Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do not forsake the law of your mother!

by Patte Smith on Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 4:53pm
Following is an excerpt from an article by James Smith, to encourage my godly friends who are mothers & all those who have godly mothers <3<3"Do not forsake the law of your mother!"of the mother — should be the teachings of love. With these thoughts in the mind, we want to enforce the inspired admonition to the young, of the mother — is essentially the authority of love; and the — should be the child's law. The — should be the child's lesson; and the mother's is strong. Every mother therefore should endeavor to use her influence wisely, and for her child's eternal good. A very great responsibility rests upon godly mothers, which they should realize, and realizing — should act under a sense of it.  O what a privilege to have a godly mother! One who knows . . .   the power of vital piety in her own heart.  bear in mind the object of a mother's prayers, treasure up a mother's lessons, carefully attend to a mother's teaching,

Every child should . . .
  to enjoy the lawful and the profitable;
  to do the necessary and the moral;
  to avoid the sinful and the dangerous;
  to secure a saving interest in eternal felicity;
  to value what is really important and spiritual;

Such a mother will teach her child . . .

O how many young men, how many young women, have been ruined, by forsaking the law of their mother!Young man, young woman, by all the tenderness of a mother's love, by the intense concern of a mother's heart — if you would not shorten the days of her life, or embitter her dying hours, I beseech you, "Do not forsake the law of your mother!"

While you have a mother — love her, obey her, and make her heart glad.

Many forget and forsake the law of their mother, when away from her. This is unwise, it is unkind, it is ungrateful. A mother's advice . . .

   is unselfish;
  it is only for her child's good,
  it is the offspring of the deepest love, and
  often the result of the most earnest fervent prayers.

But fascinated by our companions,
deceived by an unbelieving heart,
allured by a false and vain world, and
ensnared by a
cruel and crafty devil

 — too many of our young people forsake the law of their mother! Many will wish — but wish in vain, that they never had such a mother!

It will increase their condemnation,
it will add to their torments, and
will give intensity to the bitter pangs generated by hopeless despair!
The thoughts of what their mother was, what their mother did, and how their mother tried to prevent their ruin — will make Hell ten times hotter than it would otherwise be — to many a child of godly parents.

But on the other hand, many will bless God forever for . . .
  a mother's love,
  a mother's example,
  and a mother's law.

That love — won the heart for Jesus;
that example — was a constant lesson of warning, reproof, and instruction;
and that law — constrained the soul to bow to the scepter of Jesus, and trust alone in His blessed Name.

Young friends, endeavor to realize the value of a godly mother, while you have one! Never, never, let anyone, or anything tempt you to forsake her law — lest in Hell you should bitterly and eternally regret it! But let a mother's love, a mother's example, and a mother's law lead you at once to Jesus — that you may meet your mother with joy at last, and dwell with her in Heaven forever!

The Law of Your Mother

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