Monday, May 15, 2006

"No One Tried to Reach Me"

Don't ever stop what you are doing. I have had 2 abortions and I could have written Amber's crazy letter. I'd be more than happy to share if it means it is somehow useful to save even one baby's life. When I was going to the abortion clinics... and I went 4-6 times in and out for different reasons (paperwork, ultrasound, making appt, etc)...I think I only remember one time seeing Christians across the street. The only reason I even knew they were because is because they had a few signs. No one tried to reach me.
I was AFRAID of those people though (from what pro-choice people say and how they've been portrayed in the media).I thought if they talked you out of the abortion...that was it. There was no help from that point on - no care - no love and certainly no financial help. So - it just seemed unreasonable to even talk to them (you) - because I was scared and alone and broke. The abortion clinic offered me a way out...I thought Christians only offered me guilt. I never found out until AFTER I was saved that there is so much help - so many choices. Pro-life is pro-choice - there are options and people who care.

Pro-choice is just one stinking, ugly, embarrassing, horrendous, painful, stupid, selfish choice!!

Have you seen the DVD "They Sold Their Souls FOr RocknRoll"? ( by Fight the Good Fight Ministries? The first disk has a great anti-abortion message. It is graphic. One friend I showed the video to confessed/repented of ever even considering that someday she MIGHT have an abortion if circumstances had turned out that way. This woman is now married with 2 children and never had an abortion...but she saw just how evil that thought was that she had held b4 marriage! I just really wanted to stop by to say encourage you that what you are doing really matters.
My 2nd took me 3 appointments to go through with it. Every time I'd get to the waiting room I'd break down sobbing and they would make me leave. I would sit in the parking lot and cry. OH - if only someone had come to talk to me those days...I know it's not anyone else's fault but my own...but I'm saying what you do is so important. I could go on writing all night...
God Bless you, Sara

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