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Sanctuary Ministry Update, Aug 15th, 2008

Sanctuary Ministries

For Life & Eternity

Sanctuary Ministries Update

Friday, August 15, 2008

Orlando Women's Center abortuary

8:30 -10:30am

Sidewalk Counselors: Dale & Mary Jo

Dale reporting:
Please pray for Demonte, a 27-year-old man who brought his girlfriend (and mother of his twins) to the mill yesterday to kill their third child -- but who came outside after hearing the Word (Revelation 20 on the Great White Throne Judgement and Revelation 14 on the smoke of the torment of the condemned ascending forever). I talked with Demonte for about a half hour, leading him through the law and the gospel and showing him the promises of God in Matthew 6 and Philippians 4 for those who repent and follow Christ. He abruptly turned and said, "I'll be back in a minute." When he did not return for nearly a half hour, I left (at 10:30am) However, late in the day, we learned that Demonte had not killed his child! He left a message at Pastor Dave's house asking for me and Mary Jo. (the number was on the back of the *True Repentance tract I gave him) Demonte explained that when he went back inside the clinic and spoke with his girlfriend, she explained she was killing the child for him -- and he didn't want her to do that. Demonte also explained that she said that she had become attached to the child, as she was nearly three months along. I spoke with Demonte late in the day and asked if we could meet again. He was noncommittal, but I have his number and he has mine.

The dozen or so couples who showed up were otherwise hostile. One older woman (a professing Christian who brought a teenage girl who was not her daughter) insisted: "I can kill my baby Friday and ask God to forgive me Saturday". She was presuming His forgiveness as if sinning more so that grace may abound. (SHE WOULD NOT STOP TALKING LONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO READ HER HEBREWS 10:26.) Another -- a British woman (who claimed she was not there for an abortion, ) -- was the loudest of all, seeming to be a special envoy from Satan there to defend and comfort the murderers.

Please pray for Demonte, who's feeling overwhelmed at the responsibility of another child, as he's working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet.

Dale G.

* NOTE: To read the text of the True Repentance tract & listen to powerful sermons by Pastor David Downs of Cornerstone Church go to:

Saturday, August 16, 2008
8:10-9:30 am
Missionaries: Gina, Scott, Patte & Pat Mudge
Prayer Warriors present: four

Patte reporting:
The moment I introduced myself to Lina & gave her our ministy packet, she said: "I feel bad. I know this is wrong." We sat down together on the wall of the doctor's office next door to talk. Lina is 27 years old & 8 weeks pregnant. She is married & already has five born children, including twins. She had never killed a baby by abortion before. Lina's husband was deported to Jamaica two years ago. She is pregnant with another man's baby. Although Lina has no financial woes (she has an excellent income from a family business) she did not want the responsibility of having this baby. I suspected that she did not want her family to find out about her adulterous affair either. Lina's eyes filled with tears when I showed her what her baby looked like & explained how the infant's tiny heart had begun to beat at only 3 1/2 weeks gestation. Lina told me that there was a good chance that she was pregnant with twins. I pleaded with Lina to listen to the voice of her conscience, which tells her that it is wrong to shed the blood of her innocent children. I told Lina how she can choose a loving adoptive couple to be the forever family for her baby (or babies). Lina said: "No, I couldn't do that." I asked; "Are you telling me that you can slaughter your little child but you refuse to admit that you could take time to meet with perspective adoptive couples? It's not that you can't place your baby for adoption, Lina, it's that you won't." Lina's eyes showed that she was very aware, painfully aware, of the evil & selfishness of her sin. When I held up the photos of what would happen to her little one(s) during the abortion & explained the process of dismemberment to her, she put her fingers in her ears. Although she was polite & sat talking with me for almost 30 minutes, Lina refused to give up her plan to destroy her children. When Damien (her lover) arrived I took him aside. Damien identified himself as a lapsed Seventh Day Adventist. When I asked him if he loved Lina, Damien admitted: "I don't know her well enough or for long enough to know if I love her yet." The child (or children) Lina was carrying were Damien's first babies. I gave Damien my cell phone number & prayed that Lina would call me. She never did.

We met many more aborting mothers & fathers. Each of them heard the truth & were offered our help & were warned of the awful consequences of disobeying God's commandment: "But people who are cowardly, unfaithful, detestable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will find themselves in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death." Revelation 21:8

Sensual & sinful pleasures are muddy and poisoned waters; and the best earthly comforts are like the scanty supplies of a cistern;
when idolized, they become broken cisterns, and yield only vexation
... The agonies and terrors of the first death will lead to the far greater terrors and agonies of eternal death.

When a man's heart is fully set in him to do evil, and he is carried on in a wicked way, by the violence of his appetites and passions,
there is no making him fear the wrath of God, and the fatal consequences of sin.

~ Matthew Henry

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Orlando Women's Center

"Don't leave until I release you."

Allura reporting:

Because of the storm I wanted to call OWC to make sure they were open before I arrived. It took 21 minutes of non-stop calling before I was able to get through…it made me sick to think about why the lines were busy…desperate mothers were wanting to make sure they could murder their infants. Since schools were closed my friend Michelle chose to spend her day off with Julia, Daniel (my son), and me at the abortion clinic! (Yay!) The only mom we got to talk to was Collette, who was 5 weeks pregnant. Tears filled her eyes as we talked, and I could tell her heart was still tender towards her baby, so we discussed different ways she can receive help and support. I went to my car and got the info on First Life Center for Pregnancy, while Julia talked to her…yes, JULIA TALKED!!! J She did a great job, too, telling her that this is a huge decision, and that this season, difficult though it is, will eventually pass and Collette will either look back on this time with regret or with gladness in her heart. After we’d talked for about 10 minutes, Collette assured us that she would keep her baby, so we gathered around and prayed for her and her unborn baby, and then she, Julia, and I exchanged contact info. Collette ran into the abortion clinic building (obstensibly to get her military id)…with a smile on her face, yelling, “Thank y’all so much!” We were laughing and rejoicing with her…and then she never came back out. Michelle, Daniel, and I stayed for another 30-45 minutes, til the abortionist came flying into the driveway in his expensive black car, purchased with the blood money of tiny pre-born human beings…like Collete’s baby. It’s always difficult when you think you’ve gotten through to one of these moms, and then they murder their baby anyway. I’ve tried calling the number she gave me several times…but had to leave a message. It may not even be her real number. May God have mercy on her soul.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 (after Patte & Mary Jo had ministered)

I’d planned to meet Wanda (a mom whom we met at the clinic & who changed her mind after we left & called me at home!) after my doctor’s appointment this morning to buy shoes for her little boy and give her the school supplies and gas card I purchased with the money YOU gave!! Thank you so much! (And if you still want to contribute, that would be great!) However, b/c of the storm, we had to put off our meeting until Friday. But as I was driving home on Orange Ave, my car just automatically turned on Gore, then on Lucerne Terrace…just to pray as I drove past OWC…really! J But through the pouring rain I could see a group of pregnant women on the porch…with no one to begging them not to kill their babies. So I went out on the sidewalk, calling out for them to give their babies life. One woman kept laughing, so finally I said, “How can you laugh? Babies are being killed in there. What’s so funny?” She looked right at me and said, “You are”. In that moment, much to my dismay, I saw myself as she saw me: a 51 year old woman with frizzy hair, glasses, baseball cap, standing alone in the driving rain and wind, trying to hang on to a purple umbrella in one hand and soggy papers in the other, calling out to people who didn’t want to hear what I had to say…and I felt stupid…old, ugly, funny-looking and stupid. But in that moment, our awesome God reached down from His holy heaven, scooped me up in His strong, mighty arms, and said, “Don’t stop! You are My precious daughter, My beloved. I am using you, in all your weakness and inadequacy, to share My heart for these lost people and the babies they’re planning to murder. This is persecution for righteousness sake. Don’t leave until I release you.” And suddenly, I had strength to stay, to be a voice for the unborn, to warn the murdering moms and dads of the judgment to come if they don’t repent. I wasn’t alone; Jehovah Jireh was right there with me, my Provider, my Protector!!! And you know what? I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything this world has to offer! This is what we were made for, to obey our Creator!

I know this is long but I just have to share the sweet note from my dear friend, Patsy, in response to the comments I’d made in one of my updates. She wrote:

“…as I read (your e-mail), I got tears in my eyes and I realized a lie I've believed that others may not even know is in them.....that is that I wouldn't say the right things…so what good would I do there....then I read the sentence where you said .... “We tried to have him go inside to get his girlfriend & drive away” came to me....I could say that.... I don't have to understand in my mind all the details of abortion or think I have to be an intellectual person to explain exactly the medical stuff that happens or the process…but just be me and let God love them and plead with them....acting like Jesus...”

Who will come with me next week? J

His Only by Grace,



Wednesday, August 20, 2008
7:55am - 9:25am
Late term & early abortions
Missionaries: Mary Jo & Patte
Prayer Warriors present: none

The wings of the ostrich wave proudly; But are they the pinions and plumage of love?
... She is hardened against her young ones, as though they were not her's ...
Job 39:13,16

the daughter of my people is become cruel, like the ostriches in the wilderness.
Lamentations 4:3

It was a rainy, windy morning as I set up the posters & laid out the models of babies. The posters kept flying off my windows. When I leaned over to pick them up my ministry pocketbook (full of tracts) spilt out on the wet street & began to blow away. I tried not to be frustrated & sang a song to the Lord as I picked up the precious materials & asked Jesus to prepare my heart to show love & compassion to those who would be arriving to murder the little babies today.

Clinic worker Sonia arrived first at 8:05am. She has been delivering the babies inside the killing place for many years. According to a mother who had delivered her baby inside Orlando Women's Center at six months of pregnant, Sonia prays in Jesus' name. Yet Sonia is cruel & obscene. I will never forget the day we saw Sonia her take the body of an infant from a young father. He had brought the baby to the back door of the clinic in a plastic bag ( )

At 8:15 a mother brought her lovely young daughter in to kill. (Since the doors of the killing place do not open until 9am, we are able to speak with abortion-bound moms like this for 45 minutes. What a blessing!) The mother tried to dismiss me as I introduced myself to her & her daughter as they walked from the back parking lot to the front door to try & get in. I asked the daughter what was the biggest reason why she didn't want to raise her baby. I explained that the child she was carrying in her womb was not a mistake or an accident but a gift from God. Created in His image & likeness her little one was given to her by the Lord Himself. I addressed both of their consciences by using God's moral Law: "You shall not murder". The mother made their truck's alarm go off so that her daughter wouldn't hear me. They got back into their truck & turned on their CD player very loud. I was grateful to have the truth horn which helps amplify what I was saying to them as I spoke in a conversational tone of voice.

Car after car pulled into the parking lot & some of the abortion-bound moms parked on the street. Mary Jo & I tried to get a packet into everyone hand. When 23 year old Imara arrived with her 41 year old mother I assumed that Imara was the one who was pregnant. She smiled as she accepted the ministry packet from Mary Jo & I, but explained that she wasn't pregnant. It was her mother Angela! Angela spoke no English & neither Mary Jo nor I are fluent. I was able to say a few of the Spanish phrases that I have memorized, like "Your baby is a gift from God", "God says that abortion is a mortal sin", "This place is a place of death". Angela had a very serious look on her face & stood quietly, shaking her head as I spoke with her. Imara helped to translate my questions to her mother & was very helpful to tell her mom the things that I did not know how to say. As it turns out Angela is married & her husband (Imara's step-dad) wanted the baby & was opposed to Angela killing the child. However, Angela did not want to start over again raising a baby. Imara's brother is 19 years old. I explained all about open adoption & urged Angela to call A Chosen Child Adoption Agency immediately so that she could begin to look at profiles of couples on the adoption waiting list. I noticed that Imara wore a necklace of the Virgin Mary. When I asked if they were Catholic they indicated "Not really." I asked Imara what she thought of abortion & she said: "I don't think it's wrong." I tried to impress on Imara that it is what God says that really matters & He says "Shed not innocent blood." Since Angela's baby was 12 weeks gestation, I handed her a beautiful baby model of a child between 11-12 weeks. She held the baby in her hands & appeared to marvel at the intricacy of God's design. Angela tried to hand the baby back to me but I said, "No, that is yours. That is what your baby looks like." I showed them both photographs of babies who had been murdered by abortion. Angela seemed disturbed by the truth, but neither she nor her daughter exhibited any fear of the Lord. We offered to have Angela speak with Mary Jo's mom, Marian, by phone, because she speaks Spanish. She shoke her head "No" & Imara said that her mom didn't want to talk to Marian. I pointed to Gina's telephone number on the back of the brochure & urged her to call it.

Please pray for Angela ... Pray that she did not murder her baby. Pray that she will call Gina or the adoption agency.

We have a wonderful update from Pastor Felix & his wife Keri. They have been loving one of the moms we met at the clinic for many months now. Silvia is from Mexico but she is from a tribe of Indians there & speaks no English & is only now learning Spanish. Pastor Felix & the people in his church have been reaching out to Silvia & providing for her needs. In addition to helping Silvia by getting her much needed furniture & baby clothes (this is her first baby!) Pastor Felix has been meeting with Silvia & her fiance once a week to study the bible together. I just met with Keri & she said that last week there were EIGHT people at the bible study at Silvia & Jesus's apartment!!!! EIGHT! Isn't that great!?! These are all friends of the thankful couple. Felix has provided each of them with a bible. Please pray that God grants all of these curious, humble & friendly Mexicans repentance unto life & saving faith in Jesus Christ. At least one of the men cannot read. Keri said: "Almost everyone in our little church has been involved in the lives of Silvia & Jesus in one way or another. We have adopted this mother & we are all very blessed by this. Please send us any other women that you meet! Now that is the way we have always dreamed a church & it's pastor & people would be!

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte & Scott Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
Revelation 3:14

They may call their lukewarmness charity, meekness, moderation, and a largeness of soul; it is nauseous to Christ, and makes those so that allow themselves in it. They shall be rejected, and finally rejected; for far be it from the holy Jesus to return to that which has been thus rejected.
...We have one cause of this indifference and inconsistency in religion assigned, and that is self-conceitedness or self-delusion.

~ Matthew Henry

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