Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who are the afflicted orphans in your city?


Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.
 ~ God
Jeremiah 1:5

Religion that is pure & undefiled before God, the Father, is this:

to visit orphans.. in their affliction...
~ James 1:27
Right this very moment many abortion-imperiled infants are being carried to slaughter by the very ones who should love them most, their mommies. I praise Jesus for the faithful Christians who are practicing pure & undefiled religion this morning; pleading for the lives of these afflicted orphans, offering practical, emotional & spiritual help to the perishing mothers. Thanks be to God for these glad-hearted servants of the most High!

Compassion for the weak & needy is a sign of a heart which has been savingly wrought upon by the Holy Spirit of God. Jesus said that to love God & love our neighbor as ourselves are the two greatest commandments. I am so grateful for the missionaries who go to the killing places to share the gospel & to live out a truly abundant life of practical benevolence, like the Savior described in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Who more weak, who more needy, who more helpless, naked, destitute & poor than the pre-born infant in the womb?

Beloved, to "visit" the afflicted orphan means more than to think nice thoughts about or to merely pray for them. To "visit'" means: to go to see, to look after, to be ready to aid them. This is a marked example of what true & pure religion will do. The Bible has always viewed intentional acts of mercy as an essential thing in the practice of love & justice; for the little ones cannot beg for help or seek refuge from cruelty & the tyranny of injustice. When Christians rush to the aid of the emotionally orphaned children who are being dragged to their destruction, they are imitating God Himself, Who is is "a father of the His holy habitation.." (Psalm 68:5) Has not the Father revealed Himself to us, by reaching down & making us His own adopted children through the bloody passion of His Son? He had compassion upon us as we lay in the mirey pit of sin. When we were captives of the devil & slaves of our sin, God showed us mercy. He has always revealed Himself as our Friend & Benefactor. (See Deuteronomy 10:18; Deuteronomy 14:29; Psalm 10:14; Psalm 82:3; Isaiah 1:17; Jeremiah 7:7; Jeremiah 49:11; Hosea 14:3.) How then shall we, who call ourselves Christians, turn a blind eye to our neighbors who are about to suffer the ultimate domestic violence? Isn't this an intentional violation of the duty implied in the Sixth Commandment? "You shall not murder" prohibits the shedding of innocent blood, but it also gives us a mandate to do what we can to save our neighbor from harm when it is in our power to do so.

Our Redeemer is our example & the Word of God shows how He teaches, leads, yea DEMANDS that His followers to do what He does, saying:

This is what the LORD says: 'Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of his oppressor...Do no wrong or violence to ..the fatherless..and do not shed innocent blood in this place."
~ Jeremiah 22:3

"Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless..".
~ Isaiah 1:17

"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed."
Psalm 82:3

"Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy."
~ Proverbs 31:9

You shall not pervert the justice the fatherless.. Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the..fatherless .." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!""
Deuteronomy 24:17;27:19

If I have withheld the poor from their desire,
or have eaten my morsel myself alone,
and the fatherless hath not eaten thereof; ...
If I have seen any perish for want of clothing, or any poor without covering;
...If I have lifted up my hand against the fatherless,
when I saw my help in the gate:
Then let mine arm fall from my shoulder blade,
and mine arm be broken from the bone.
Job 31:16-17,18-19,22

Jesus said: "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." 'visit' these afflicted orphans? The loving care of the children of our community are our sacred responsibility. The perishing in our generation are those God has appointed us to reach for His glory. What shall the of Life say to us about our responsibility for the massacre of innocents which are taking place during our watch, in our city?Hear the Word of the Lord in Ezekiel 22:7: 'In you they have treated father and mother with contempt; in you they have oppressed the alien and mistreated the fatherless and the widow." Why not ask Jesus to give you love for these poor, weak, helpless, naked orphans? Why not make (& keep) a plan to go to where the babies are being afflicted? Let me know if you would like to begin to make reaching out to the perishing orphans & their lost mommies part of your reasonable service to God & your neighbor. I will do what I can to pray, encourage & help you in your missionary journey.

Here's an article I wrote to get you started:

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