Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Starring Death in the Eye

In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of men.

And the Light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.

John 1: 4 & 5


Sanctuary Ministries has utilized the powerful graphics of both beautiful images of pre-born babies & photographs of infants who were slaughtered by abortion for as long as I can remember. I am convinced that it is a visual depiction of the moral Law of God, 'You shall not murder'. The Holy Bible describes that Law of the Lord as being 'perfect, converting the soul' (Ps 19:7)& a light (Pro 6:23) a that it is a schoolmaster to lead people to Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:24). We have faith in the instrumentality of the Lord's Word & we have utmost confidence that God will use these graphic images of murder to help us communicate truth to the conscience of aborting moms, dads, friends & even the clinic workers when we display them as we speak the Words of Life & Eternity to them.Following is an article by Frank Pavone with evidence of how the Lord provides a witness to the sin of abortion with the graphic images.

If you have people in your life who disagree with the use of these images, you might consider sending this along to them. And while you're at it, invite them to come along with us to the killing place to rescue the perishing, will you?

Together for Life & Eternity,

Patte Smith

Sanctuary Ministries

Staring Death in the Eye

A few of my colleagues in the pro-life movement have at times made the blanket generalization that showing pictures of aborted babies "doesn't work" or is "counterproductive." They say people already know abortion is evil, and seeing the photos will only turn them away from our movement. Nor, they say, will the photos persuade someone not to have an abortion.

May I present some evidence to the contrary. These are three of hundreds of emails I receive from people who see these photos at

1. "Up until I visited this site I had been prochoice. I thought that I would do an Internet search to see exactly what an abortion entails. After seeing the images on your site, there was no decision to be made. I figured that whatever hardships having a baby at this time would bring me would be far easier than living with the guilt I knew I would never rid myself of if I was to get an abortion. The pictures had such a powerful effect on me. They helped me to be strong and realize that this pregnancy was made possible by God and if it wasn't meant to be, that was His choice, not mine."

2. "Hello, I am a sixteen-year-old female and I just finished looking at the pictures on your site and reading what actually happens during an abortion. Up until five minutes ago I was extremely pro-choice. Because of your site, I realize that abortion is not a choice about a woman's is the LIFE of a BABY. Never before did I realize how truly horrible and careless abortion really is. Maybe it's because I'd never seen the pictures, or read the actual descriptions of abortion. Maybe I was too afraid to know the truth. But within 3 minutes of viewing your website, my face was covered in tears. Those pictures just really hurt to look at. I cannot express how grateful I am that you have shown me the truth about abortion. God bless you."

3. "Thank you so much for your website. I am 14 weeks pregnant and my partner wants me to have an abortion. ... so I thought about it. I got on the internet trying to see how much it cost and I was lead to your site. I wanted to see what happens and what they look like at 14 weeks. Thanks to your site. I am not going to do it. I am unable to commit murder. That is like killing my own children at their age. This is a remarkable website. Everyone should see this site before they consider having an abortion. Everyone needs to see this to determine if they are able to live with themselves after doing this".

Many other messages like these are posted at

Now if someone prefers not to use the photos, that's fine. Many others will, and there are many other kinds of pro-life work to go around. But please don't say the photos don't work. They certainly do.

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Praise for our Work!

Father Pavone: Recently an email was sent to me with a link to your video [on youtube]. After watching a response was necessary.

This is one of the most terrible, loathsome, sickening, awful (in both senses of the word) AND most necessary videos I have ever watched. Just now, not 5 minutes ago I watched it and it so deeply affected me. I have never been a proponent of abortion, in fact it is and has been my firm belief that abortion is wrong. Still this video is necessary because it tells the truth and could convince someone who is on the edge. We do have to remember that the violence of abortion does not make it wrong. It is wrong because our Lord says it is wrong.

I will be sending the email on to friends and acquaintances whether I know their stance or not. I have many friends both Christian & not who will find this email as disturbing as I but will recognize it’s importance. Thank you for producing it. -- Nancy

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