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Sanctuary Ministries Update, July 8, 2008

Sanctuary Ministries

For Life & Eternity

Orlando Women's Center abortuary

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Missionaries: Allura, Ursula & Sarah Rose

There is no fear of God before their eyes.

Romans 3:18

Allura reporting:

Dear Friends,

There were no mommies changing their minds about aborting their babies today…at least none that we know of. Sarah Rose came with me. It was her first time ever at an abortion clinc. Along with Ursula we attempted to talk to over 20 aborting women, as well as their boyfriends, mothers, and girlfriends. There were so many today that the policeman had to go inside the clinic to get people to move several of the cars around in the back of the building because they were blocking the driveway.

A young blond woman wouldn’t even look at us, and tried to hurry inside the building so she wouldn’t have to hear what we were saying. The man who accompanied her to the abortion clinic was willing to talk. He said; "I am not the father of the baby, just a friend. I believe in Jesus as my Savior; that’s why I’m trying to help my friend in her time of need.” ("Even the demons believe-and tremble! "James 2:19) We asked the professing Christian man to drive away from the killing place, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood, but he refused. His abortion-bound friend came out and demanded that he get back inside with her, so he complied. (Obeying the creature, rather than the Creator.)

A mother bringing her daughter for an abortion told us; "Mind our own business!" as she walked into the building, holding her frightened teenager’s hand. (Jesus told us to love our neighbor which includes our tiny neighbors & we cannot love the babies if they are dead.) We were witness to at least 2 other moms bringing their daughters in for abortions.

A Haitian mother of 6 told Sarah and me that she has a fibroid tumor growing in her uterus, and her doctor recommended abortion. She said, “This isn’t something I want to do, but I’ve already given them my money and filled out the papers.” I gave the names of high risk doctors at Arnold Palmer Hospital, asking her to let God decide whether this baby should live or die. We begged her to leave the center but she shook her head sadly and walked inside to end the life of her baby, whom God had sovereignly placed in her womb.

From time to time Ursula, Sarah, and I would pray for one of the women or men we’d just talked to, pleading with God to have mercy and rescue the babies. Sarah, who has served as an assistant to a midwife, told me later that she wept on her way home. There were so many mommies killing their babies.


*+* May *+* Yesterday I spoke to May (professing Christian Sunday School teacher I met at the clinic last week) She has NOT killed her baby yet, but is still considering it. I’m trying to get together with May for lunch in Lakeland this week. After our many conversations, I’m not convinced that she’s truly saved. It could be that the Lord is using this unplanned pregnancy (her THIRD time being pregnant as a result of fornication) to arrest May's heart and convict her of her great need for a Savior. Oh, that this glorious rescue would occur SOON!

*+* Ivana *+* I’m also talking frequently with Ivana (a Yugoslavian mother from June 10th); she’s still struggling over whether or not to abort, as well. The Lord has helped us to send many Christians to Ivana to offer her practical, emotional, & spiritual help & share the gospel with her. A local pregnancy center has also been involved in reaching out to Ivana. We have taken hours & hours of time to personally minister to Ivana & to encourage her to consider adoption since she does not express any love for the child in her womb. In spite of God's goodness of provision to her, Ivana continues to complain that 'nobody will help her'. This is simply a lie. I plan to challenge her with the fact that she has been offered much help; it is up to her what she does with those offers. Right now Ivana is spiritually blind. May God open the eyes of this poor lost woman’s heart, in time to save her & to save the baby in her womb.

A friend e-mailed me yesterday and said, “I’m praying for you and Sarah tomorrow… soft hearts and saved babies (and mommies)” I love it! Only God knows who may have been affected by our holy presence and YOUR prayers today, my dear friends. May God be glorified as we go forth with His Light into a dark and dying world.

His Only by Grace,



*+* Margarita *+* (A Mexican mother we met at the clinic & who delivered her dear little boy, whom she named Jesus, a few months ago.)

Margarita's newborn was very ill with a virus & fever recently. She was forced to call in sick to her two jobs. Both of her bosses FIRED her for calling in. Margarita was very worried. She didn't know how she was going to pay her bills & her rent without her two jobs. We were able to pay Margarita's rent. Here is an update from Sanctuary missionary Marian, who together with her husband Dale, daughter Mary Jo & son-in-law Ben have cared for Margarita since meeting her at the killing place:

Hi Patte:
Dale and I went to see Margarita Sunday evening. Little Jesus is the sweetest little baby full of smiles: ) He eats and sleeps and rarely cries. Margarita said he's different from how her other two sons were at this age.

Margarita told us she was able to get a job but it doesn't pay as well. She won't get paid for another month so the help with the rent this month was very much appreciated. I asked her if she would be able to afford rent after this month, and she said she thought she could manage. We paid for this month's rent, and have asked for a receipt from her landlord. We told her that Sanctuary was the organization that was helping her with this month's rent.

I spoke with Pastor Palacios in Winter Garden. Pastor Palacios said he would contact the Spanish congregation in Kissimmee to encourage them to reach out to Margarita. I'm hoping this will happen soon.

Margarita wants to go to church even though she would be working all night on Saturdays. This job is going to have her working 7 nights a week : ( Margarita said she wants to go to church for her boys' sake. We went over the Gospel again with her on Sunday, and she appeared to understand it clearly.

We continue to pray for her salvation.

Love and God Bless


*+* Silvia *+* is a mother we met at the clinic a few months ago. She is from Mexico. Silvia lives in the Winter Park (area of Aloma and 436), she is having a baby girl in early Oct. The gardners met Silvia at Orlando Women's Center in May. Pastor Felix Hernandez has reached out to Silvia, for which we are praising God. There was a stabbing in her apartment, where she lived with others. Silvia has moved into her own apartment & has need of many things, including furniture. If you would like to reach out to Silvia or help her with necessary items, please let us know.

*+* Carol *+* is a single mother we met at the clinic in the fall of 2006. She is from Colombia & currently lives in South Orlando. Carol had a beautiful baby in February 2007 & placed her infant in a loving adoptive home. We continue to minister to Carol & she has recently come to see the seriousness of her sin. Carol has just made a profession of faith. She asked for a Spanish study bible & we have ordered one for her. Carol needs to find a place to live with her son Giovanni. Would you be willing to open your heart & home to this young mom & her little boy?

*+* Silfa *+* is a precious 18 year old we met at the abortuary in the fall of 2006. Silfa was a virgin when she was drugged & raped at a company party & found herself pregnant a few months later. Silfa is from Guatemala & currently lives in Ocoee. Silfa choose to place her precious child with a wonderful adoptive couple in February 2007. Sanctuary missionary Gina continues to love this dear young lady, visiting with her almost every week.

Haiti, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala. What a blessing to have an international mission field right here in our own backyard. Children are precious to God & we go with glad-hearted obedience expecting Jesus to help us reach abortion-bound mothers & visit the orphans in their affliction & peril. Our labor is a blend of both biblical evangelism & the ministry of mercy ... a perfect combination!

We still have need of mission-minded Christians to work in the harvest field ... As you have read, the sidewalk outside Orlando Women's Center killing place is ripe for the gospel. Please consider how you might be willing to serve there & beyond, in reaching those who are perishing with hope & truth that is only found in the work & person of Jesus Christ.

I'd like to ask for your prayers for my husband Scott. He was in a dirt bike accident & is recovering from serious burns to his right leg. It wil be a long & very painful time as I must cleanse & debride (remove dead skin from) his wounds twice a day. Pain medication is not relieving the excruciating pain during his treatments. It's very hard to watch Scott writhe & cry out when I am caring for his burns. Please pray for a speedy recovery, that the Lord would help Scott with the pain & that he will not need skin grafts.

We are thankful for the Lord's providence in allowing Scott to survive the accident. He actually had a collision with a truck, which certainly could have been resulted in life-threatening injuries or paralyzation. The wound care specialist (a surgeon) insisted that we cancel our two evangelism outreach to San Francisco & Los Angeles & a much anticipated visit with our oldest son & his wife. (We were supposed to leave tomorrow.) Although we are very disappointed, we are praising God for His goodness. We are going to remain recovering in the mountains until August 10. The Lord has given us a beautiful place to recover where we are surrounded by caring friends & neighbors.

"There must be alternations between the contemplative and the active life of a Christian ... but if He brings us into loving obedience, into joyful alacrity and sacred earnestness in doing His will, then it is that He will in all probability meet with us by the way, and manifest Himself to us. Sit ye down, then, ye who have come to the end of another day of holy service; and just pray,
'Jesus, Master, come and meet us now.'
~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

God be with you as you live in humble service to Him & to your neighbor,
Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

Sanctuary Ministries

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I just thank God that there are people like you ministering to others, especially mothers and their unborn children. Thank you.