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Sanctuary Ministries Update

Sanctuary Ministries

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Sanctuary Update

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic

1103 Lucerne Terrace, Orlando

Missionaries: Allura & Ursula

"... who show the work of the Law written on their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness,

... their thoughts accusing them or excusing them ..."

.Romans 2:15

Allura reports:

A mom brought her 17 year old daughter to OWC today, just to get birth control. She also brought another younger girl. They were very surprised to find out that it was an abortion clinic. The mom stood outside for a long time & listened as Ursula & I pleaded with mothers who were going inside to kill their babies. Her 10 year old daughter told me, “I hate this clinic”. I said, “I do too, honey.” I gave the mom some literature on abstinence and encouraged her to read it with her older daughter, but she said; "My daughter won't listen to me."

I met Christina, a young lady from Trinidad, who’d aborted her baby at OWC 3 weeks ago. I asked how she was doing after killing her child, and she said, “Not good; I think about what I did all the time, but I asked God to forgive me & I know He has.” I gave her our special Sanctuary Ministries tract entitled: “Killing a Baby by Abortion is a Serious Sin” along with my phone # and asked her to call me. I saw hopelessness and despair in her eyes and was reminded again that God hates the shedding of innocent blood.

Keela & her boyfriend Treveson already have a 5 month old daughter together. They were there to kill their pre-born baby. The couple let me speak to them for over 5 mintues. I offered them financial support, counseling, whatever they needed, but in the end they said, "We have to do what we think is best" & walked into the killing place hand-in-hand.

Ursula talked to a young lady while I talked to the guy who said he was her 'brother'. We think he was lying. Neither of them wanted to listen to what we had to say, and as they walked past us, the guy was laughing. Ursula called after him, “Sir, this is not a laughing matter; there will be tears later on, not laughing.”

As we stood in the driveway praying for all the mommies before we left, I saw one of the girls Ursula had tried to talk to, sitting on the front porch watching us. We prayed for her & as we walked to our cars, I called out, “Ma’am, we just prayed for you.” She said, “I know; I saw you praying. I’m a Christian too! But I’m not going to raise another child in poverty!” Ursula challenged her with, “What do you think God thinks about abortion?” And she said, “I know it’s really bad. But I’ve asked God to forgive me and I know He will.” (How often we hear that at the killing place!) I asked, “Honey, do you realize how arrogant it is to presume that God will forgive you for murdering your own baby?” She shared that they have 3 children already & her husband didn’t want any more. We talked with Wanda for quite a while and she told us she’d had a previous abortion, and she believes God has forgiven her. I gave her a brochure, along with my contact info, and Ursula handed her a paper with Hebrews 10:26 written on it. ("If we sin willfully after receiving knowlege of the truth there no longer remains a sacrifice for our sins, just a certain, fearful expectation of judgment.") As we were walking to our cars, I said to Wanda, “I’m praying for you” & she smiled and said, “Thank you.” But then I said, "You know, Wanda, I’m not just praying for God to help you. I’m asking a Holy God to convict you of the horrible sin you’re planning to commit against Him, and to change your heart towards Him and towards your baby.”

About 2 hours later, I got a phone call that went like this: “Hi, Allura, this is Wanda. I just wanted you to know I didn’t do it! I couldn’t kill my baby! You were right; God hates abortion! I love Jesus and I can’t go through with this. Even though I’ve aborted one baby, I can’t do it again. It’s sin!” Wanda told me that after they did the pregnancy test, she sat in the waiting room, reading through all the brochures we’d given her. God spoke to her loud & clear through the words Ursula & I had spoken and the words she was reading. All of a sudden she knew she couldn’t kill her baby. She and her husband have decided to pursue adoption for their little one! Isn’t that amazing? I contacted a friend with First Life Center for Pregnancy to do follow up & I’m giving Wanda the contact info for the wonderful adoption counselors at Bethany Christian Services. Before we got off the phone, Wanda laughed out loud and said, “It’s wonderful; there’s such peace in my heart now! We know we can’t keep this baby, but we want to give him or her to a Christian family who isn’t able to have children.” I said, “Wanda, all God asks of His children is that we trust and obey.” Full of joy, I recited out loud the lyrics of the precious hymn which I sing often in my car on the way to & from the abortion clinic, especially when I’m feeling all alone or discouraged or just plain tired: “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” Happy in Jesus! Wow! J

His Only by Grace,



While it is true that in one sense fallen men & women have false understanding & distortions regarding truth about God & the preciousness of their preborn babies, the scriptures teach that all human beings do know God. This knowlege is called general revelation. The Geneva Study Bible notes how people experience this knowlege of God; 'in guilt, with uncomfortable inklings of the judgment they cannot avoid. Only the gospel of Christ can speak peace to this aspect of the human condition.'

Wanda's conscience brought her to a place of healthy shame & guilt, preventing her from murdering the child who is growing in her womb. Our mission at the killing place is to offer our compassionate help (like the Good Samaritan) & to address the conscience of the aborting moms & dads with the truth as it is in Jesus. The biblical gospel is THE instrument God has ordained to convict human beings of their sin & show them the way of salvation through repentance & faith. It is awful to consider the wrath that the impenitent are treasuring up for themselves in the day of judgment if they refuse to hearken to the command of God. Unless we repent, we will perish!

Today (Wednesday) is late term abortion day. Mothers (through all nine months of pregnancy) arrived at 7am this morning to begin the long, drawn out process of making their little babies come of of their womb into the toilet of Orlando Women's Center. (It takes anywhere from 6-36 hours for the infants to be born.) A wonderful missionary family has been faithful to be there pleading with the moms the way Allura & Ursula pleaded with the mothers yesterday. More mothers are arriving for the second round of child executions at 9am. These will be for earlier abortions.

Please pray that the Lord raises up more workers for the killing fields. At present we have no one committed to reach out to the mothers at the 9am Wednesday or Thursday times.

Together for Life & Eternity,

Scott & Patte Smith & Friends

Sanctuary Ministries

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