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What things does the Bible teach Christian women to speak to ungodly & godly women?

As a believer in Christ for nearly three decades I have the blessed privilege to disciple the precious godly women around me. As a missionary to lost abortion-bound mothers outside killing places for over 16 years, I have the honor of bringing the gospel of life & eternity to dozens of lost women every week. My greatest desire is to see that all of my children walk in the truth & I have that same desire for the ungodly & believing women around me. As an older woman in the Lord & a student of the scriptures I find some strikingly direct & plain-spoken directive for Christian women. I am delighted to bring you the Bible's answer to the question:

How are we women to conduct ourselves in the world & as we minister to the women around us?

Titus 2:1-5 tells us to;

"... speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine ... the older women ... (are to be) teachers of good things-admonish the young women to love their husband, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word of God may not be blasphemed."

admonish: verb 1. to advise or urge seriously 2. to reprove mildly but firmly
Geneva Study Bible notes that admonish means: "bring them to their senses"

chaste: adj 1. virgin, celebate 2. not having sexual intercourse except with the person to whom one is married 3. simple in style, not ornate, provocative or immodest

The overriding concern of the Holy Spirit speaking through Paul is that the behavior & counsel of the godly woman is to reflect truth & faithfulness to the gospel of Christ. That we be found;
' ... holding fast the faithful Word ... that (s)he may be able, by sound doctrine, & to exhort & convict those who contradict.." Titus 1:9

exhort: verb to urge or advise earnestly
convict: verb to prove or declare a person guilty, as in bring under conviction

Our primary goal in life, in our family & in ministry to aborting women is not to promote the happiness or well-being or success of the woman (or ourselves) but that we would glorify Christ & the Word of His truth. Thanks be to God when we live in obedience to the revealed & prescribed will of the Lord we will reap the benefits & blessings of peace with God through Jesus Christ, 'For He Himself IS our peace' (Ephesians 2:14). By our refusal to suppress the truth in unrighteousness & our humble dependence on the grace of Jesus Christ & the 'acknowlegment of the truth which accords with godliness' we might enjoy the favor of Him who created & sustains us & the knowlege that we have done what God has commanded us to do.

Yes, we want to love the aborting mother & prevent the murder of her dear little baby. Inherent in our duty from the scriptures as godly women is to teach the mothers to "love their children". Obviously planning the slaughter of her child is the opposite of maternal love. It is murder from the heart. In the process of counseling we are never to compromise the truth to accomodate sin & the lie of a woman-centered counsel in the process. To do so denies the Lord & shows a flagrant disregard for both the earthly & eternal well-being of both mother and child. It is not speaking sound doctrine. May we never provide false comfort to a sexually immoral mother who is about to slay her infant by giving her murder as an 'option', when God explictly forbids it in His commandments, saying "You shall not murder". This commandment is written on her heart by God's own finger. It informs her God-given conscience. We must resist the temptation to obfusgate & diminish the seriousness of the sin of shedding innocent blood by offering her post-murder care. This amounts to blessing the murder of an poor little baby with the promise of foriveness & healing & equals the sin of presumption on the part of both those who gave her the material & the aborting mother herself. (We recently met an aborting mother who had a pregnancy test & counseling at a local crisis pregnancy center & carried post-abortion support material with her TO THE ABORTION CLINIC.) Providing support to a guilty murderer is prohibited in the Bible. (See Proverbs 28:17 & commentaries) It reveals depraved indifference to the imperiled victim; the little child, when we are to love the baby as we love ourselves. This is also a violation of the Sixth commandment's duty required as stated in the Question 68 & 69 of the Shorter Catechism
Q. 68. What is required in the sixth commandment?
A. The sixth commandment requireth all lawful endeavors to preserve our own life, and the life of others.
Q. 69. What is forbidden in the sixth commandment?
A. The sixth commandment forbiddeth the taking away of our own life, or the life of our neighbor, unjustly, or whatsoever tendeth thereunto.

'For the wrath of God is revealed against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of (wo)men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.' Romans 1:18 &19

The Geneva Study Bible notes: "It is not that the truth is sought but cannot be found, but rather that, confronted with the truth (which is clearly see, vs 20) fallen humanity seeks to hinder & obstruct its influence, & is therefore 'without excuse' (vs 20). The 'excuse' in view is an appeal to ignorance."

This revelation of the nature of God's common grace in general revelation (
applies to both the believer & unbeliever. It applies equally to the mother who is fornicating & murdering the child in her womb & those of us women who have the divine opportunity to minister to her.

Let it never be said of us who profess to follow the Lord Jesus that we hindered & obstructed the truth & it's influence in the name of 'ministry' or even of our 'religion' (which often leads us to believe that to 'make nice' is better than to share the truth as it is in Jesus). For if we do we become one of the ones who blaspheme the Word of God.

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christian women are different from other women that's my point of view I grow up and raised as a christian my mother treasure our family values and love my dad each single day.