Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is happening to mothers? Why are they devouring their young?

Can a woman forget her infant, so as not to have pity on the son of her womb?
Isaiah 49:15

A 20 year old student named Wanda came over to us at Appalachian State as we held a sign with a photo of an 11 week gestation child who had been dismembered by her mother through abortion. She pointed to the image and asked: "Is that the intestines? Is that the tongue?" We answered her that yes, indeed, she was identifying the parts of the poor dead baby's body correctly. We asked Wanda: "Does this bother you?" She smiled and said: "Not at all. I plan on having an abortion myself someday."  Denise is another college student we met at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. She looked at the dismembered infant on our sign and said: "It's OUR choice. My boyfriend and I are having sex and if I get pregnant I'm having an abortion." Others women chimed in saying: "Me too!" Women have made signs and T-shirts that say "I Outside the killing place we have heard abortion-bound mothers say: "I don't want it and I'm going to kill it", "I'm going to have it sucked out and there's nothing you can do about it", "I'm not having this baby and I don't care that they have to kill it". Even the mothers who have to go through labor-and-delivery to kill their late term babies dismiss the suffering of their infants. These are women who can feel their babies moving inside them. Many of these ladies have seen their little ones on ultrasound and they know the gender of their child. When we tell these women that their baby will be delivered into the toilet, possibly alive like Baby Rowan (, we have heard them say: "Yeah, well, that's too bad, but I'm not gonna have this kid", "So what? We all have to die sometime", & "I've done this before. I know all about it". It is always shocking to see them laughing and joking, kissing their lovers and even dancing on the stoop of the murder mill.

As we minister at abortuaries and on college campuses we are finding that more and more women appear to be sexually immoral and lack natural affection for their own children. We are meeting mothers who murder their babies through all nine months of pregnancy, caring nothing for the sons of their womb. Many of these women are accompanied by their OWN mothers, who have no affection for their very own grandbabies. While we are reminded that Jesus taught that evil thoughts, sexual immorality and murder come from within, proceeding out of the human heart (Matt 15:19;Mark 7:21) it is still chilling seeing and hearing how cruelly and dismissively women speak of innocent little babies. The women hurry into the killing places, having "a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil" (Pr 6:18) Truly the Spirit's words Jeremiah 17:9) are dead on: "The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?" 

We read of the progression of sin in the life of sinners in the first chapter of the book of Romans. The judgement of God reveals how low the human heart will take a woman. It will lead them to be what we see:

"Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful"
~Romans 1:31

Henry Morris explains: 
This phrase "without natural affection" is the translation of one Greek word, astergeo. It was a characteristic of many pagans of the ancient world. Significantly, it is also prophesied to be a characteristic of the humanistic pagans of the end-times. "In the last days . . . men shall be . . . without natural affection" (II Timothy 3:1-3). These are the only two occurrences of this word in the New Testament.
The word stergeo ("natural affection") is one of four Greek words for "love," but it is never used at all in the New Testament. It refers to the natural love that members of the same family have for each other. It is such a common characteristic of all peoples that there was apparently no occasion to refer to it at all -- except when it is not present, when people lose their instinctive love for their own parents and children, and thus are "without natural affection." One thinks of the widespread abortionism of these last days, as well as the modern breakdown of the family in general.

Perhaps one of the most shocking, tragic and shameful aspects of the modern holocaust is the fact that over 80% of the fornicating women who murder their babies are professing "Christians"! These sexually immoral church ladies sin presumptuously, casually counting on the grace of the Lord for their promiscuous, bloody, violent acts. They say: "I've already asked Jesus to forgive me", "My God is a forgiving God", "I've worked it out with God". They kill their poor baby on Saturday and sing songs and take the Lord's supper at church on Sunday! They have no shame!  Beloved, "There is no fear of God in their eyes" (Romans 3:18)!

While we are obviously watching the fulfillment of this terrible prophecy of mothers having no natural affection for their children in our day, may the love that is shed abroad in our hearts through the new birth impel us to be like our Savior, who gave His life for us, His children. May the Spirit lead us to sacrifice our own interests for the benefit of the lost mothers and their poor, helpless infants. For "the fruit of the Spirit is love . . ." (Galatians 5:22), Amen? Pure and undefiled religion involves visiting the orphans in their affliction. How can say we truly love these abortion-imperiled orphans and have mercy on them, if we do nothing to save them from being slaughtered in the shadow of our homes and our church steeples? The Savior taught us what genuine love looked like and what religious apathy looked like, in the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. Heaven help us to be true to Jesus and to our perishing neighbors and go to the killing places in the Name of the Lord of life and eternity. For the glory of Christ and the good of all the infants who are being led to slaughter on our watch, let us be like the Good Samaritan to the babies, and "Go and do likewise."

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