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Ministry Report Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yea, they made their hearts as an adamant stone, lest they should hear the law, and the words which the LORD of hosts hath sent in his spirit by the former prophets: therefore came a great wrath from the LORD of hosts.
Zechariah 7:12
m) Which declares that they did not only rebel against the Prophets, but against the Spirit of God that spoke in them.

God's judgements upon Israel of old for their sins, were written to warn Christians.
The duties required are, not keeping fasts and offering sacrifices, but doing justly and loving mercy, which tend to the public welfare and peace.
The law of God lays restraint upon the heart. But they filled their minds with prejudices against the word of God.
Nothing is harder than the heart of a presumptuous sinner. See the fatal consequences of this to their fathers.
Great sins against the Lord of hosts, bring great wrath from his power, which cannot be resisted.
Sin, if regarded in the heart, will certainly spoil the success of prayer.
The Lord always hears the cry of the broken-hearted penitent; yet all who die impenitent and unbelieving, will find no remedy or refuge from miseries which while here they despised and defied, but which they then will not be able to bear.
~ Matthew Henry on Zechariah 7:8-14

Following is a compilation of many updates from the last few weeks. Scott & I are away for the summer & would like to urge you to read these testimonies as you have time & prayerfully consider allowing the Lord to use you to help reach the lost & equip people to seek & save them. If your desire is to know Christ & to make Him known, our ministry has a place for you!
We have to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.
~ Bruce Chochburn Love in a Dangerous Time

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte & Scott Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic
Saturday, May 17, 2008

Patte reporting:
Charmaine & her friend Eddie came all the way from Auburndale to kill her baby. I sat on the grass next to Charmain, who was seated in the passenger seat. She rolled down her window when I introduced myself & offered her our pre-abortion ministry packet. She had murdered a child by abortion before & admitted; "I knew it was wrong". When I asked Charmaine why it was wrong, she couldn't say. All she could think was; "I just knew". But here she was, pregnant with a precious gift from God & determined to murder her son or daughter. I spent almost 30 minutes reasoning, pleading & preaching to young Charmaine. I made certain that she understood that God had given her the child she carried as His gift to her. I told Charmaine that her baby was made in the image & likeness of God & therefore, was sacred. I used several scriptures of God's holy commandments to address Charmaine's conscience. (This is what is commonly called 'Law work' & is essential to proper biblical evangelism because it prepares the sinner to hear about the Savior.) I taught Charmaine that murder was a serious sin & that the Bible insists that all murderers have their place in the lake which burns with fire & brimstone. (For a thorough view of how we minister at the killing place see the attached biblical treatise: "What does God say about the sin of abortion?") I explained the process of open adoption so that she would know that she could personally choose a loving mommy & daddy to raise the child that she herself, did not really want to raise. Charmaine never appeared to be touched by the thought of her precious baby moving inside her or the way that the child would suffer when her arms & legs were torn from her body during the abortion process. She & Eddie took all of my ministry materials & told me that they really needed to get inside. They rolled the window up & I began to weep softly. Even though I have been reaching out to aborting mothers & their babies for over 15 years, I am still incredibly touched by the plight of the poor little helpless infants. I stood outside the car & prayed out loud for Charmaine & for her baby. I lifted my hands to heaven & pleaded with God to intervene. Charmaine began to wail inside the car. She leaned into Eddie & he comforted her with a gentle pat on her shoulder. I opened my eyes & saw Charmaine rocking back & forth, continuing to sob loudly. Eddie rolled down Charmaine's window & spoke to me: "We would like information on adoption." I gave Charmaine additional adoption brochure & I gave her my personal card with my cell phone on it. They were anxious to leave but I asked them if they would be wiling to wait a few minutes so that I could run to my car to get a gift for Charmaine. Charmaine was still weeping but Eddie said: "Sure." I hurried across the street, praising God out loud & put together a special blessing bag of pre-natal vitamins, a Gospel of John, a True Repentance tract, a "Are you good enough to get to heaven?" & a mother's devotional that we like to keep on hand for moms who change their mind about aborting. I asked Charmaine if I could take a minute to pray over her. She nodded her head & Eddie said; "Of course". I poured out my heart to the Lord, thanking Him for preserving the life of the child He had given to Charmaine. I asked Him to revealed Himself as Savior & grant Charmaine repentance unto life. I asked the Lord to help Charmaine find a good adoptive couple if His will was for her to place her baby for adoption. Charmaine's relaxed under my hand, but she continued to wimper quietly as I finished praying. As they drove away Charmaine & Eddie smiled & waved at all of us. We knew that they were thankful that God had sent us there for them.

Melissa arrived to kill her baby. Her friend Donna drove her to the clinic. Donna walked with Melissa as far as the driveway, but then she hesitated. Loving Christians were appealing to them. When Donna lagged behind, Melissa turned to her friend & begged her to hurry. She was visibly upset & already crying. We could tell that Melissa wanted to avoid interacting with the very people who wanted to help her. Donna went inside with Melissa but then quickly came back out. As she walked to her car, Paula came alongside her & began to appeal to her. She told Donna that she was a nurse & offered to explain the abortion process with the use of a medical illustration that she held in her hand. Donna said: "Look, I'm a nurse & I'm a Christian. You don't have to tell me about this. I had a miscarriage recently & this is already very hard for me. I tried to convince my friend not to do this, but she insisted that this is what she wanted." When Paula told Donna that as a Christian it is important for her to do everything she can to prevent the shedding of innocent blood. Paula said: "This is a very serious sin & you have become an accomplice to the death of your friend's child." Donna defended her complicity in the murder: "All I am doing is dropping her off & picking her up. There is nothing wrong with that." Paula corrected her. "Oh yes, there is something very wrong with taking your friend here. You are making it easier for your friend to sin. This is the opposite of what a Christian is supposed to do." It was obvious that Donna was very disturbed by the scene at the clinic & Paula's words rang true to her conscience. She was shaking when she got into her car and drove away, leaving her friend there. Paula called after her; "Please, don't leave your friend here. Go back inside & get her!" but she didn't look back.

About 10 minutes later Melissa walked out the front door of the clinic. She walked slowly, as if she was in a daze. When I introduced myself to her she explained; "I'm leaving. I'm not going to do it." I tried to be as gentle & encouraging as possible. Melissa was polite & soft-spoken & very lady-like. When I asked what made her change her mind about killing her baby Melissa said: "Well, it was my friend. When I got inside the clinic my friend Donna called me. She was crying hysterically & it was hard to understand her. She had to hand the phone to her fiance. He said that she wanted me to get out of there. They would adopt my baby. I could hear Donna sobbing. I just couldn't go through with it. You see, Donna lost a baby recently. This was really awful for her." Melissa seemed truly grieved to have caused her friend so much sorrow. We gave Melissa some gifts & exchanged contact information. It turned out that Melissa attends Northland Church. Since she wasn't married I asked Melissa whether she knew that having sex outside marriage was a serious sin. I said that the Bible forbids sexual immorality & calls it the sin of fornication. Melissa looked confused & admitted that she didn't know that. I urged Melissa to make an appointment with a counselor at Northland & confess both her sin of fornication & her temptation to kill her baby by abortion. Melissa thanked me & said that she would call them on Monday. It appeared that Melissa was serious about allowing Donna & her fiance to adopt the baby she was carrying. Since Melissa lives in Altamonte Springs I gave her information about Adoption By Shepherd Care & told her that they can help her with the legal aspects of an assigned adoption.

A van with a Z 88.3 (a Christian radio station) bumper sticker drove into the clinic parking lot. Sadly, we see a LOT of these on the cars of aborting women. When we asked the driver, an older woman named Debbie, about her bumper sticker she said; "It's a Christian sticker. What's the matter with that?" We answered; "This is an abortion clinic. They murder little babies here." Debbie pointed to her teenage daughter, who was carrying a cute little baby & said: "I'm only here to get her a pregnancy test." We were very happy to be able to refer Debbie & her daughter

It has been a source of grief to us that so many professing Christians who regularly attend worship services have never really had the seriousness of sexual sin (or any other sins for that matter) explained to them. Most have never heard a sermon or even had a conversation at church about the sin of abortion murder. (In fact, two of the clinic workers have Christian symbols on their cars & even arrive to murder infants through all nine months of pregnancy with WORSHIP music playing on their car stereos!) Some churches refrain from using scriptures in their services & a large percentage of pulpiteers do not preach exegetically so that their congregations are full of people who practice sin & have no idea that 'no fornicator will inherit the kingdom of heaven'. Isn't that shocking? Most church-goers have never heard the call to genuine repentance (confessing AND forsaking sin) & through the poor instruction of their 'ministers' they become false converts who are comforted IN their sin rather than warned to turn FROM their sin. Northland (
was named one of “America’s 50 Most Influential Churches” by Church Growth Today. A number of very nice Christian friends attend Northland, but after having gone to a number of the worship services I have to say that I never heard the gospel "Repent & Believe" preached when I was there. I am very sorry to say that this is not the first aborting mother from Northland we have met at the killing place. I'll never forget the two teenage sisters, Terry & Diane. Terry had come to have a pregnancy test & to abort if she was pregnant. Diane had come to provide her sister with (im)moral support. The girls explained to us that they went to Northland because their mom's live-in boyfriend Carl made them go! Apparently their mother had met her shack up boyfriend at a Northland singles ministry & they have been living together & attending Northland for many years. Another aborting mom named Dana (who attended Northland) swore at me when I called her at home a few weeks after meeting her at the killing place. She had returned to the abortion clinic & killed her baby & screamed; "Leave me the f--- alone!" Emil Felski has been a notorious abortionist in Central Florida for many, many years. He was seen attending Northland week after week. When I asked him what he was getting out of the sermons Felski flipped me the finger. Let us pray that pastors begin once again to preach the sinfulness of man & the eternal consequences of their sin. Instead of avoiding the bloody offense of the Cross let us pray that these churchmen would come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit & be faithful to their calling to be clear in the necessity of a genuine repentance so that the way of salvation would not be shrouded in modern therapeutic quackery.

Please pray for Michelle & for Charmaine as they probably will be faced with continued temptations to sin against God & their babies by returning to the killing place in the days & weeks to come. Pray that they reach out to those of us whom God has put in their path. Pray also that Michelle does confess her sin to someone at Northland & that the person is faithful to share a biblical gospel with her.

Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic
Saturday, May 24, 2008

Many gentle Christians gathered to pray & witness as mothers & their companions streamed into the killing place. Try as we might, our earnest pleas went unheeded & the babies were dismembered alive.

The police officer who is on the killing place payroll gave Mark a hard time about having his RV with ultrasound available for the mothers to see their babies. It is obvious that there is a serious conflict of interest where Orlando Police Officer Williams is concerned. There is no room for life-saving efforts to SAVE infants but no interference to murder innocent babies.

Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic
Sabbath Day murders of babies (happens every week now)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sunday, May 25, 2008
Sanctuary Missionaries: Francile & Larry

When Francile & Larry saw the van with the logo "Restoration Church" approaching the abortion clinic, they figured that Christians were coming to pray & witness or perhaps protest against the Sabbath Day slayings at the abortion clinic. They rejoiced. Their joy soon turned to disgust when they realized that the man & woman had brought a young mother to murder her little baby. Larry approached the couple who brought the aborting mom & said: "Couldn't you at least have had the decency to cover up the name? Why drag your church into this?" The couple was incensed & shouted; "Our pastor knows all about this." The aborting mom screamed expletives at the missionaries. Then, the 'family' called the police. They said that Larry was 'harassing them'. When the police officer arrived she explained that the people felt 'threatened' by Larry's presence. Larry said; "No, officer. It is not me who is threatneing them. It is their conscience. They are murdering their baby. It's their God-given conscience that is harassing them."
Do you know anyone at Restoration Church?
Restoration International Church - restorationintlchurch.org5235 Hoffner Ave, Orlando - (407) 851-4799

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