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If you are not READY or WILLING to be a loving mother or father of a dear baby, you are not READY for sex

baby at six weeks gestation
"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." ~ God

 If you are not READY or WILLING to be a loving mother or father of a dear baby, you are not READY for sex.


FACT ONE: Where Life Begins: As a Gift from God

1 + 1 = 2

Sex = Conception

Conception = Baby

No sex = No baby

Life comes from God. Every human being is personally created by God, Who places His own likeness & image upon each individual at conception. But God only gives us the gift of conception of a child when the sperm of a man penetrates the egg of a woman. With the exception of special medical methods of fertilizing eggs, this blessing of conception normally happens through sexual intercourse.

To see what a little one in the womb looks like, watch this Stunning Video of Prenatal Development:

FACT TWO: Not everyone loves and values God's gift of children

When sexually immoral teens & adults do not believe they are READY and they are UNWILLING to live in a sacrificial way to love & care for a baby, they will often MURDER their little one(s) by abortion. Jesus has made it abundantly clear that we MUST love our neighbors as we love ourselves. (And, let's be honest, you & I love ourselves A WHOLE LOT.) This mandate to love means that we must do our best to PREVENT ANY HARM from coming to our neighbors, born & pre-born. This means we must LOVE people young & old, them enough to tell them the TRUTH.

FACT THREE: Sexual Intimacy is forbidden (SIN) outside of the marriage relationship

God has made it perfectly clear in His Word that sexual intimacy is reserved for a man & a woman who have covenanted to love one another for a lifetime in marriage. Sex outside marriage is called 'fornication' & the Bible declares that no fornicator (the biblical word for any sexually immoral teen or adult) has any inheritance in the kingdom of heaven. Selfishly, teens & adults sin willfully against God & their sexual partner by engaging in fornication, knowing full well that they can conceive a child. Many sexually immoral people have a back-up plan to murder any baby that is conceived from their fornication. This is how the sinful human heart works. Evil thoughts proceed directly from the heart of the person who commits sin of sexual immorality and murder (& all the other ways in which they violate God's Law (His holy commandments).

FACT FOUR: Some sexually immoral teens & adults will MURDER their babies by abortion. But, some MARRIED couples will also MURDER their babies by abortion.

Children are a blessed gift from God. However, even MARRIED couples sometimes eschew having children. If a couple who is married does not desire to lovingly and sacrificially raise a child, the only legitimate way for them to avoid becoming pregnant would be to avoid intercourse. No method of birth control except abstinence is 100% effective.

With this in mind, until a couple is willing to welcome, love and raise a child, they should not marry. And, if they are already married and will murder any infant God allows them to conceive, the should abstain from sexual intercourse.

To see what abortion is and what abortion DOES to a human child go here:

Summation: If you are not READY or WILLING to be a loving mother or father of a dear baby, you should abstain from sex.

If you are sexually immoral (having sex outside of the covenant of marriage) God commands you to REPENT. You are ordered by God to confess & forsake your sin & cast yourself upon the mercy of Jesus Christ. His precious Blood can wash away your sin & make you a new creation. Otherwise, you are doomed.

For a biblical definition of what it means to savingly repent, go to:


No teen or adult, single or married, ever has a legitimate reason to murder their baby by abortion.

HEAR THIS: "There is no such thing as an unloved, unwanted CHILD, only unwanting ADULTS."

Whether single or married, no one has the right to premeditatedly and violently murder a little baby. Children in the womb are longed for, hoped for, prayed for by couples on the adoption waiting list. Adoption is FREE for the biological mother. Give the following adoption information to every unrepentant sexually immoral person you know. Also, give it to every married couple who does not want to love and raise a child.

You must not have SEX until you are married and are willing to welcome and love any child God gives to you.
If you are unmarried and having sex: REPENT or perish! 

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

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