Monday, May 22, 2006

Ministry Update, May 20th, 2006

"But these are innocent children we are talking about! These poor little babies don't have a voice. They are weak and helpless and utterly dependent. For heaven's sake, have pity! They are wee ones, fresh from God, created in His image. Poor tiny infants. How can we not show mercy to these babies by being there to do our holy best, with God's help, to intervene? Does not James 2:13 tells us "For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy." Did not the prophets speak of God's judgment when His people walked through formal acts of worship (did "church") while neglecting the orphans and the widows? Are we to tell these little boys and girls, "Go and be safe"(James 2:15), without offering them the shelter of our presence? Their moms and dads are children of wrath, shall we not bring the gospel to them while it is still day?"

Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

... wisdom gives life ...
Ecclesiastes 7:12

Sanctuary Ministries Update
Orlando Women's Center abortuary
Saturday, May 20, 2006
About 15 Christians laboring side-by-side through prayer & counseling
We began the day when we received a one finger salute! We praised God for the persecution (even one so small) and gathered together for a precious time of prayer.
We saw about 14 women arrive to kill their little ones today. It appears two left without killing.
We offered God’s hope, help and support to every person walking through the clinic doors today. We had a few good interactions and we pray seeds were planted and that perhaps people even left after we were gone for the day. (We have heard from the clinic workers that a full HALF of people who arrive for abortions end up leaving!) We remain in continuous prayer that the words the Lord gives us to say will reach there mark in each person going in.
We talked with “Brian” and his girlfriend “Wendy” who were sitting in their car. Wendy was crying softly. They sat and listened, window down, as we talked for about 10 full minutes. They would give short responses and wouldn’t look at our faces. Finally Dave shared something with Ben that he and I had been discussing on the way to the clinic that morning. We were musing that if airplanes crashed through buildings like happened on 9/11 everyday, this country would shut down...literally...until we got control of the situation, yet, the same amount of babies are being killed each day in America as died in 9/11. Ben became angry at this and told us, “Don’t tell me about 9/11! I just got back from Iraq! You have exactly 2 seconds to get away from my car!” We told him that he was free to drive away or shut his window but as long as he was he open to listening, we would talk. He did listen another minute more and finally rolled up his window and DROVE AWAY. We never saw them return.
Dale and Dave gave the gospel to everyone in the clinic. Each and every person heard scriptural proof of the sin of their intended wrong doing. They heard the Law, which is the schoolmaster to Christ. Each and every person was told about their need for repentance and for the Savior. Each and every woman was offered a ‘good Samaritan’ hand to get through her pregnancy.
We thank God for the opportunity to serve him today.
All for Him,
Paula Risler <)))><> Psalm 40:4 <

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