Monday, June 02, 2008

" I thank God that you loved me enough to try & rescue me!"

Hello Dear ones,
Gina called me to say that it appeared that the Lord saved at least one child this morning. Gina spoke with the mother for some time & then noticed that she never got out of her car & drove away. Praise the Lord! Gina also told me about how Francile & Larry met three people from Restoration Church (who actually arrived IN THE CHURCH VAN) last Sunday who came to bring a young lady to kill her baby. Would you all please send me a little report from your ministry time last Sunday & any other days & today? Also, if particular storeis of people you have met in the last few weeks come to mind or if you have scriptures to share, please send them to me. Photos are VERY WELCOME as well. I would like to put together a Ministry update featuring times & stories from the last few weeks.

Allura was used of the Lord to plead with 20 mothers & their companions Tuesday. To her knowledge none of them changed their mind. I have a report from Dale & Marian who ministered on Wednesday morning (late term abortion day). It appears that all of the moms had stony hearts.

God bless you for serving the King with faithfulness. You have loved your neighbor well & we can trust that Jesus Christ is able to communicate your love to the babies who were perishing. Be assured that your holy pleadings to heaven & to the mothers & fathers was used by the Lord as a prayer for the dying.

With love,

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