Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby born alive from abortion, mother sues Pendergraft

On November 15, 2001 Carla Hobard (a pseudonym) arrived at Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic ( Carla was 22.3 weeks pregnant and she wanted an abortion. She was given Cytotec in hourly intervals from 1:30 until midnight. She took 12 doses & was never, at any time personally evaluated, examined or treated by any licensed physician. Carla left the abortuary at 1pm and her baby girl was born ALIVE at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Little 'Jenny' weighed 555 grams.

Carla is seeking financial support for her daughter, who suffered permanent injuries due to being forced to be born extremely prematurely. Carla and has filed a law suit on behalf of Jenny against abortionist Randall B. Whitney (the 'on call' abortionist at Orlando Women's Center that night), James Scott Pendergraft (abortionist and abortion clinic owner) and Orlando Women's Center, Inc.

To research this story you can look up civil suit Case Number: 04-CA-1202 Orange County Courthouse.

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