Friday, July 30, 2010

Dennis Green: Mother & child saved from abortion

July 13, 2010
Dennis Green (of Life & Liberty Ministries reporting on witnessing at an abortuary in Virginia


Today a baby was saved at RMCW! I was joined on the sidewalk by my daughter Naomi, Fred Neal, Mary Magnusen and Don Karns. I spoke to a woman as she walked across
the grass toward the mill and she nervously stopped to listen. She had
been dropped off by a man who was forcing her to kill her baby. He was
married w/ 4 children and was trying to cover up his adulterous
behavior. She was very scared and tearful.

She told me that she was being forced and didn't want to kill the child. I let her know that I would help her and could get her away from there before he returned from parking his truck. She said, "Let's go". We walked quickly to the car and she laid down in the back seat as we prepared to pull away. She repeatedly was saying, "I'm so scared, I'm so scared, I'm so scared." Mary came along also and we took her to the Pregnancy Resource Center. As we were driving away, we passed the man as he was walking back toward the mill. After a visit to the Center, we took the lady home. She has a safe place to go and feels that she will be okay. Mary shared the Gospel at length with her and we will be following up as she progresses through her pregnancy. Please keep her in prayer. Her name is Felicia. All glory to YHWH!

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