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Aborted & Born Alive!

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.
~ God
Jeremiah 1:5

Children are a gift of the Lord.
Psalm 127:3

You shall not murder.
~ God

JH: Born alive from abortion & survived

Viable infants have been being murdered by labor and delivery at Orlando Women's Center, and their sister clinics, since 1996. Some of the babies are born alive. Here is the story of one of the babies who survived induction of labor abortion attempt at Orlando Women's Center. 

The Story of Carol Howard
Her baby girl was born alive after she tried to abort her at Orlando Women's Center

On November 15, 2001 20 year old single mother Carol Howard drove her white Chevy Malibu to Orlando Women's Center to abortion her baby at 22.3 weeks gestation (a little more than halfway to her due date). She was pregnant for the third time. Along with a living child, Carol had already had murdered one baby previously. The counselor at the abortuary, Davella Clerveau, took Carol through the consent forms. Ms Clerveau made a note of Carol Howard's reason for termination: "personal choice". The 'informed consent to terminate pregnancy' form is three detailed pages, including many of the risks of abortion. Carol put her signature, or initial, on every page. One of the forms asked the question: "How do you feel about having an abortion?" Carol Howard circled: "scared", 'bad', 'sad' and 'guilty'. Another question was "What are your main concerns about the abortion today?" Carol circled; 'That I'll have complications' & 'That I'll be punished'. Carol also signed a document entitled 'Informed Consent for Induction of Labor', among other forms. Carol wrote that she was referred to Orlando Women's Center by Dr Wolford of Orlando. Davella explained what would be involved in aborting her living, viable baby. The method of abortion at this stage is induction of labor and delivery. If all went according to plan Carol Howard's infant would be stillborn. Carol paid $1300 cash to have her infant murdered. All did not go according to plan.

Carol Howard was induced into labor at Orlando Women's Center that day. According to her medication flow sheet 200mg of Cytotec were administered to Carol Howard every hour beginning at 1:30pm through midnight. At 1:30am clinic worker Tanya Severance noted in her chart: "1am Patient was very upset about us not being able to give her pain meds. She left without signing release. Would not talk with us before leaving in a fit of temper....She also thought this was taking way to long".

Carol Howard left the Orlando Women's Center in labor and ended up at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Her medical record from Orlando Women's Center notes that OWC clinic worker Janet Ranier called ORMC's ER to see if Carol Howard was there. Her medical record notes that Ms Ranier was advised "she was @ Arnold Palmer in Labor & Delivery... Janet spoke with Linda Poole in Labor & delivery. Linda Poole says that @ 4:35am she was delivering." That note was signed TS (clinic worker Tanya Severence, now deceased).

Carol Howard's baby girl was born alive at Arnold Palmer hospital on November 16, 2001. She weighed 555 grams, which is 1lb 6oz. Carol's baby girl, identified only as 'JH' in court documents, was given heroic medical treatment and she survived. Carol Howard had paid good cash money to have her baby murdered. She did not get what she paid for.

On May 25, 2004 a civil action was filed (Case 04CA-1202 Orange County, Florida) against abortionist Randall Whitney, James Scott Pendergraft & Orlando Women's Center. The Plaintiff Douglas B Stalley, guardian de son tort of the property of JH, an incapacitated Minor. That minor is Carol Howard's baby girl. She is 10 years old now. The suit is to provide funds for the lifetime care of JH, Carol's daughter.

Carol Howard's daughter 'JH' suffered enormous physical problems as a result of being born too early. These are listed in court documents (but not limited to):
cerebral palsy
loss of function of left side of body
strokes/brain damage
physical, emotional & cognitive delays
lung damage & chronic lung disease & 
seizure disorder

The trial began on Monday, July 18, 2011 in Orlando's Orange County Court. Friends who were in the courtroom were near weeping when the played abortionist Randall Whitney's depostion by video. (Whitney was the abortionist 'on call' the night that Carol Howard was laboring at OWC.) In the videotaped deposition Whitney cavalierly described babies being delivered into toilets alive and still moving. Today, July 21, 2011, the jury decided for Carol Howard's little girl! James Scott Pendergraft has to pay 36 million dollars for the lifetime care of JH. Pendergraft also has to pay are $426,000 for court costs. Please pray that all of the details of this born-alive abortion case are picked up by the media. Pray that babies like little JH are protected in life and by law. Please pray that the deposition of Randall Whitney becomes public property. Everyone needs to see and hear how this old baby-killer describes babies being born alive after being aborted.

See also another child, Baby Rowan, who was born alive after his mother procured a labor and delivery abortion at EPOC, affliliated with OWC:

The Spirit of God hath made me, & the breath of the Almighty hath given me life. 
Job 33:4

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it very well.
Psalm 139:14

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