Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letter from an imprisoned abortionist

I stood on the sidewalk at 1103 Lucerne Terrace praying against the opening of the first late term abortion clinic in Central Florida. James Scott Pendergraft had informed the city that he wanted to commit abortions through all three trimesters of pregnancy. When the Lord allowed Orlando Women's Center to open in 1996, I sensed that He wanted me to stay to reach out to the aborting moms & companions, clinic workers & yes, even the abortionists, with the gospel of life & eternity. I had already been ministering outside all of the other murder mills in Orlando for 3 years but when Orlando Women's Center opened, I settled down to make it my main mission field.

When Pendergraft was found guilty of conspiracy to commit extortion, lying under oath and mail fraud & sent to a federal penitentiary I wrote to ask the abortionist to allow me to visit him. I wanted to share the gospel with the man.

Here is what the serial baby-killer wrote to me in response to my letter:

James S. Pendergraft
Reg # 42979-018
Federal Prison Camp Atlanta
PO Oox 150160
Lukewood Station, SE
Atlanta, Ga. 30315

13 Aug 01

Dear Patte,
God says to love thy neighbors as thyself and to love all people including your enemies. That in order to love people you must not have hatred. I go to sleep every night with love and peace in my heart. I hate no one. I look forward to getting out soon and continuing my mission of helping women in one of the most difficult times in their lives. No one will ever change that. I am more determined than ever to pursue my mission.

I see you more than enough when I pass you on the sidewalk of Orlando Women's Center. If you would like to donate to my legal fees please talk with our security presonnel. God bless you and take care.

Dr Pendergraft

Perhaps this will help people to understand why I abhor the wishy-washy Christendom which makes everyone, including abortionists & aborting & post-abortive women, feels as if God loves them just the way they are ... unrepentant, with no fear of God in their eyes. This is the devil's business.

Sin is a devil dressed as an angel.
~ RC Sproul

Let niceties and relativism & humanism be flung to the dogs. Let churchianity & comfort IN sin be confessed & forsaken.

Silence kills babies. Abortion is the devil's business & the church is complicit by her silence & her tolerance. We should be ashamed & repent.

" for murderers ... their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur .."
Revelation 21:8

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