that method. God promises if we use His word that It will cut up hearts and His Spirit will apply it. Hope this helps.

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