Friday, May 05, 2006

A Holy Plea

March 28, 2006
Dear Friends,
I struggled as I wrote my report, below, and am sending it with a sense of reluctance. I hope that my motive is clear and above reproach for why I send out this newsletter. I hope you know that it is so NOT ABOUT ME or about any of the other people who minister there. I pray you understand that I write this so you will get a glimpse of what is really going on in our society.

A year ago, the most I ever did to try and stop abortion was to give a check to Carenet, elect government officials who were anti-abortion and pray when I remembered. Mostly, the whole thing made me uncomfortable and I tried not to think about it. I had no idea what was really going on. My daily prayer is that everyone who reads this will feel the conviction of our Savior to GO and experience what this is like first hand. My reports and anything else ‘safe’ and ‘distant’ will not give you understanding. When you stand in front of the building and witness the TRUTH of what is happening inside, God changes you. And it is not in the ways you think! As long as babies are being ripped from the safe haven of the womb, WE MUST BE THERE TO STOP IT. Look at the “good” that you do and then ask yourself…”How does it compare to saving the lives of babies?” 4,000 aday, just in the US. There are 10,000 abortions committed every year,just in Orlando. Do you think an hour here and an hour there offering support and help and alternatives are WORTH it?

What is a baby’s worth?

I want to tell you about a young mom who is taking steps to make adifference. She is 6 months pregnant and suffers from a blood disorder that causes her blood to react to the blood of her babies. She is the mommy of 4 precious children and the wife of a busy minister. Her bestfriend died from cancer a few months ago. Her sister is fighting cancer. This young mom is experiencing TRIALS. Yet, every other week as she goes to her doctor appointment she purposely drives to the abortuary, alone. Sometimes she gets out and encourages the counselors, sometimes she can only sit in her car and weep, but she GOES. Do you think God looks down and sees the tears of this young mom? What do you think would happen if thousands and thousands of moms wept on the steps of the abortion places? Do you think the abortion industry is judgment on our land? How can it not be judgment when God is allowing its citizens to KILL THEIR OWN YOUNG? (Take an Old Testament cruise through the Bible, if you doubt this character of our God)

I believe with all my heart and soul that God will require CHRISTIANS to stand this evil down in DROVES before He will lift this judgment from our land. I spoke to a gal in my church Sunday that has a passel of precious adopted children. We brainstormed ways that her children could help bring the message of ADOPTION to the clinic. Do you think it would help an abortion bound woman to see a line of children on the sidewalk with signs that say,” LOOK! I AM ADOPTED!” Lord, let it be so! and May never a day go by when a woman is permitted to walk through the abortuary doors and abort her infant IN PEACE. NEVER.

Did you know that abortions take place 7 days a week on Lucerne Terrace? I can only be there one or two days a week. Could you go once a week? Once a month? What CAN you do? I pray you will forgive my impassioned speech. I don’t want my friends and relatives to run and hide when they see me or my emails. I don’t want you all to think, “Uh-oh, Paula is getting fanatical !” but I do want you to know that this is IMPORTANT and deserves our attention. Would you make a difference today?

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