Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A child is born! The face of abortion is the face of a child

by Patte Smith on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 4:22pm

Baby Talak

‎"I gave birth to a baby boy. He and I are doing great. I am very much happy and want to say "Very much thanks" to you for helping me out and for giving an opportunity to make me happy on this occasion. Myself and my family want to convey our hearty thanks and regards for your help on that day. I have no words except happiness filled at this moment..which is all by your and God's grace. Thank you very much."
~ Kaluna

This little one was scheduled to be executed at Orlando Women's Center abortuary. His mommy had a humble, tender heart & turned away from killing when Christians gently asked her to have compassion on the child of her womb & offered their loving help. I thank God for the caring believers who were there the day she arrived at the killing place & for Georgia Ana, who held Kaluna's hand & became her friend through the pregnancy

he killed the child. Georgia Ana loved on this dear mother gospel tract in English & Hindi. She also gave Kalpana & her husband a New Testament in Hindi. She also took Kaluna to a Hindi-speaking female ob/gyn from India for her pre-natal appointments. The day of the ultrasound to determine the sex of her baby came &, to our delight & relief, God had given Kaluna & her husband the desire of their hearts, a little boy ♥ Kaluna said:  She said her husband would only accept a boy baby :/ We prayed & prayed for God to work in her heart. We simply could not imagine waiting & then seeing Kaluna's little baby at 20 weeks My friends Deanna & Paula met Kaluna at Orlando Women's Center abortuary on August 14, 2010. Kaluna & her husband & two girls are Hindu & came to America from India. Kaluna had come to have her little one killed. Even though there was a serious language barrier, Kaluna listened to the voice of mercy & truth spoken by the caring missionaries outside the murder mill & her baby got a reprieve that day. In the weeks that followed Kaluna still spoke of killing her baby, saying;
"...so by God grace and all of you I am safe here and so is he."

 Every little child is a gift from God & we rejoice over the tender conscience & maternal instincts of the mothers who turn away from murdering their babies. Little Talak is a sweet baby boy. Whenever I see the newborn infant who was once imperiled, I cannot help but think, this the face of abortion. Real live babies. God help us to reach many more mamas like Kaluna.

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