Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pendergraft prepares to commit abortions despite order

Dear Friends,
In spite of an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO http://www.miami.com/multimedia/miami/news/0818abortion.pdf) issued by the Florida Department of Health on August 10, 2006 abortionist and abortuary owner James Scott Pendergraft prepares to commit abortions at Orlando Women's Center. According to the ESO Pendergraft's medical license number 59702 was suspended due to his demonstration of "flagrant disregard for the laws of the State of Florida and willingness to endanger the lives and health of pregnant patients".

Pendergraft was found in violation of the following laws:
1) Dr Pendergraft endangered two female patients by performing third trimester abortions outside a hospital setting and without concurring certification from a second physician.
2) "knowing that he did not possess a current, valid DEA number he (Pendergraft) nonetheless prescribed, ordered or administered controlled substances to patient R.W."
3) "Dr Pendergraft failed to keep adequate medical records that justified the course of treatment (abortion in the third trimester) for patient R.W."
4) "Dr Pendergraft fell below the standrd of care when he inaccurately determined the fetus size and gestational age, and performed a third trimester abortion for patient T.R."

I called Pendergraft's abortuary Orlando Women's Center this morning at 10:30am and spoke with "Kara" (name changed). Kara offered me an opportunity to see the doctor for an ultrasound tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23, sometime in the morning. The cost would be $150. I was instructed to call back tomorrow morning after 9am to see what time the doctor was to arrive so that I could schedule the ultrasound.

I called again at 11am. Kara gave me an abortion appointment for Monday, August 28th at 9am. (Kara also offered me abortion appointments for all the other days of the week next week; Tuesday at 12:45, Wednesday at 9am, Thursday at 12:45, Friday at 9am, Saturday at 7am and Sunday at 9am.)

At 12 weeks gestation Kara told me that the fee was $440. If I was found to be RH negative I would be charged an additional $75 charge for a Rhogam injection after the abortion. I was offered IV twilight sedation or local anesthetic (injected into my cervix to numb it). I was told that I had to make the payment with cash, credit card or money order. No debit cards or checks are accepted. I was told that I had to bring my ID. I was instructed not to eat or drink for four hours before my appointment. Then the clinic worker Kara said that I "could eat lightly, coffee and toast were fine, but no greasy foods."

I reported the fact that Orlando Women's Center was scheduling abortion appointments to the local branch of the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) in Orlando. The AHCA field office manager in Orlando, Joel Libby, told me that Orlando Women's Center is still under a moratorium and is not allowed to offer abortions. Mr. Libby advised me to call in a complaint to the hotline in Tallahassee (888.419.3456) and give them detailed information regarding my abortion appointment. I called and filed a comprehensive complaint. I spoke with Mr Libby again after I called the AHCA hotline. Mr Libby said they will investigate "in the near future".

Please make plans to minister at Orlando Women's Center killing place again next week. If any of you has a desire to reach out to women this week, they will be open for business every day. It is reasonable to assume that many of the women who will go for appointments and walk-in for pregnancy tests at Orlando Women's Center will be seeking information on how to arrange to kill their babies.

For Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

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