Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Christians go to the killing place with Jesus & have divine appointments

The following is an update I just received from Spring, one of our precious missionaries who co-labors with us at Orlando Women's Center abortuary ( I have edited it for clarity & to protect the identity of the people Spring is writing about. Spring also took a photo of 'Paul' standing with her husband Steve, but I will not share that for obvious reasons. This is from today's missionary time.
~ Patte

Dear Patte,
What a morning.

Missionaries present: Allura, Rusty, Dilek, Rachel, her mom, me and my husband Steve & 1 Catholic prayer warrior. There were about 25-30 people total who arrived to abort their babies this am. I gave out 4 packets, but one girl returned it.

Paul stands out in my mind. He is a young man we met. Allura was the first of us to witness to him and his girlfriend, Dina. Dina was very obstinate about aborting, but Paul WANTS his baby. It seems Dina's having complications and may miscarry. We offered her the name of a wonderful high risk obstetrician, but Dina wouldn't take the info. Paul told her he refused to support her decision to and left the clinic because she would not turn away from aborting! Before he left, Steve and I went to him & shared our testimonies. Paul confessed that another girlfriend was pregnant with twins and aborted them. At his young age (early 20's) Paul had already 3 babies of his killed by their moms. We challenged Paul's sexual immorality and shared to Gospel with him. He confessed to bring unsure of God, but wants to do right in case there is a judgement! He appears to being wrought upon by the Holy Spirit & is open to the truth. We gave Paul "Are u good enough to go to heaven?" and the True Repentance tract. We encouraged Paul to read his Bible and find others that obey God's Word to disciple him. We prayed for him and he was thankful.

Another man wanted to debate the validity of Scripture to assuage his own conscience and try to excuse the bloodguilt. He was quite religiously prideful, but denied God's power. He was unrepentant, but received the Word! Christina was a young mom of 4 (including baby in womb). She talked with me through her tears, but refused my offers of help. She said she can't raise another baby and I told her she didn't have to! I explained adoption and adressed her conscience at work to prevent her from doing evil. She agreed, but it appeared that Christina would not turn from her plan to kill her child. (We always have hope that the moms we meet will change their mind, If not while we are there, then after we leave.) One mother who came with her daughter told Allura that she was once in her daughter shoes and if she chose abortion, her daughter Randy (aborting mom) would not be alive! She didn't want her grandchild aborted, but refused to remove her presence of support for her daughter as she killed her grandchild, stating "It's her choice." She was teary eyed, but no fear of the Lord : (

Those are the stories I know...Allura may have more. I thank God each person who arrived at Orlando Women's Center this morning was offered help and Truth.

To God be the Glory!
Ursula reported the following after ministering during the afternoon killing time, from 12:15-1:30:

Wednesday afternoon was hell!! Please have Nancy describe it. She came later, but she came,and I was so happy for the support. I almost got attacked. Nancy had a long conversation with one abortion-minded mom with a tubal pregnancy.We saw several coming out after the abortion. One was crying very hard, but this did not keep the waiting crowd from changing their minds.

Nancy wrote:
Lots of moms and dad delivering their babies to certain death. Many hardened hearts. It is as if Obama has unleashed a whole underworld of evil. With the economy parents want to abort. The men and women are getting more outspoken and crude.
God is still in control but it definitely is a road less traveled…at least the road we counselors are walking.

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