Monday, July 15, 2013

Satan's realm

If we go back to Genesis 3, 
where we have the earliest mention of Satan-
we are shown the realm in which he works 
and the central object of his attack. 
That realm is religion 
and that object is 
the Word of God
~ AW Pink

The enemy will offer all kinds of counterfeit doctrines 
that look good and sound OK—
false doctrines where the error is so carefully nuanced 
it's hard to put your finger on what's wrong with it. 
He will tempt you to set aside 

what is precise 
and carefully defined 
in place of dumbed-down doctrinal formulas 
that don't necessarily sound dangerous—
but are. 
~ Phil Johnson

Are you snakebit? 

There are all sorts of charming, seductive nice-sounding unbiblical notions being hawked out there
in modern Christendumb.

Don't fall for them!

They may sound all sweet & sentimental,
like little bunny rabbits,
but they're fanged with serpent's poison!

The Word of God & sound doctrine are the anti-venom!

Study to show yourself approved unto God, 
a worker who has no need to be ashamed, 
rightly dividing the Word of truth.
~ 2 Timothy 2:15

Begin by going back to basics.

Study the following doctrines:

The Doctrine of God.
The Doctrine of Man.
The Doctrine of Satan.
The Doctrine of Holy Scriptures.
The Doctrine of Original sin.
The Doctrine of Sin
The Doctrine of Human Depravity.The Doctrine of General Revelation.The Doctrine of Common Grace.The Doctrine of Saving Grace.The Doctrine of Repentance unto life.The Doctrine of Saving Faith.The Law of God & it's Three-Fold Use. The Doctrine of Salvation.The Degrees of Sin/Degrees of Punishment

You can find many of these biblical doctrines clearly laid out, with scripture proofs, in theWestminster Confession of Faith:

You can listen to mp3 teachings on Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem at:
Snake bites are serious.
Don't delay.
Start today!

Every truth leads towards holiness; every error of doctrine, directly or indirectly, leads to sin. ~ Charles Spurgeon

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