Saturday, June 19, 2010

Be sure Your Presumptuous Sins will find you out!

We meet many sexually immoral women who murder their infants saying "God forgives". We often ask them if they hope God will forgive the professing Christian pervert who intends to rape them.

Here is a story about indulgences, the practice of forgiving sins for a sum of money that was practiced by the Roman Catholic church. I have often thought that the non-Catholics churches only require church attendance & they give their hearers the impression that sin is nothing to God. Church has become a sort of 'indulgence'.

Enjoy this story.

A certain Saxon nobleman heard John Tetzel proclaiming his doctrine of indulgences, and the gentleman was much aggravated at this perversion of truth. Accordingly, he approached the monk one day and inquired as to whether he might purchase an indulgence for a sin he intended to commit.

“Most assuredly,” replied Tetzel, “I have received full powers from his holiness for that purpose.” After some haggling, a fee of thirty crowns was agreed upon, and the nobleman departed.

Together with some friends, he hid himself in a nearby forest. Presently, as Tetzel journeyed that way, the knight and his mischievous companions fell upon the papal salesman, gave him a light beating, and relieved him of his money, apparently taking no pains to disguise themselves.

Tetzel was enraged by the foul deed and filed suit in the courts. When the nobleman appeared as the defendant, he produced the letter of exemption containing John Tetzel’s personal signature, which absolved the Saxon of any liability. When Duke George (the judge before whom the action was brought) examined the document, exasperated though he was, he ordered the accused to be released.

Error is its own worst enemy!

D’Aubigne, J.H. Merle, The Life and Times of Martin Luther (Chicago: Moody, 1955), p. 103.

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