Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deliver those who are being taken away to death,
And those who are staggering to slaughter,
Oh hold them back.

Proverbs 24:11-12

In the article pasted below you will read that 66 infants were reported to have survived labor and delivery abortion in the UK in one year. Abortionists can murder the infants by lethal injection before inducing labor or cutting the child in pieces. The reason that 16 of these infants were not injected to kill them beforehand? Lethal injection had not been given in the 16 abortions over 22 weeks' gestation because the abortionists stated that the death of the infant was "inevitable". Oh, really? Than how come these infants are surviving abortion?

The 16 babies who were over 22 weeks gestation survived between one minute and four-and-a-half hours - half of the infants lived for just over an hour.

The remaining 50 babies who were born alive from abortion were under 22 weeks' gestation. Half of those infants survived for longer than 55 minutes, with one breathing unaided for ten hours.

Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

Psalm 82:3

If 66 infants are born alive from later term abortions in the UK, with a population of just over 60 million, one is able to reasonably estimate how many infants are born alive from abortion here in the USA, with our population of over 300 million. With five times the population of the UK, we must admit that at least 330 infants are born alive from abortion each year in America. Many of those babies who are born alive suffer and die in the toilets of Orlando.

This should give you a clear picture of what happens each & every week at Orlando Women's Center (www.womenscenter.com) , where mothers have been arriving to have their babies murdered through all nine months of pregnancy since 1996. Abortionist & OWC owner James 'Scottie' Pendergraft advertised abortions up to 28 weeks in his yellow page ads & online for many years. I have personally met a couple at OWC who flew in for an abortion from Texas. The father of the child admitted that their son was 30 weeks gestation. Having come under scrutiny of Christians & the state of Florida, OWC has taken to state that they do not perform third trimester abortions (25-40 weeks gestation). The only way anyone is ever going to know whether they actually have stopped killing babies up to the due date is if Christians are willing to be there when the abortions are taking place and ask questions. Please take the time to read Lynn Vincent's shocking article: http://www.worldmag.com/articles/10673. Here is an excerpt:

... a former medical assistant who had been in training to do Labor & Delivery abortions at Dr. Pendergraft's Hyde Park clinic. "When I was in training to do second trimester abortions, I was told that we would have [women] deliver into the toilet so that if the baby happens to be alive, that it drowns," said the former worker, who requested anonymity because she feared Dr. Pendergraft.

The medical assistant said she had never seen a baby born alive, but that co-workers at the clinic told her they had. "They would see them move or make a little sound, and other people would say that was involuntary. I didn't believe that and neither did they."

According to the medical assistant, all babies, dead or alive, were stuffed into red biohazard bags for later pickup by a medical waste service. She herself had delivered women with no doctor present, and disposed of babies' bodies that way. She added that no doctor was present during most deliveries, leaving medical assistants, and often unlicensed workers to care for patients. When she worked for Dr. Pendergraft, she said, she was one of two licensed workers among 10 on staff.

Florida's AHCA has uncovered late-term abortion problems with the clinic before. In a 2003 survey it said in 11 out of 11 third-trimester abortions sampled, the facility failed to have two physicians certify "to a reasonable degree of medical probability" that the abortions were necessary to save the life or preserve the health of the woman as required by Florida law. AHCA allowed the clinic to amend its records to "correct" the discrepancies.

During one incident, the medical assistant said, she delivered a 28-week-old baby dead while Dr. Pendergraft was out having lunch. "When I turned it over [on its side], the baby's hands went together like it was praying. . . . I was waiting for it to scream. . . . It looked so much like a living baby." That, she says, is when she decided she couldn't work there anymore.

Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.

Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:8 & 9

None of this should be a suprise to concerned Christians. We should all know about Baby Rowan: http://www.new.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=20319588461&oid=19535165889

Baby Rowan's murder has been made into a film: http://www.22weeksthemovie.com, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8RK312hKyA

We should all know about Baby Shanice: http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2006/jul/06073103.html,


http://www.verumserum.com/?p=1740, http://www.worldmag.com/articles/12165

Love the dear litle ones as we love ourselves (James 2:8)

Do our very best to hold the babies back from slaughter (Pr 24:11-12)

Protect the infants and defend their cause (Ps 82:3-4)

Speak up for the tiny children who cannot speak for themselves (Prov 31:8-9)

Seek justice on behalf of the suffering orphans (Is 1:16-17)

Isn't it time that we were all willing to do something to intervene for these helpless, defenseless, voiceless little babies? Isn't it time we rise up, with a loud voice to obey the command of the Lord to in His Holy Word:

Love the dear litle ones as we love ourselves (James 2:8)

Do our very best to hold the babies back from slaughter (Pr 24:11-12)

Protect the infants and defend their cause (Ps 82:3-4)

Speak up for the tiny children who cannot speak for themselves (Prov 31:8-9)

Seek justice on behalf of the suffering orphans (Is 1:16-17)

Join us this week as we minister in Jesus' Name at Orlando Women's Center killing place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Together for Life & Eternity,

Patte Smith

Sanctuary Ministries


66 babies in a year left to die after NHS abortions that go wrong

Last updated at 01:22am on 05.02.08
Botched abortions mean that scores of babies are being born alive and left to die, an official report has revealed.

A total of 66 infants survived NHS termination attempts in one year alone, it emerged.

Rather than dying at birth as was intended, they were able to breathe unaided. About half were alive for an hour, while one survived ten hours.

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A 3D scan of a foetus taken at 23 weeks by obstetrician Prof Stuart Campbell - terminations are legal until 24 weeks but some babies have continued breathing after being aborted

The figures are the first to give a national picture of the number of babies who survive abortion but are left to die.

Experts previously believed the phenomenon was limited to a handful of cases a year.

The babies were aborted using a drug to soften the cervix and induce labour. Once born no medical help is offered.

The statistics are contained in the small print of an official report by the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health, commissioned by the Government.

No data exists on aborted babies who survive into childhood and beyond but in rare cases this is known to have happened.

Experts last night revealed that the sheer number of abortion survivors means new guidance for doctors will be drawn up, telling them how to cope.

The findings also renewed calls for a lowering of the 24-week limit for "social" abortions, which end healthy pregnancies.

The report said the terminations were "predominantly on account of congenital anomalies", which may be life-threatening but which can also include problems such as cleft palate and club feet.

Obstetricians say this raises the possibility that at least some cases were social terminations, legal under the Abortion Act up to 24 weeks.

Doctors can also legally terminate a pregnancy up to birth if the baby is suffering serious deformities or the mother's life is at risk.

Guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends babies over 22 weeks which survive abortion should have their hearts stopped by lethal injection but this can be a difficult procedure for doctors.

Professor Stuart Campbell, an eminent obstetrician whose 3D scan images of babies "walking in the womb" have fuelled the debate over late abortions, said: "It is a distressing situation when these babies are being born alive.

"Medical advances make it increasingly possible for even those born after just 22 weeks in the womb to survive.

"There is also concern that babies with problems such as cleft palate or club feet are being terminated because they are not "perfect".

"These deformities may be corrected during childhood."

The findings follow evidence to MPs this week that foetuses feel pain before 24 weeks.

The figures for the CEMACH 2007 Perinatal Mortality report, gathered from hospitals in England and Wales during 2005, reveal 16 babies who survived abortion were born after 22 weeks in the womb or later in the pregnancy.

The remaining 50 were under 22 weeks' gestation.

CEMACH chief executive Richard Congdon said lethal injection had not been given in the 16 abortions over 22 weeks' gestation because death was "inevitable".

The 16 survived between one minute and four-and-a-half hours - half lived for just over an hour.

The remaining 50 were under 22 weeks' gestation and half survived for longer than 55 minutes, with one breathing unaided for ten hours.

Latest Department of Health figures show that abortion is rising, with 193,700 terminations in 2006, and 2,948 carried out over 20 weeks.

The majority of these - 2,036 - were for major abnormalities.

The British Association of Perinatal Medicine said new guidelines were being drawn up to cover babies born alive after abortion.

Neonatologist Professor Neil Marlow, president of the association, said: "Parents may be told that the baby will not be viable but may still want to hold it until it dies, and this is probably what we are seeing in these statistics."

Julia Millington, of the Pro-Life Alliance, said: "The fact that babies are being aborted so late in pregnancy that they are capable of survival will make many support the notion that the upper time limit should be reduced."

Couple's despair after daughter survives abortion at five months

A baby born alive after a botched abortion at 21 weeks is among the worst cases reported in the UK.

The little girl, who had Down's Syndrome, lived for three hours after being delivered.

Her parents claim they were "coerced" into a termination by staff at Macclesfield District General Hospital.

They were later told that their baby had not "really" been alive, even though she was clearly breathing.

The couple, who do not wish to be named, already had a toddler, a teenager and a 12-year-old with learning difficulties and felt unable to cope with another special needs child.

The 44-year-old mother said: "If I had been given any idea that the baby would be born alive after an abortion I would never have gone through with it. They coerced me.

"I have seen how society treats children with disabilities and it frightened me to bring another special needs child into the world, but somehow we would have coped with it."

Two days before the abortion in March 2004, the woman was given tablets which she was told would kill the baby in the womb.

But to their distress the baby was still clearly moving.

They went back to hospital and were assured that the baby would die during labour.

Soon after birth, however, both parents saw it gasping for air.

Are you good enough or are you a lost cause?

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