Monday, June 02, 2008

The Sixth Commandment
You shall not murder
Exodus 20:13

Each holy commandment of God reflects a sin forbidden & a duty required.
"The person who does not repel an injury from another when he can is a much to blame as the one who commits it."
Duties required in the Sixth Commandment
The duty to preserve our own life. (Eph 5:28-29)
The duty to preserve the life of others. (I Kings 18:4)
The duty to resist all thoughts & purposes & subdue all passions which tend to the unjust taking away of anyone's life. (Jer 26:15-16)
The duty of just defense against violence. (Ps 82:4; Pr 24:11-12)
The duty to comfort the distressed & protect & defend the innocent. (Job 31:19-20,22; Matt 25:35;Pr 31:8-9)
Sins forbidden in the Sixth Commandment
The sin of neglecting or withdrawing the lawful & necessary means of the preservation of life. (Matt 25:42-43;James 2:15-16;Eccl 6:1-2)
The sin of unjustified anger (as with aborting mother against her pre-born baby) (Matt 5:22)
The sin of hatred (a aborting mother hating her baby without cause) (I Jo 3:15;Lev 19:17)
The sin of striking & wounding (as with a mother killing her infant by abortion) (Numbers 35:16-18)

"Negatively, [the Sixth commandment] forbids every ... injury inflicted upon our own or our neighbor's person.
Our neighbor may be injured by neglecting him or by not assiting him according to our ability.
... The, positively, this commandment requires the preservation of our own & our neighbor's life & safety.
This is done by rendering assistance to others or by protecting them from injuries, in a way of humanity, mercy or friendship."
~ Ernest Reisinger, Whatever Happened to the Ten Commandments?

"The Word of God is like a lion. You don't have to defend a lion. All

you have to do is let the lion loose, and the lion will defend itself."

~ Charles Spurgeon

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