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** Abortion: Women are Not Victims **

by Patte Smith on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 10:55am ·
If one does violence to the blood of another
he will be a fugitive until death;
let no one support him.
~ Proverbs 28:17

Written April 27, 2012

I have been offering abortion-bound women my personal help through pregnancy for almost twenty years now. Half of those women are what is popularly known as 'post-abortive'.

Friends, I can no longer tolerate the unbiblical & therefore fraudulent terminology for mothers who kill their living infants.

I believe that I have been patient, using scriptures to try to clarify the reality of total human depravity. Jesus makes it crystal clear that "murder comes out of the heart". (Matthew 15:19;Mark 7:21)

Perhaps it was Ann & her precious baby. They may have become my 'last straw'. Let me explain:

Ann murdered her 18 week baby by procuring the services of a baby-killing abortionist. She went to the baby-killer. He didn't come to her. Ann carried her baby into the abortuary two days in a row to submit to the violent abuse of her son or daughter. She paid $1130 to have him dismembered, piece by piece, while he was still alive, this morning.

I want to tell you all of the ways in which this young mommy was given the opportunity to love her baby. Ann:
* was counseled at a local pregnancy center
 * informed about fetal development
* saw her baby on ultrasound three times*
was given 'options counseling'
* was taken through a problem-solving process
* provided wonderful ways to overcome the obstacles of her pregnancy*
received my personal offer of help on Day 1 of her killing process 
* given a Tiny Hands book
* given detailed information & a brochure about ADOPTION
* was told that God knew her baby before He formed her in the womb (Jer 1:5)
* was told her baby was a gift from God (Ps 127:3)
* was given God's commandments about sexual immorality & murder 
* was told that abortion is the pre-meditated sin of murder for which the guilty will be cast into the lake of fire *
was offered help by a gentle couple outside the killing place on Day 2 of her killing process 

Please, do not comment on this note with reasons why you think women who kill their babies by abortion are 'victims'. I don't want to hear it. Ever. Again. I am sick to death of it & I am not going to put up with the lies. Any. More.


Women have played the 'victim' while they are pregnant, when they are going to kill their babies & then, when they want more sympathy later, they play the 'victim' card as a 'post-abortive woman'. I will not be a party to it. So, I fear that even though I will lose friends, I am not willing to be go along with the diabolical lie that makes mothers pity themselves & objects of pity from others while 4000 innocent babies are being carried by mothers through the doors of abortuaries as I type this message.

I am one of the people who is there, pleading for the lives of the children & reaching out to the girls & women who are walking into the building. No one can ever accuse me of being uncaring. I have cared & prayed & wept & fasted & pleaded & wept & wept & wept til my heart is broken. NO ONE CAN DO A SURGICAL PROCEDURE ON A MOTHER WHO IS NOT IN THE KILLING PLACE. NO ONE CAN DO A SURGICAL PROCEDURE, OR INDUCE LABOR, OR PRESCRIBE A SET OF KILLING PILLS to a MOTHER WHO IS NOT THERE. NO ONE CAN MURDER A BABY BY D & E, D & C, PROSTAGLANDIN (DELIVERY) ABORTION WITHOUT THEIR WRITTEN, SIGNED, EXPRESS CONSENT.

Christians don't justify their sin, they abhor it, confess and repent.
~ Don Harman

 Jesus said: "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." (Luke 5:32;Matthew 9:13;Mark 2:17) The Lord Christ came to die for sinners who KNOW THEY ARE SINNERS. Not for fornicators & murderers who profess to be 'victims.' When we act as if people who fornicate & murder do it out of 'ignorance' we undermine the whole gospel. I am sure I will have to hear this rot for the rest of my life, but not here. This is going to be an abortion no-spin zone. The poor little innocent babies who have suffered & are suffering. The dear children have perished & are perishing. And in the overwhelming majority of the cases their violent murders their suffering was at the hands of their sexually immoral mothers (& all who were co-conspirators to their murder). Those dead human beings deserve to be treated as if they were more than a 'choice' or a 'decision' or even a 'mistake' or 'regret'. I will not participate in NOR tolerate the lie of victimhood of aborting & post-abortive mothers.

Jesus declares: "For from WITHIN, out of a person's HEART, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality... murder" (Mark 7:21;Matt 15:19) The heart of the problem is a problem of the HEART. Why? Because our heart is EVIL.

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jer 17:9)

People like us, who are fornicators & murderers, don't need 'post-fornication counseling' or 'post-abortion support', they need to repent in godly sorrow over their sin. They need to be born-again. They need a NEW HEART!
When post-abortive women refer to themselves as victims or as someone who "lost" a child, it upsets me and it speaks to what I call a "false justice" movement. This is so popular, especially among my generation and younger. It is PEOPLE centered and SELF focused, and is VERY deceiving because it looks as though they are helping these women. However, the only real justice comes from repentance, application of the true Gospel and a focus on JESUS and the depravity of our own hearts. Just my thoughts as a post-abortive woman.
~ Kelly Clinger
I think of the many girls & women we met at the killing place who turned AWAY from murdering their babies. They have made the sacrifices of time & treasure, working day & night to raise & to provide for their children. They are reaping what they have sown in their sin, but they are taking responsibility for having sex. Many are doing without things they want to give their babies what they need. It is the ultimate irony that the women who MURDER their babies & don't have to endure all of the grueling days & nights of serving their children & paying to raise them become the ones with the status of 'victim'.

My friend John Barros has been pleading with mothers who are laboring & delivering their live babies into the toilet for two straight days. One of the mommies is 24 weeks pregnant! How much do you want to bet that some years from now these women will tell their teary-eyed stories about how they were a 'victim' of abortion & felt they 'didn't have any other choice'. They will conveniently forget that God sent real people to intervene & love them & their babies through pregnancy. But they WOULD NOT. They are without excuse. Now or on the Day of judgment. May they repent & cry out to Jesus, before it's too late.

Except for extremely rare situations of very, very young girls who are being used & abused by rapists, teens  & women who murder their babies by abortion are not innocent 'victims', they are guilty perpetrators.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is PLAIN to them, because God has SHOWN IT TO THEM. For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. SO THAT THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE. For although they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks to Him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened ...Claiming to be wise, they became fools, 
~ Romans 1:18-21

I want to surround myself with humble Christians who KNOW they are sinners. I have no interest in trying to tiptoe through the pew-lips with professing Christians who say they are 'victims' who need some sort of extra-biblical 'healing' . I am looking for true fellowship with people who know they are hell-deserving wretches (like me) & who are unashamed of Jesus & His Word. I dare not trust the sweetest frames who promote unbiblical, humanistic, woman-centered hogwash.

I am convinced that the problem stems from people honestly believing that human beings are basically good. They think that if a girl or woman 'knew better' they wouldn't sin. Say what? Where did the doctrine of original sin go?
Always remember, never forget, it was the Renaissance (Greek revival) that thought man's problem was "ignorance"; and the Reformation that knew, from the Bible, that man's problem was sin--that, with more knowledge, he would simply do more evil.
~ Alex Burroughs

This note is not a personal attack against anyone in particular. It was meant to take a stand for what is biblical & true & to take a stand against what is a humanistic/therapeutic lie. People (all people) sin because they have a sin nature. The evil that they think, say & do comes out of their own wicked stony heart. They are responsible for every way in which they transgress the Law of God in thought, word & deed. God holds them responsible & His Word says they will reap what they sow, in this life & in the next if they are never born-again. Try to find the word 'victim' in the Bible. I challenge you.

God is particularly tenderly disposed towards orphans. Because they are like the invisible ones. The underdogs. They are easy to dismiss because they have no power. No one has to 'impress' or 'please' them to gain favor. It's sad. Really sad, because these innocent children are the real 'victims' in ruthless societies.

You will be hard-pressed to find any reference of murderers as 'victims' in the Bible. Babies are the innocent victims. Aborting women are the guilty sinners (perpetrators). This is the reason why we need a Savior. If a woman is led to believe that she is not really a sinner, but a person who made poor decisions based on misinformation, why would she need the Savior's BLOOD?

This really is a crucial matter because, as Charles Spurgeon said: "Every truth leads towards holiness; every error of doctrine, directly or indirectly, leads to sin." And, I believe with all of my heart that millions of babies are murdered, in part, because of the worldly, humanistic philosophy that tolerates sexual immorality & child-sacrifice & calls the perpetrators 'victims'.

This whole fraudulent 'victim' mentality scam is not from the Bible. Let the Word of God be true & every man a liar. Let it be established that the Word of God is the absolute, authoritative way of truth & life, here & in eternity. Biblical truths (including God's Law) are not just 'important' for salting & lighting the world, & in teaching us for our sanctification & for evangelizing, they are INDISPENSIBLE! "...if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin." ~ I John 1:7 We cannot & must not substitute the truth as it is in Jesus to perpetuate fanciful, man-pleasing, self-indulgent philosophical, sociological, psychological & soul-damning spiritual errors.

We cannot alter the verities of the Bible to satisfy the whims & fancies of the humanistic psychologist's day. When you make sinners into 'victims' you are effectually dismissing & negating what God has to say to fallen (& redeemed) men & women. The doctrines of original sin, human depravity, general revelation cannot be compromised with fatally flawed humanistic worldly philosophies lest they poison the well of life with falsehood. Jeremiah warned the people against the flatteries & lies of false prophets who he exposes & rebukes saying: "They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly, saying, 'Peace, peace'; when there is no peace." (Jer 6:14;8:11) Adam Clarke noted that the 'hurt' is the SIN of the people: "Here the prophets prophesied falsely; and the people continued in sin, being deceived by the priests and the prophets."

John Gill explains: "That is, the false prophets and lying priests, who pretended to be physicians, and to heal the sickly and distempered state of the people; and they did do it, in their way, but not thoroughly; they did not search the wound to the bottom; they drew a skin over it, and made a scar of it, and called it a cure".

I will not be a party to it.

Those are to be reckoned our worst and most dangerous enemies, who flatter us in a sinful way.
~ Matthew Henry

I want to clarify something. My writing is against the lie of calling women who have murdered their babies 'victims'. That does not mean that I am hard-hearted against these mothers. Half of all of the thousands of moms I minister to have already killed one (or more) children. I have the blessed opportunity to love them with both the mercy and truth of Christ every week as we share the way of salvation outside abortuaries.

In our attempt not to be hard-of-heart towards aborting & post-abortive women I fear that we have become hard hearted against the babies. We have relegated the little boys & girls to impersonal terms like 'decision' 'choice' or 'option' .& the women who have conceived them (most by sexual immorality) become 'victims'.
It's crazy.

Perhaps some think I care too much about the babies and not enough about the women who murder them. I'd like to ask them to consider that maybe their 'concern' for post-abortive mothers has caused them to care too LITTLE for the babies.

I'd like to ask a question of all those who are convinced that women are VICTIMS of abortion. If people REALLY honestly believe that women are VICTIMS of abortion, why aren't they lining the streets outside the abortuaries, trying to SAVE the women from being 'victimized'? Where are the tens of millions of living, so-called 'victims' of child-sacrifice? They sure aren't out trying to stop other women from killing their babies, I'll tell you that much. Most days there are NO ONE outside the murder mills here in Raleigh. One of the killing places in Orlando has had no Christian witness for YEARS. There has been no one intervening most days at MANY of the abortuaries that we minister at. If so many people are supposedly 'convinced' that women are being 'victimized' at these places, where are these bleeding hearts they when the women come to kill their babies? Why would they WAIT til after they were 'victimized' to offer them 'support' instead of intervening to prevent their 'victimization'?

When we encourage a woman who has sinned by fornication & murder to look at herself as a 'victim' we do violence to the teaching of the Bible & we do her a great disservice as well. Why? Because we let her think that her own volitional acts against the Law of God were not that bad, therefore, the bloody Cross of Christ is not that great.

Listen to RC Sproul speak of the magnitude of human sin:

We rarely take the time to think through the ramifications of human sin. We fail to realize that even the slightest sins we commit, such as little white lies or other peccadilloes we are violating the Law of the creator of the universe. In the smallest sin we defy God’s right to rule and reign over His creation. Instead, we seek to usurp for ourselves the authority and power that belong properly to God. Even the slightest sin does violence to His holiness, to His glory, and to His righteousness. Every sin, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is truly an act of treason against a cosmic King.

There are two aspects of the one problem we must understand if we are to grasp the necessity of the atonement of Christ... God is just. In other words, He cannot tolerate unrighteousness. He must do what is right...The other aspect of the problem [is that] we have violated God’s justice and earned His displeasure. We are cosmic traitors. We must recognize this problem within ourselves if we are to grasp the necessity of the Cross.

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