Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Visit the Fatherless *+* Sanctuary Ministries Witnessing Times

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this,
To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
James 1:27

The silence of the church is deafening.

How can it be church as usual while the orphans are slaughtered
in the shadow of a thousand steeples
here in Orlando?

Join us for ...
Sanctuary Ministries Abortion Outreach

Orlando Women's Center

killing place

12:30 (ministry time 11:45-1pm)

9am Late & early term killings (ministry time: 8-9:30am)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
9am (ministry time: 8:15-9:30am & beyond)

7:30am (mnistry time 6:45-8am)
Please note: Days and times are subject to change. We highly recommend that you RSVP:

Baby developing in the womb at 19 weeks.

RSVP: Scott & Patte Smith

1103 Lucerne Terrace
Orlando, FL 32806

Patte & Kristin

(a precious little girl saved from abortion outside Orlando Women's Center killing place)

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte & Scott Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

There are “Jonahs” on the boat - and they are
sending the nation down.
Who are these Jonahs? I believe they are the “prophets” of America who will not preach the truth - who sleep comfortably in the bowels
of the nation while chaos reigns all around them. Too afraid to deliver God’s word ‘Repent’, they run the other way - toward smooth talk and pleasant sayings - “Peace peace” when there is no peace. And the depths of this great crisis can be laid directly at their door.

Yes - that’s right. A big reason why the ship of America is sinking is because her prophets ran away from their God-given task and message at the crucial moment.

If only these prophets had preached the TRUTH when the nation so desperately needed to hear it. If only they had begun - way back in the 1980’s - to call the lukewarm church to repentance,
to rebuke the people for their love of money, their greed, their sin. But no - the siren call of “popularity” was too strong. The call of
“grace, grace”, of mass acceptance, of big reputations and even bigger offerings. And so they sold out. And now they sleep bliss-
fully in the midst of the ship, while the storm whips to fury all around. How do you sleep, O Jonahs, who would not cry “Repent”?

... it is not just the leaders who are at fault here. It is also the people, who “love to have it so”. And thus until the heart of the people is scourged and purged they will accomodate the “Jonahs” -
even seeking more of their ear-tickling fables to comfort themselves in this time of breaking ...

until her people act of their own volition to throw these Jonahs overboard - this storm will go on and on. In fact, it is about to grow a whole lot worse.

Mark my words, America: Until you remove these Jonahs, your nation cannot recover. They have held the whole world in thrall by their apostasy. And God cannot have it so any more. How long will it take you to realize? How long will it take you to act?

THROW THE JONAHS OVERBOARD and be done with them!!
Only then will this mother of all storms subside.

~ Andrew Strom

After you go witnessing at the clinic with us, call some friends & go see Fireproof this weekend:

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