Friday, July 30, 2010

Are all sins equal in God's eyes? What about ABORTION?

While it is commonly held & taught in modern Christendom that all sins are equal, this Scripture & many more, clearly hold forth that there is difference in the degree of sin & that, indeed. some sins are greater (worse, more evil) than others. There are some grievous sins, such the shedding of innocent blood & the sin of Sodom & Gomorrah, which are recorded by the Holy Spirit as 'crying sins' unto God (Gen 4:10; 18: 20-21). Some sins are identified as 'mighty sins', as in Amos 5:12.

Transgressions against the human body are great evils in the sight of God.

'Every sin has a voice to speak, but some sins cry. As some diseases are worse than others, and some poisons more venomous, so some sins are more heinous.' ~ Thomas Watson

As the blood of Abel cried out from the ground to God for vengeance & justice, so must the blood of little children, murdered by their own mothers & fathers, howl into the ear of their Creator.

The idea that all sins are the same is defended by those who make the point that any sin has the power to keep us out of heaven. Indeed, we are conceived in iniquity, having been born guilty, inheriting our sin nature (original sin) from Adam. We commit sin out of an evil, depraved heart. We are not sinners BECAUSE we sin, we sin BECAUSE we are sinners. Without God providing the remedy for sin in the finished work of Jesus Christ, no one could be saved. There is no argument that, without repentance & faith in the Savior, every sin will bar us from heaven. Jesus raised the bar of what sin was when He taught that if a man looks with lust he is an adulterer at heart. If we hate our neighbor, we are guilty of murder of the heart. The Lord was not making all sin the same, He was increasing the guilt of our sins of the heart. (Matthew 5:28, I Jo 3:15) The Bible, however, does not teach that sins are equal in the sight of God.

The other reason people like this the false notion of every sin being the same as another is, of course, to soothe the guilty conscience. When one desires to commit a more serious sin one can simply dismiss their responsibility for obeying by making light of the sin they fancy. The devil did this in the garden, making sure to direct Eve to question the fact that God had promised death to them if they sinned. Hath God said? It's really all simply the same-old, same-old, 'suppressing the truth in unrighteousness' at work. "

The biblical doctrine of general revelation ( helps us to understand how a person can & does sin willfully, knowing that God will be righteously angry at them. "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them."
Romans 1:18-19

Nothing new under the sun, that's for sure.

This false doctrine of 'all sin is the same' has taken a firm hold today. We hear it every time we are out at the abortuary. How comforting for sexually immoral church-going ladies who are killing their children to believe that fornicating & murdering their baby is the same as telling a little white lie. How tragic for their children, who have to watch their mother whore herself out to men who never marry her & how fatal for the poor little infants she consigns to the abortionist's knife!

If the aborting women who make this foolish pronouncement "All sin is the same to God anyway" were honest with themselves, they would never say such a thing. I always challenge the people who repeat this dying doctrine. No one really believes such a thing. No wife would believes that it is not more evil for her husband to SLEEP with another woman than to LUST after another woman. Come on!

While planning to murder her baby makes every abortion-bound mother guilty before God of being a murderer-at-heart, she adds the crimson stain of her child's innocent blood when she actually procures the diabolical dismemberment of her baby. God did not order capital punishment for THINKING of murdering a person. Stoning to death was commanded for those who actually SHED innocent blood.

Surely, the murder of a baby by abortion is one of the most heinous of all sins, for it involves a mother plotting & taking violent, willful, predatory actions against her own innocent flesh & blood child. A mother is certainly one in whom we expect tender affection & even a fiercely protective, maternal instinct for her baby. Her relationship to the infant & the absolute innocence of her baby are what deepen & aggravate the degree of her sin & the the degree of her punishment.

For further study, I highly recommend Thomas Watson's biblical treatise on the Ten Commandments & Degrees of Sin: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS

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