Wednesday, June 17, 2009

“He pulls the body parts out & holds them up like trophies”

The Bible states in Deuteronomy 27:25 that there is a curse upon those who take a reward to slay an innocent person. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get paid dismember people while they are still alive? The Bible states that there is a curse upon those who take a reward to slay an innocent person. I recently had the opportunity to witness to a sonographer at an abortion clinic that kills babies up to 14 weeks gestation. 'Nellie' said that she had previously worked at a late term abortuary but “couldn’t take it because they do late abortions there” Nellie had done ultrasounds on women who were killing there babies but,“I just couldn’t deal with that, so I quit The babies are so big.”

I asked Nellie if she let the women who came for abortions see their babies on ultrasound. Nellie said; “Yes,we ask them if they want to see it.” I asked if many of the women wanted to see their babies & she said: “Yes, that’s what’s so upsetting. Most of them want to look at the ultrasound. They even want the pictures. Now, that is what bothers me. It is just sick. We don’t give pictures anyway but, I mean, they’re going to get rid of them & they want the pictures. Some of them are big babies. Fully formed. It’s just sickening.”

When I asked Nellie why she thought the aborting moms wanted the ultrasound photos of the babies they were aborting, she said: “Most of them just want to rub it in their boyfriend’s faces”.

Yesterday, I spoke to another woman named 'L' who worked at the same late term abortuary where Nellie had worked. L thinks that someone should do something about the illegal activities there. Although the state only allows the murder of babies up to 25 weeks of pregnancy, she saw the abortionist kill an infant at 30 weeks. L explained how the abortionist would "talk about what he was having for lunch while he was cutting up the babies" & “He pulls the body parts out & holds them up like trophies.” Arms, legs, heads. L saw one baby’s head with his eyes open. This image is burned into her brain. L cannot get it out of her mind & she cannot understand & wonders: “How can they just keep on doing this over & over?”

L says that the abortionist made sure that the babies that he was butchering illegally were not recorded as 3rd trimester in the mother's medical chart. She said: "He had no trouble falsifying medicals record & with Hippa (a serious medical confidentiality law) no one will ever know." L explained how at the end of every day:“He scours records to cover records that would incriminate him, to cover his tracks.” “He would go into the record of the 3rd tri babies & change the gestation to 24 weeks.” “He even went over the path notes to change them to reflect what he wanted them to reflect.”

I asked, “Were any of the babies born alive?” L answered: “Well, he cuts them up into pieces, so…”

L said that "Patients were regularly abused" When I asked what kind of abuse, she told me:“They (nurses & anesthesiologist) awakened the women from anesthesia by slapping them violently in the face”

The abortionist who kills the babies at that particular clinic is also a practicing obstetrician. L said: “It’s hard to fathom how this man delivers babies and also aborts them. It’s like he has no conscience.”

L reported that they did 8000 abortions a year & was very disturbed by the number of women having multiple abortions. “Of the 50 or so (aborting women) I would see in a day, 30 of them were repeats.” L was shocked to find out that even after being abused by the staff women kept coming back, noting;“They did 22 on one patient” That was a record number of abortions for one woman at that place.

I know that many of you are probably wondering: "How is it possible that this place cannot be shut down?" Tragically, although we keep hearing how much women regret their abortions, not much can be done about these illegal late-term abortions or the abuse because post-abortive women & the clinic workers are not willing to provide sworn testimony, medical records & evidence. We obviously need clinic workers & aborting women need to get their medical records from where they killed their babies & speak up & be willing to testify to the state attorney's office & the regulating bodies of their state.

Like all of the other women (with the exception of Tricia Marlena Feldman & Baby Rowan's mom) that I have met over the years who were willing to tell me what they experienced when they worked at a mill or killed their baby, L wants to expose the place & shut it down but insists on remaining anonymous. “I feel guilty. My conscience is bothering me. I have been praying. I don’t want to go to hell. I figure if I do what I can to expose this, that maybe this place will get shut down & at least I could feel good about that.” It is entirely understandable why L is hesitating to come forward with what she has seen & heard at this particular killing place. She is frightened:“I have seen what this guy does. I am afraid of what the guy would do to me & my family. He has no conscience. I am not sure what he would do but I am afraid. I mean, he kills those little babies & it doesn't seem to bother him at all. He is diabolical. I have a family. I am afraid that he would go after me & ruin my career that I worked very hard for.”

When I first spoke with L she said: 'Believe me, I am very, very familiar with what Christians believe & I have respect for that.” During our conversation I explained to L that although I very much appreciate that she is willing to expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness, she cannot get rid of her guilty conscience by doing good work. I explained that that Jesus said that “There is no one good but God” & that the Bible clearly teaches that there is “none righteous, no not one”. I told L that we are all given a conscience & that God has written His law upon our hearts. I said: "L, we all know "You shall not murder" (aborting moms & abortionists & everyone who works in the abortuaries) & we have to press past this obstacle to sin against God & against the babies. We don't have any excuse for murdering an innocent person or for standing by while a baby is slain." I spoke several times of the holocaust, pointing Lyn to the FACT that men & women are basically evil & that is why they are willing to dehumanize Jews & the pre-born & then slaughter them like pigs. I said: "That is also why they are willing to stand by as it happens by either justification or denial or apathy or hoping that if it is really true that someone else will do something about it." I explained to Lyn that “there is no remission (forgiveness) of sin without the shedding of blood”. That Jesus is the Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away sin. I told L that only by genuine repentance & faith in Christ can her real guilt, that of original sin from Adam & our own sin in thought, word & deed, be washed away & her conscience cleansed. I explained that there is no other way to be clean before God & men than the way that He has already provided.

I also told L that just like me with Pendergraft, there is no way that she is ‘safe’ from the abortionist apart from the protection of Almighty God. “Someone else could blow the whistle on him & he could think it was you & come after you.” I encouraged L to trust in God, who is all-powerful & to flee to Him, through repenting faith in Christ. L admitted “I am praying but I must not trust God because I am still afraid of what this guy might do.” I told L that if she was willing to go public, like on O’Reilly or something, that she could say out loud that she was afraid of ______, which it seems to me, would be MORE protection because he would be under judicial & public scrutiny. L admitted that might be true.

Won't you join me in praying for L's salvation? Pray that she would fear God more than man & would come to the knowlege of the One who is greater than the one who is in the world.

Pray also that we would be given the wisdom of God in how to proceed with the information that we have. It is all old news to me. I have heard the same kind stories about Orlando Women's Center for more than a decade. I have no confidence in the arm of flesh or the judicial system. Sadly, I also have no confidence in the church system. Our strength, our confidence, is in the Lord God of heaven & earth. Jesus Christ spoke the world & all human beings into existence with the Word of His power. The Lord upholds & sustains His world & His creatures by the power of His might. He rules His world with His sovereign hand. It is my humble opinion that this unwillingness by the church to provide a mass presence at killing places, day & night until the murder of infants ceases, is one of the reasons why over a millioin babies are dismembered & delivered alive into the toilets of parish abortion clinics. I honestly believe that it is the judgment of God upon our nation & her worldly visible church. As you know, judgement begins in the household of God, the covenant community who profess to know Christ.

Even though I struggle with righteous anger & despair over the genocidal injustice we witness every week at the killing place in Orlando & in the other cities where the Lord is leading my husband & I to minister, I cry out with my brother Job, who prayed:

"I know that You can do everything & that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted."

Won't you prayerfully consider how the Lord Jesus Christ might use YOU to visit the imperiled orphans in their affliction & offer their lost mothers your loving Christian witness at the killing places? We currently have plenty of opportunity for mission-minded Christians to labor in the field of blood & souls at Orlando Women's Center. We will train you to take your own day & time to witness & by God's grace, rescue the perishing, in Jesus' Name. For information on how to get started spend time with the Savior & then simply e mail us for some support & help at: If your church & the people in it are not already doing evangelism at a local killing place it would be our privilege to serve the Lord through the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.

Together for Life & Eternity,

Patte Smith

Sanctuary Ministries

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