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Our Post Abortion Tract: Killing a Baby By Abortion is a Serious Sin

This is our post-abortion tract. We place it inside all of our pre-abortion packets because;
a) most of the women we meet are dead-set on slaying their child & will do it in spite of our offers of help
b) 1/2 the aborting women have already killed at least one baby
Killing a Baby By Abortion is a Serious Sin

You have not only sinned against the baby – but even worse – you have sinned against God! Although you knew His command: “You shall not murder” you defied Him. You willfully broke His Law. Be certain of this: All murderers have their place in the lake of fire.

Your child was unique and incredible and precious. The Bible clearly reveals that God is the One who created your baby. In fact, in Jeremiah 1:5 God says: “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” There is no such thing as an unwanted child, only unwanting adults. You could have found wanting adults through a local adoption agency. You could have chosen a loving adoptive family to raise that baby. Instead you paid the abortionist to kill your own flesh and blood.

Let me ask you something: Who are you to be the judge and executioner of your infant? If you have a normal functioning conscience, you know that you are guilty of a terrible, evil deed. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your conscience should be accusing and convicting you of the murder of your infant. If you do not have a guilty conscience, be afraid. It is a sign that your conscience is seared – a very dangerous condition.

You must repent.

Do not make excuses and justifications for your sin. Just because abortion is legal, doesn’t make it right. Slavery and lynching of blacks was once legal - but was it right? Slaughtering Jews was once legal – was it ever right?

You may have sinned by fornication in conceiving this child outside marriage in the first place. When do two wrongs make a right? Sexual immorality is a sin against God. Why did you add to this lawlessness and rebellion by murdering the tiny baby?

If you say you aborted because you have money issues, face it, you paid for abortion while adoption would have been free for you.

You may have been a victim of rape or incest. What that wretched man did to you was wrong. You became his victim, but, dear reader, he stopped short of killing you. He left you alive. You didn’t stop. You murdered your victim in cold blood. In the eyes of God that makes you worse than your rapist. You did not have to kill her. While it is understandable that you might not have the desire to raise your baby, a loving couple would have adopted your child and cherished your little boy or girl forever.

If you were offered help through your pregnancy by Christians outside the abortuary, God sent them to you as His trustworthy friends. You should have accepted their sincere friendship. They were divine gifts to you and your baby.

The truth is you cannot make up for what you did to your baby. You cannot apologize to your child. Your dead son or daughter cannot forgive you. She was dismembered or delivered inside the abortuary. She was treated like medical waste and disposed of by strangers. So, your child is dead. It’s too late to make amends to your baby, but God is here. He is waiting.

You must repent.

What does it mean to repent?

Genuine repentance is more than simply “feeling sorry” for what you have been through. God requires more than asking Him to forgive you. In order for your repentance to be accepted you are commanded by God to:

• Acknowledge all of your horrible sins before God

• Beg for His mercy and forgiveness through the only One who can save you from eternal wrath and punishment, Jesus Christ.

• Turn from all of your wicked deeds and sin no more.

• Prove your repentance. Do everything in your power to prevent others from committing the sin of abortion against their innocent babies.

If you believe that you are prepared to truly repent, you are invited to plead for mercy and forgiveness before God’s throne by faith. This can only be accomplished if your eyes are open to the truth, which is a work of God in itself. Jesus is the only One who can forgive you. His forgiveness is based upon the Lord’s divine provision of Christ’s death as a substitute for your eternal punishment and death. If you are genuinely repentant you must trust the substitutionary punishment for guilty sinners that fell on the sinless sacrifice, Jesus Christ. There is no other way for a healthy conscience to have its guilt and sin removed. You must come God’s way, by repentance and faith in Christ’s pardoning and cleansing Blood as a token of true justice and righteous penalty for sin.

Your only hope is in Jesus Christ. Without Christ and His forgiveness you are doomed. Unless you repent you will perish in your sin. You will only be a fugitive from justice while you live. When you die, you will be judged guilty and condemned to hell for what you did to your baby and all the other ways that you transgressed God’s Laws.

Do not make excuses for committing murder by abortion. Do not defend yourself for what you did to your helpless baby and against God. Do not seek to make yourself “feel better”. Do not try to override your conscience. It is no use trying to forgive yourself. You have no authority to forgive sin and neither does anyone else except the One who gave you your baby--- God Himself. Do what God commands of you today. Do not delay. Your only hope is to repent and believe the gospel. Repent and bring forth good works that reveal your heart and soul’s true sorrow over your sin.

Ask the person who gave you this tract to give you a Gospel of John so that you can search the scriptures to see if these things be true. Read it every day and obey what you read. That same person can also help you find a way to help other women like yourself. Don’t wait any longer. Today counts for forever.

Murder: Exodus 20:13 Murderers: Revelation 21:8
Conscience John 8:9, Acts 24:16, seared; I Tim 4:2, Heb 10:22
Without excuse: Romans 1:20 John 15:22, Heb 10:22
Born Again: John 3:3, Acts 2:38; 17:30
Repent, repentance: Matt 3:2, Luke 13:3, 2 Tim 2:25, 2 Cor 7:10, 2 Pet 3:9, Acts 2:38
Gospel: Eph 1:13, Col 1:23
Too late for repentance: Heb 12:17
Sin no more: Proverbs 3:7

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