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Sanctuary Ministries Update
Saturday, January 31, 2009
Orlando Women's Center abortuary

Dear Friends,
Yesterday we experienced the joy of seeing the Lord use us to reach two aborting moms, & perhaps even a third baby was saved. Our encounters with the abortion-bound on Saturday alone could fill a book. So as not to overwhelm you, I would like to feature the testimony of our missionaries about the three moms who left the clinic in separate e mails so that you can digest them one at a time.

precious preborn baby at six weeks

There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
Proverbs 14:12

A woman who has no fear of God, who is willful ... will as certainly ruin her family, as if she plucked her house down.
~ Matthew Henry

Dave reported about Tiffany & Danny:

As we stood on the sidewalk speaking to the front of the mill, I noticed on my left a couple coming onto the driveway. I approached and asked them to take the very helpful information packet I was carrying. The woman wore a brightly, multi-colored scarf around her intricately-braided hair and the man wore a denim jacket with a baseball hat pulled down so that I couldn’t directly see his eyes. As I spoke, though, they both stopped and looked up at me, so I thanked God to myself that He was giving me an opportunity to share with them. So many times people try to rush by us. If they even take an information packet, I consider this a success. Even if they don’t read it, maybe the literature will make it into the right hearts inside the mill, I pray.

I asked the couple why they didn’t want to keep their baby. The man said that they were married and already had 2 kids, but that he had just lost his job on Monday. The car body shop where he worked had been “torched”, the work of an arsonist. He said that he lost his tools in the blaze and that the entire staff had been laid-off. He’s been looking for a job since Wednesday, but "there’s no work". He’s behind in his bills, and they can’t afford another child. It was like boom-boom-boom, almost like he had a prepared statement. About that time, Clyde joined us carrying the large poster of a 10-week aborted baby ( and they both recoiled in disgust. I asked them their names – Danny and Tina – and we introduced ourselves.

I asked whether they thought the image on the poster was just a 'mass of cells' or if it was a human baby. They both agreed, "It’s a baby." So I asked Tina if she knew how far along she was in her pregnancy and Danny answered, “About a month.” I showed Tina how her baby was developing on the special brochure I had given her ( I said that usually moms are 6-weeks pregnant before they realize it and Tiffany agreed. So I ran through the stages: 21 days has a heart beat, 30 days major organs, 42 days – the six week mark – measureable brain activity. I said "If the organs were are being formed and now your baby has brain waves, we can imagine that your little girl is going to feel incredible pain if you go through with this abortion." I asked Danny if he had ever dislocated his shoulder and he said, “No, that would hurt bad.” I answered, “Can you imagine what it would feel like for somebody to rip your arm completely from your shoulder socket? Or your leg from your pelvis?” That seemed to really shock them, but Danny still offered excuses about why it would be better to kill the baby than to try raising the child with no job.

I asked Danny if he ever hated anybody enough to kill them. He said "No." So I asked whether he ever thought about hiring an assassin to murder somebody. He shook his head, “No, I’ve never hated anybody that bad before. I get along pretty well with people. I’m cool. I don’t let things get to me.” My response was, “So why are you planning to hire an assassin this morning to kill your little baby? Has this baby done anything so bad to you that she deserves to be killed?” That seemed to get their attention.

Clyde asked them where they are from. They said that they were both originally from Jamaica and they had moved to Orlando from New York last year. That gave Clyde an opportunity to share about his background, since he is from Haiti. Clyde said, “We’ve got it so much better than back on the islands, don’t we?” Danny agreed. I said, “So couldn’t you put that $440 (the price of the abortion) to better use? That might be more money than somebody from Jamaica makes in a whole year. What would they think about using it to kill your baby?” Clyde agreed that even in poverty, people around the world still do what it takes to keep their children. I said that God works through people like us to help people who are struggling. This is His plan to bless us so that we can be a blessing to others.

Eventually, Danny softened, smiled, and stopped giving excuses for their abortion plan. I asked Danny if he believed in God and he said, "Yeah. We go to First Baptist in Rockledge." After a little more talking, he turned to Tina and asked, “So what do you think?” And she said softly, “No, we can’t, ok?” We still weren’t sure whether this was positive or if they were still feeling hopeless about their circumstances. So Clyde shared Matt 6:25-34 about how we’re not to worry about our material needs and that we should “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” I shared that the 23rd Psalm was written in the desert, so the “green pastures” represent just little sprigs of grass, like that shaded area behind them. God promises to take care of us, but it might not be rolling fields of lush grass for his sheep. We promised them that we’d help them all along the way. Clyde mentioned adoption as an option for them, but they both shook their heads over this possibility. But when we asked if it’s better for their baby to be in the trash of the abortion clinic than with a loving couple, they agreed that they’d have to keep their baby. Another new counselor, Israel, joined us at some point and shared how important it is to allow the church family to help out. “We are the body, not just the visible church, but we are your brothers and sisters.” Israel offered him a job doing handiwork, such as laying tile and Danny said that he was willing to work hard and learn new skills, “whatever it takes.”

While Tina made a phone call on Danny’s cell, he explained that they had walked from the gas station and left his nephew with their other kids, so she was checking on them. Since they are coming from Rockledge, I offered Danny some money for gas and he gratefully accepted. Patte gave Paula a gift bag for new moms to bring over to Tina. We all were rejoicing over Danny & Tina's decision to keep the baby. We talked some more and then asked for a word of prayer, praising our Lord Jesus for the opportunity share His love and be obedient to Him. We exchanged phone numbers. They retrieved their minivan and drove by the mill so we could meet their little boy and girl and wish more blessings. We’re going to be checking in with them throughout the week to see if there’s anything they need.

Praise the Lamb Who Was Slain for Us!

We hope you will look at the following schedule & prayerfully consider making a weekly sacrifice of a few hours to rescue the perishing.

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte & Scott Smith
Sanctuary Ministries
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Baby developing in the womb at 19 weeks.

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Sanctuary Missionary Schedule


* Mondays: No committed permanent missionary. GREAT NEED!
Tuesdays: Allura ( is the lead missionary with a precious team from Metro Life Church.
Wednesdays a.m: Patte ( is the lead missionary with Ben, Mary Jo & Allura co-laboring.
* Wednesday afternoon: Pat Mudge ( is committed to every other Wednesday afternoon (beginning February 4) Pat NEEDS a committed ministry partner. And we NEED a missionary pair for the alternate Wednesday afternoons (beginning Feb 11th).
* Thursdays: No committed permanent missionary team. NEED! Ursula ( has often taken the lead to fill this time but she also fills in where needed on other days. We NEED a missionary pair for Thursdays.
* Friday a.m. Ben & Mary Jo ( are the lead missionaries but they NEED alternates because they are often not able to make it & their daughter is about to be born. : )
* Fridays at 1pm: NO MISSIONARY coverage. GREAT NEED!
* Saturdays: Scott & Patte ( are the lead missionaries, with the Rislers, Gina, Spring, Allura & others often joining us. We NEED committed alternates because several of us are often out of state for extended periods of time.

Patte & Kristin

(a precious little girl saved from abortion outside Orlando Women's Center killing place)

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