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Sanctuary Ministries Update Orlando Women's Center outreach Thursday, February 12, 2008

Sanctuary Ministries Update

Orlando Women's Center outreach

Thursday, February 12, 2008

Baby's feet at 10 weeks gestation

Ursula was by herself, but not alone, for Jesus was with her. She arrived at the abortuary at 8:15am & approached each of the cars as they arrived to have abortions. With so many to offer ministry packets to, Ursula missed one of the cars that drove down the driveway into the back parking lot. Ursula explained:
"When the couple got out of their vehicle I called out them, saying, "My name is Ursula. Come over so I can give you something." Ursula was so happy when the couple responded by stopping for a moment to give her their full attention, and remarked, "I always think is a miracle when they look at you." Knowing that Ursula was there to help prevent them from hurting their baby, the man protested. "What if you can't financially afford another child?" Ursula answered; "We are all naked before God. We cannot take our money with us. When we stand before the Lord it is only us and our conscience." The man agreed. Ursula showed them the photo of a little baby's hand. She explained that their baby's heart began to beat at only 3 1/2 weeks gestation and said; "Abortion is killing. God says 'You shall not murder'. I can take you to JMJ for a free ultrasound. They may do an ultrasound inside the clinic, but they will turn the screen away so that you will not see your baby. They know that if the mothers were to see their children on the sonogram and hear their little hearts beating that many would leave without killing their children." The couple told Ursula their names were Sonia and Warren. By this time Theresa arrived and was praying as Ursula spoke with Sonia & Warren. As Ursula took out our tract 'Killing a Baby by Abortion is a Serious Sin', the couple remained in rapt attention, hanging on her every word. Ursula was rejoicing in her soul. "The miracle was that they were so open!" The couple looked at each other and excused themselves from Ursula and walked back towards their car. As they stood in the parking lot talking Theresa came to Ursula and said; "Let's pray!" They prayed hard. Soon Warren & Sonia were embracing. Sonia was sobbing. After a few minutes they both got into their car and began to drove out of the parking lot. Theresa said: "Let's go and speak to them!" and she & Ursula rushed over to reach them before they pulled into the street. Warren stopped the car and Sonia got out of the passenger side and came over to Ursula & Theresa to speak with them. Red-eyed, crying, Sonia was full of emotion. Ursula explained; "Theresa spoke to Sonia saying; 'You are Jesus' lamb because you listen to His voice'. She was wonderful with Sonia. So sweet and gentle." They all exchanged telephone numbers. Since the couple lives in Palm Bay, Ursula contacted another Christian friend named Mark to do follow-up. Ursula spoke with Sonia by phone today and made arrangements to send a blessing package with pre-natal vitamins, a pregnancy book, a Bible and a few other gifts, including some clothes for her two other children. Sonia was very happy to hear from Ursula and thanked her for being there to stop her from hurting her baby. "Warren is very glad too. We are both so thankful that you were there yesterday."

Precious Sanctuary missionaries were there to engage the aborting moms today. Lord willing, we will be returning to rescue the perishing in the morning. Although it is Valentine's Day, the abortuary is scheduled to murder babies as usual. We hope that you will remember our labors as you rise from your beds. Pray that Jesus Christ will be lifted high and that we will love our neighbors as ourselves.

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

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