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Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sanctuary Ministries Update
Gospel Outreach at:
Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christianity teaches men to be joyful under troubles: such exercises are sent from God's love;
and trials in the way of duty will brighten our graces now, and our crown at last ...
We should not pray so much for the removal of affliction, as for wisdom to make a right use of it.
~ Matthew Henry

Know therefore that the LORD thy God, He is God, the faithful God,
which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love Him and keep His commandments
to a thousand generations ...
Deuteronomy 7:9

Allura reporting:

Go to: to see the speech Lia gave to her 7th grade class. What an incredible young lady! Talk about doing hard things! I want to be like HER when I grow up!

Last Tuesday was very challenging as one of our missionaries saw a 'friend' walk into the abortion clinic. After praying and asking God for wisdom, the sidewalk counselor chose to WALK INTO THE CLINIC to try to get his friend out. The rest of us instinctively dropped to our knees, praying that God would have mercy and give us protection in this situation. Thankfully, this was handled quietly ... and the man we'll call 'Larry' came out to share why he was in there with his girlfriend. Although Larry was given several opportunities to turn away from this evil deed, he chose to allow his girlfriend to kill their baby. Those of who were there were grieved by this abortion, because it touches the lives of some of our closest friends and family. (Several of us were acquaintances of Larry.) I’ve been going to Orlando Women's Center for many years, and I knew that one day I’d probably be personally affected by this crime against the unborn. But this was hard. One thing that amazes us all, though, is that God, in His kindness and unbelievable mercy, allowed Larry to come on the exact day, and the exact time, that his missionary 'friend' was there…so he was confronted with the truth, and given a chance to repent. Larry will have to live with that for the rest of his life. May God have mercy on Larry's soul. Please pray for my precious friends, who are deeply impacted by the killing of this little one. They are desperate for God to help them.

Friends of Sanctuary Ministries,
It is always a personal challenge to face our fears and allow Christ to swallow them up in His grace and give us the faith and the courage to go to the abortion clinic to witness. We ask our Savior to fill us with His own compassion and wisdom and discernment as we introduce ourselves to strangers and offer our help through their pregnancy. I know that you might be able to imagine how difficult and uncomfortable it would be if someone you knew was walking into a killing place as you reached out to engage the lost with the gospel of life and eternity. This has happened several times over the years and it is always especially painful for those of us who know and love the woman or man who are purposed in their hearts to shed innocent blood. What a blessing that we do not have to depend upon our own strength, but on the provision of God through prayerful dependence. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraides not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed." James 1:5 & 6 Truly these are times that try men's souls, but we are not as those without comfort. We have the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to lead and guide us on our way. We believe the scriptures, that the trials of our faith work for our sanctification. So, we labor to "let patience have her perfect work."

I would like to ask you for prayer for our dear Allura, who leads the team on Tuesdays & often ministers at the killing place three times a week. It appears that the enemy of life has specifically targeted her & he is using a police officer's threats to do it. Lift up our precious sister as she seeks to remain humble and respond in meekness when this particular cop harasses her. Ask the Master to give us all discernment as we deal with the actions of this policeman, whom we have reported to internal affairs at OPD for past discrimation. We are considering requesting a meeting with OPD regarding the unfair treatment of Allura & others on our missionary team. Our goal is to protect and preserve our rights to free speech and freedom of religious expression as we continue to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and practice pure religion by visiting the imperiled orphans in their affliction.

We would like to leave you with the following excerpt of commentary from Matthew Henry on James 1:1-11:

Christianity teaches men to be joyful under troubles: such exercises are sent from God's love; and trials in the way of duty will brighten our graces now, and our crown at last. Let us take care, in times of trial, that patience, and not passion, is set to work in us: whatever is said or done, let patience have the saying and doing of it. When the work of patience is complete, it will furnish all that is necessary for our Christian race and warfare. We should not pray so much for the removal of affliction, as for wisdom to make a right use of it. ..
A mind that has single and prevailing regard to its spiritual and eternal interest, and that keeps steady in its purposes for God, will grow wise by afflictions, will continue fervent in devotion, and rise above trials and oppositions...

Together for Life & Eternity by the grace of Christ,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

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Anonymous said...

Paula, Patte, Ursula and Theresa: God must be very happy with you. The story of Sonia and Warren made me almost cry, and I am a 71 year old man. You just keep up what you are doing. You have such faith. I will pray for all of you. If I missed naming anyone you are in my thoughts and prayers too.

I am too old to do anything but pray now, but our city has a '40 days' vigil going on and I may attend for an hour or so. God bless you in your work. One life saved is worth all of the pain and heartache.