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What does the pregnancy center in YOUR city tell their clients?

What does the pregnancy center in YOUR city tell their clients?

by Patte Smith on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 4:32pm ·

Many pregnancy center signs, brochures and websites look a lot like abortuary signs, brochures & websites. Why is this?
Do you support a local pregnancy center with donations?
How about your church? Is there anything openly Christian about the center?
Do you know how they counsel the abortion-vulnerable women?
Do you know what they say to the abortion-minded mothers who come to them?

Sally was a counselor at a "Christian" crisis pregnancy center for 3 years. I asked her a series of questions about the counseling method at the center. The answers are disturbing, to say the least.

Me: Do the counselors use the word 'option' to offer murdering a baby by abortion as one of her 'choices' (without explaining that murdering an innocent person is a SIN)?

Sally: YES!!! They are not allowed to refer to it as sin, murder, or killing etc.

Me: Do they tell the women that they are commanded by God to REPENT of their fornication & live a chaste life until such a time as they are covenanted to one man in marriage?

Sally: No.

Me: Do the counselors use the 6th commandment with mothers who are abortion-vulnerable/minded?

Sally: I used to but got reprimanded for it. They are not allowed to use verbiage such as "kill" or "murder" at all.
In fact, they aren't allowed anymore to call their baby a baby. They are now instructed to call it a "viable pregnancy."

Me: Do the counselors warn their clients from the Bible, telling them that God will cast all of the sexually immoral & murderers into the lake of fire? (Rev 21:8)

Sally: No, in fact they don't want you to refer to Hell either. I was called into the office for that.

Me: Do the counselors treat the clients as if they are 'basically good at heart', or do they explain to the women that their heart is desperately wicked?

Sally: No, they absolutely treat them as "good at heart", and if they say they are a "Christian" they automatically believe and treat them as if they are.

Me: Do they tell the women who are professing Christians to go to their pastors to confess their sin of fornication & murder?

Sally: Absolutely not.

Me: Does the center offer 'post-abortion support' even though Proverbs 28:17 forbids it?

Sally: Yes, and they want you to offer it to the abortion-minded girls when they tell you they still plan to abort! I refused.

Me: Do they make any attempt to share the gospel?

Sally: They don't want you to share the gospel on the first visit unless you feel "led". They prefer that you wait until the 2nd or 3rd visit, which is preposterous! They don't want references to "Christianity" used, they don't want the "baby" called a "baby", they don't want words like "murder" or "kill" or saying that God says you shouldn't murder. They don't want us telling the client they shouldn't have an abortion.
They don't want the Law of God used, which is perfect converting the soul.

Me: Would you say that the 'gospel' that they do 'share' is what is described in this article?http://www.9marks.org/journal/therapeutic-gospel 

Sally: Absolutely!


Hughuenot said...

Good stuff! Thanks for posting.

Hughuenot said...

Might a better term for 'abortion-vulnerable' be 'ABORTION-TEMPTED'?