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Florida's Dirty Secrets

Miami: Live baby girl born in abortion clinic,
put in bag to suffocate!

Sign the petition for justice for this poor infant :

Read the stories about this baby for yourself:

Edmund Burke said:
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
What about you?
Are you willing to do SOMETHING? The time to act is NOW. Sign the petition to demand justice for this baby girl. Get yourself out to the streets outside the killing place nearest you and PROTEST. Don't wait any longer.

Orlando: Baby Rowan, born-alive in toilet of abortion clinic!

And it shall come to pass at that time
That I will search ...
And punish the men
Who are settled in complacency ...
Zephaniah 1:12

Friends, On April 2, 2005 a little boy named Rowan was born at 22 weeks and 5 days gestation in Orlando. (Full term is 38-40 weeks.) This was no ordinary pre-mature delivery. It was a labor-and-delivery ABORTION. A BORN-ALIVE ABORTION. Baby Rowan was delivered into the toilet at EPOC abortion clinic and as happens so often with labor-and-delivery abortions, this precious little boy was moving ... Rowan was ALIVE. When his shocked mother Angele noticed that her son had survived the abortion, she screamed and Baby Rowan startled.
It is a COMMON, ROUTINE, WEEKLY occurance for babies to be born alive at EPOC and sister abortuary Orlando Women's Center, as well as the other abortuaries around the state that are owned by James Pendergraft.

Pendergraft's business is death. (See photo of Little Mary, murdered at 21 weeks gestation in November of 1999 at Orlando Women's Center) The bulk of Pendergraft's income is a result of pre-meditated murder for hire for babies through all nine months of pregnancy. Second and third trimester labor-and-delivery killings are what they DO.

EPOC clinic worker Vilene answered Angele's cry for help and came into the bathroom. She looked into the toilet. Although Vilene clearly saw that Rowan was alive, she refused to call for paramedics. She simply told Angele "I'll take care of it." Horrified, Angele insisted that she call 911 so they could get her son to the hospital. Vilene didn't answer. She walked out of the room and left Angele alone with the perishing baby. Angele used her cell phone and called her friend who was waiting for herat a local hotel. Angele desperately wanted an ambulance with paramedics to rescue and save her poor infant by providing him with emergency medical care and transporting him to neo-natal intensive care before it was too late. Angele wanted Rowan to live.
After calling her friend, Angele kneeled down in the bathroom and held her dying son in her hands. She put one hand under his back and neck andwith the other she warmed his belly. Speaking gently to Rowan she tried to comfort him, hoping and praying for the paramedics to hurry to save her son. Rowan's mouth remained tightly closed. He never drew a breath. Anxiously awaiting the paramedics and trying to remain calm in spite of her tremendous panic, Angele kept Rowan's face above the water becauses he did not want her son to gulp and choke on any of the toilet water. When the placenta no longer provided a flow of blood, the umbilical cord stopped pulsing. With nature's provision of precious life and oxygen to the extremely premature boy gone, Rowan stopped moving. His mouth grew soft and his lips parted slightly. With a sense of terrible grief and an anguish too deep for words, Angele sobbed. Her boy was dead.

Angele found a pair of sheers under the cabinet below the sink and cut the umbilical cord herself. She held her son in her arms and wept at what she had done to him. Angele knew that she had murdered her son. She knew that she was responsible. But Angele couldn't understand why the clinic workers wouldn't help Rowan when he was born alive. She couldn't understand why no one had answered the 911 call for help for her little boy. Although paramedics were eventually dispatched to EPOC abortuary, the incident report from Orlando Police Department shows that it was for "non-emergency assistance". NOT A SINGLE EMT, PARAMEDIC OR POLICE OFFICER went to Baby Rowan's aid. No one went into the bathroom to provide medical care for the tiny baby. The helpless infant was NEVER examined by a paramedic. WHY DID THESE PUBLIC SERVANTS FAIL to DO THEIR DUTY?

We demand to know the reason WHY the rescue squad from Orlando Fire Department refused to RESCUE Baby Rowan!

Here are excerpts from the frantic 911 calls for you to read for yourself.
PLEASE READ through the following transcripts and go to the websites I have listed below. I believe that there should be justice for Baby Rowan and the 10,000 of infants like him who are butchered by abortion in greater Orlando every year.
It is a disgrace that these helpless babies perish in the shadow of a thousand steeples. These infants should not be forgotten. Their blood cries out to God for justice.

Tears are not enough.

Lift up your voice!

Together for Life & Eternity,Patte SmithSanctuary Ministries

OFD: Orlando Fire Department
Friend: I need an ambulance to 609 Virginia Drive in Orlando.
OFD: 609 Virginia Drive?
Friend: Yes
OFD: Okay, and what going on there?
Friend: Uh, it’s the women’s clinic. Uh, my friend was having an abortion and the baby was born alive.
OFD: Okay, you said the baby was born?
Friend: Correct.
OFD: Okay, hold on one second for me.
Friend: Okay.
OFD: 609 Virginia Drive?
Friend: Correct.
OFD: What’s the business name?
Friend: Uh, EPOC Clinic for Women. E-P-O-C....
Friend: Uh, well I’m not there. She’s there. She called me and they’re not allowing her to use the phone there.
OFD: Okay
Friend: But they’re wanting the baby to die.
OFD: She wants the baby to live?
Friend: Correct.
OFD: Okay.
Friend: She was expecting it to not be alive, and it is....
OFD: Okay the baby’s been born, how long ago, do you know?
Friend: Uh, she just called me—it wasn’t 10 minutes ago. And said thatthe baby was born and it was alive and they were wanting her to leave it in the toilet. And uh---just let it die. And uh—she’s not wanting that to happen.
OFD: Okay, we do have help on the way as I said, but we’re going try and call the center as well as have someone on the way.

Friend: Let’s see…I don’t-I don’t have the address on me. A friend of mine called me from the abortion clinic and her baby was born alive....
OFD: Did she call you on a phone?
Friend: Right she called me off her cell phone.
OFD: Okay, did you ask her to call 911?
Friend: She asked me, uh she was, she had just… She asked me to call because she was back there with no kind of uh...they were just telling her to leave it, this is gross, but leave it in the toilet and let it die.
OFD: Is she in a house?
Friend: She’s in the clinic, an abortion clinic. ...
OFD: She’s in the clinic? Okay.
Friend: Correct. EPOC Center. E-P-O-C...long pause
OFD: Okay, just in case, what is the number you’re calling from because if I can’t contact with her I’m sure I’ll be calling you back. She was having—the baby just came out?
Friend: Right ... she was getting an abortion and the baby came out and it was still living and they’re wanting it to die. ...
Dispatcher calls county- OCFR: Orange County Fire and Rescue
OFD: Hi can you look up a couple of addresses for me. I have a 911 caller on the line with a baby. She’s in an abortion clinic and the baby is born and it’s still alive. They don’t know for how long. ...OCFR: No, it would go to Winter Park FD. What would we be going for?
OFD: Uh, it would be for an obstetrics. It’s a female that’s in the center, I guess for—It’s an abortion clinic but the baby was born, and it’s alive at this moment and they don’t know for how long. ...-calls Winter Park FD-WPFD: Winter Park Fire Dep.
OFD: Hi. Can you check for me if you cover 609 Virginia Ave…if it comes up a landmark for EPOC Center? I have a 911 caller on the line. It’s a third party and they're saying that a female --- it's an abortion clinic and the baby has been born.***************

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