Friday, April 16, 2010

How to witness to an abortion-minded woman

Many Christians want to go to abortuaries to reach out to women but they simply cannot figure out what to say. We have an international gospel outreach to aborting women. Recently Jen, one of our sacred counselors wrote to a mother who is planning the murder of her child. Jen's beautiful words were so powerful & touching that I thought I would share them with you:

Dearest Mother,
God has blessed you with this precious baby and your baby is a gift from Him! You are not pregnant by mistake. The bible says that God is knitting your little one together in your womb. (Job 10:11, Psalm 139:14) What an amazing thought! God also says in His Word that "You shall not murder". It is the sixth commandment & it is written in your heart & in your conscience by the finger of God. Despite your unusual circumstances, the best & right thing for you to do is just obey God. His law is good and for our protection.

You said that you don't want to raise this baby by yourself. Have you looked into a crisis pregnancy center near you? If you tell me the general area you live in I can try and find one for you. You don't have to walk through your pregnancy alone. Circumstances should never be a reason to kill another human. If a rapist said "I just really wanted to rape that circumstances have been horrible. I've been lonely ever since my girlfriend left me." We wouldn't think it was ok. Think about your precious little one. Your child is safe in your womb being protected by the very one who should protect him or her. YOU are your baby's mother & God made you to be your infant's fiercest protector.

The problem is that the USA has made something legal that is wrong in God's sight. Just because it's legal, it doesn't mean it's ok. During the slave trade it was legal to kill blacks by lynching them and during the holocaust it was legal to torture and kill Jews. Both of which, I'm sure, you would say were wrong. In the USA, we have determined that little babies that you can't see because they are in their mommy's womb somehow don't have the right to live if we decide to kill them. This is wrong and I'm hoping that you would see that murder is never the right choice.

Another problem, is that outside of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ we are dead in our sins. (Eph 2:1,5; Col 2:13) We need a Savior to pay the punishment for all of the laws we have broken in God's courtroom. Lying, coveting (wanting something that isn't yours), looking with lust and having sex outside of marriage(considered adultery in God's sight), stealing, dishonoring our parents, and breaking the Sabbath are just a few of the sins we have committed. Ask yourself how you have broken the laws of God. When I made a list of the sins I had committed the many pages that I filled weren't even close to the number I had actually committed. We have to understand that we will face God one day and He will hold us accountable for breaking His law. If God is a just God the sin HAS to be punished. (Hebrews 9:27) The question is: Who is going to pay for your sin? Either you will pay for your sin in hell or if you repent and turn to our Lord, Jesus Christ--He will!! (Mark 1:15; Matthew 3:10) Christ is the ONLY person to lead a perfect sinless life and die as a sacrifice, rising again in 3 days. What a merciful and loving God to provide a way to be forgiven of all of the wrong (sin) we have committed!!

I want you to know that some of the things I am saying might be difficult to take in. I understand. I am no better than you. I am just wanting to bring the truth of God to you! I pray that you would think on God's law that says: "You shall not murder" and that you wouldn't take the life of your baby. I pray that you would repent and believe the gospel! God is such forgiving God! We just have to see our sin before Him and turn from it to serve Him!

Please know I am here if you have any questions or need anything.

God bless,

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