Saturday, August 30, 2008

Come Suffer With Me!

To My Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,
After a difficult morning at the clinic this week I found myself praising God that the Lord has strengthened me & you by His grace to endure hardship of laboring in battle for those who are perishing. When you fight for God, God will fight for you!

This week Scott & I listened to another great sermon by Pastor Dave Downs. In fact, we listened to it over & over again. It made me think of you. Pastor Dave is preaching through the book of Joshua & showing how God directed Joshua to fight the wicked kings, which are types of sin. Uprooting Root Sins is the title & it is a powerful message & so encouraging for us who are fighting the good fight as we battle for life & eternity & mortify the sin in our own hearts. Go to to listen to this great message.

Here are a few scriptures that keep coming to mind when I have a trying time of witnessing at the killing place & when I receive your updates describing the physical emotional & spiritual toll of reaching those who are perishing. When we suffer discomfort & encounter persecution & when we find the indwelling law of sin & death in our body pressure to draw back, we can look to the scriptures for courage to persevere:

Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord or of me His prisoner,
but join with me in suffering for the gospel according to the power of God,
II Tim 1:8

Join me in suffering like a good soldier of the Messiah Jesus.
II Tim 2:3

This command I entrust to you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophecies previously made concerning you,
that by them you fight the good fight,
I Tim 1:18

As our trials increase, we need to grow stronger in that which is good; our faith stronger, our resolution stronger, our love to God and Christ stronger. This is opposed to our being strong in our own strength. All Christians, but especially ministers, must be faithful to their Captain, and resolute in His cause. The great care of a Christian must be to please Christ. We are to strive to get the mastery of our lusts and corruptions, but we cannot expect the prize unless we observe the laws. We must take care that we do good in a right manner, that our good may not be spoken evil of. Some who are active, spend their zeal about outward forms and doubtful disputations. But those who strive lawfully shall be crowned at last. If we would partake the fruits, we must labour; if we would gain the prize, we must run the race. We must do the will of God, before we receive the promises, for which reason we have need of patience. Together with our prayers for others, that the Lord would give them understanding in all things, we must exhort and stir them up to consider what they hear or read.

~ Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on II Tim 2:1-7

Be encouraged, dear ones I am praying for you & with you. We KNOW that Jesus will give us complete confidence & peace in Him by His Holy Spirit. With Christ, we are never alone, but I am praying for more reliable workers to come alongside us to our committed companions.

Oh blessed be the Name of the most High God. He is our strong tower!

Together for Life & Eternity,


Those are best prepared for the life to come,
that sit most loose to this present life.
~ Matthew Henry

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