Sunday, September 18, 2011

Questions to ask your local crisis pregnancy director

Ask them if they have scriptures on their website & materials.

Ask if they tell the mothers God sends to them that He designed & created them & their baby individually.

Ask if they share scriptures regarding these truths every time they counsel.

Ask if they use scriptures & the moral Law (the commandments) in helping women to see that God forbids sexual immorality & the shedding of innocent blood.

Ask if they tell the women that transgression of God's moral law is sin. Ask if they tell all the women that it is given for her once to die & then comes the judgment.

Ask if they tell women God commands them to repent.

Ask if they speak to the women about the fact that there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood & how Jesus fulfilled all righteousness in keeping the commandments perfectly & became a propitiation for sin at the Cross for those who repent & believe upon Christ by faith.

Ask if they tell the abortion-minded mothers that the Bible says that all murderers shall be cast into the lake of fire.

Ask if they share the fact that all women who remain unrepentant will be cast into hell for eternity.

Ask whether they tell abortion-bound mothers they offer post-abortion "support" even BEFORE they have killed their baby.

Ask whether they have heard Hell's Best Kept Secret:

Ask whether they have heard True & False Conversion:

Give the director a CD of these teachings (if you have them) or e mail the links to her.
Ask her to let you know their thoughts after they have listened.

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sarah said...

Thank you Patte,
A mother changed her mind in Duluth last Tues. We plan to take her to the life care center this week.
I will ask them!
God bless you!