Friday, July 30, 2010

Laura's hands: A day in the life of an abortion clinic missionary

My friend Laura is a widow. She and her 16 year old son Amos try to make the hour long journey to abortion clinics twice a week. There they lift up their voices, offering help and hope to the mothers who are murdering their young. Laura often gets to speak face-to-face with the abortionist as well. I hope this will help you to get a vision for how it is to visit the abortion-imperiled orphans at an abortuary. Laura wrote this report yesterday. Please pray for her, for Amos, for Denise and for all of those who face their fears and rescue the perishing, in Jesus' Name.


Denise, and Amos & I went to the abortion clinic today. We got there about an hour before the doctor/murderer arrived and the parking lot was full. There were people there who had an 18 year old friend from Austria named Alana, a foreign exchange student, who just turned 18. She was already pregnant when she came to Americaand decided to have an abortion. Her friends, a pastor and his wife and their friend Marge begged her to let them adopt her baby but she and a girlfriend had planned a cross country trip across America and her pregnancy didn't fit into her plans. The friends had taken Alana to a pregnancy center for counseling. They did an ultrasound so she could see her child. After Alana saw her 7 week old baby on ultrasound she was still determined to kill the child. Her friends were tormented, shocked and so grieved by what she was about to do. They couldn't believe it was happening.

When the abortionist, Ulrich 'George' Klopfer, got there I quoted him Proverbs 6:16-18 "There are six things theLORDhates,seven that are detestable to him:haughty eyes,a lying tongue,hands that shed innocent blood,a heart that devises wicked schemes,feet that are quick to rush into evil ..."As usual when I quote that he comes over to spew. He used the same justification this time that he used last time. He said, we (America) had killed 150,000 people in the German war that killed his people. Marge told George that Alana was from Austria & the baby's father was German, just like him. She told George "This means that you will be murdering your own people!" He waved his hand in disgust and walked away. Marge had struck a chord. Sadly, though, that German doctor killed Alana's little German baby for her. Now, we have more to say to George if he ever uses that sick justification of his again. He has become the killer of the same people he thought he was defending.

Tragically, even with all of the offers of help and adoption and even seeing her baby on ultrasoun, Alana came out a few hours later, smiling. She had killed her baby.

The parking lot became full. A new abortion-bound couple arrived and had to park down the road. What a wonderful blessing that was. We walked over to speak to them. The 6 week pregnant mom, Nancy, and the father stood and talked with us for at least 30 minutes. We asked Nancy about why she felt she needed to kill her baby, and were able to give her the God’s honest truth in love. We offered to give Nancy the money she already put down for the abortion. She refused our help, saying she and lover had big problems and she already had 4 children. It was a sad situation. We offered all kinds of help and resources, to no avail. Nancy said she was going to go in and try to get a refund, but we knew that she had already taken a pill and refused our money, so we were assuming she was getting an abortion since she was so set on it. Nancy still hadn't come out by the time we left an hour later. She gave me her cell phone number and I gave mine to her. I have tried calling Nancy, but she didn’t answer. I will try her again later and tomorrow. I am still praying for her.

I have to stay focused on God, and remember that He is the one who changes hearts, not me. I am but a servant, there to do His will. I cannot focus on my efforts, because then I begin to feel tempted to feel that it is I who has failed. I must stay focused on God and His Word. I am but an obedient slave and this is where I find my contentment. Being faithful, by His grace.

Now as I write all these things, I have a confession to make. One very young woman came to find out about killing her baby. She couldn't speak English very well, but praise God, she did come and take one of our pre-born packets in Spanish. Then as she turned to go to the clinic, which has about 3 outside doors about 15 feet apart from each other, she couldn't find the right door. It was so bizarre. I was immediately reminded of the story of Lot and how the angels of the Lord had blinded the eyes of the men that were trying to break into Lot's house. Now even as God brought that section of the Bible to my memory, my flesh felt sorry for her and my heart went out to her. I wanted to protect her, and I cry as I sit and type this when I think about what I did.

She tried 2 of the doors, which I know are always locked. And she didn't see the 3rd door which does open. Instead she goes next door to a construction office. I am continuing to plead with her to let me talk to her and also trying to talk about what God says about abortion. She acts afraid to let me get to close to her, so I keep my distance. Through the office window of the next building, I see the employee trying to explain to her how to get into the clinic. When the young woman comes out, I pick up where I left off and I also try to tell her where the door is. Dumb me!!!

One of the women who prays the rosary there, (whom we had befriended) comes running over to me and says, "Why did you tell her where the door is?" All I could think of was, "I felt so sorry for her." Oh, I felt so bad about that, and I still do. So for all of you who think I am so faithful for being out there, think again. I make such foolish mistakes. I kept thinking, "If I help her, maybe she will listen to me.' My only consolation is that, for whatever reason, she didn't stay in there too long and she did have a pre-born packet. I am thankful and am praying for her.

Some people say that I have a gift and that is why I go to these murder places. But I do not have a gift. I just obey the Bible and I try to love my neighbor, and I just try to warn them of what they are doing. We who go to these places are just so human, saved by God's grace alone, willing to proclaim the truth of the Bible. Soli Deo Gloria!

Now, my last comment, to help get all this off my shoulders is this. As I have a tiny bit of experience under my belt now with going to this murder mill I have learned when to leave. We had been there for about 31/2 hours or so and it was hot and I was getting tired and I new Amos and Denise were hot and tired too, but we were waiting for Nancy and her friend to come out. We just didn't want to believe she was killing her baby, but she probably did, though I haven't talked to her to verify that. I wanted to wait with my friend, because we were going to put our money together and give it to Nancy if the clinic didn't give her a refund. Then about 10-12 people showed up to walk back and forth of the murder mill driveway saying their rosary in military marching chanting style.

In the past I have open air preached to the women inside, but because I have to compete with the chanting, I have to really raise my voice. And today, I realized that first, I was very tired from the heat. I was really ready to leave. And second, now that my friend had company, I felt we could leave.

It was a sad day for all of us. Even knowing one baby is being murdered is horrible, and today about 10 babies were murdered.

Soli Deo Gloria
Laura Caudill

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