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Why do we use the holy commandments when we preach/sidewalk counsel at abortion clinics?

1768 parchment of the decalogue in Hebrew
The Ten Commandments

Our humble missionaries in the field of blood (abortuaries) faithfully use the moral Law (the Ten Commandments, especially "You shall not murder" & "You shall not commit adultery/fornication"). We are often criticized, especially by professing Christians, for boldly declaring the requirements of God to aborting & post-abortive women. (47% of all abortions are performed on women who have had at least one previous abortion, so when we speak to abortion-bound moms we know that nearly half of them have already murdered one or more of their babies.) There are a number of biblical reasons we are entirely unapologetic about speaking to women with the demands of God's Law. In this note I would like to submit one (of the many scriptural reasons) which appears to have been almost entirely lost in modern Christendom. It is what is known as the second use of the moral Law.

Almighty God has appointed His commandments as His divine means to speak to men & women, boys & girls in three very specific ways. For the purpose of this discussion I am going to draw your attention to it's second use. The second use of the moral Law of Godis: restraint of evil & sin. RC Sproul explains how this second use of the commandments works: "The Law, in and of itself, cannot change human hearts. It can, however, serve to protect the righteous from the unjust. Calvin says this purpose is “by means of its fearful denunciations and the consequent dread of punishment, to curb those who, unless forced, have no regard for rectitude and justice.” The law allows for a limited measure of justice on this earth, until the last judgment is realized."

How kind of God to give us His Law to restrain evil and to protect innocent babies from harm, even harm from their own mothers.

Did you know that 88% of the sexually immoral women who murder their babies by abortion identify themselves as part of the covenant Christian community? I believe that the slaughter of innocents by church women is directly related to the failure of their pastors and pastoral leaders to make right use of the good commandments of God as they should. In I Timothy I:8 the apostle charges Timothy saying;"But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully" (See also Rom 7:7-12; Gal 3:19-25)  Many professional churchmen have altered the gospel message to appear as 'positive' and 'attractive' as possible. Tragically, the compromising pastors decision to be 'relevant' to the interests and desires of the unbeliever has often come at the expense of biblical truth. Many pulpiteers have taken the view that the "negative" aspects (necessity of repentance from sin, judgment, wrath, self-denial, holiness) have to be downplayed or neglected and in some cases even flatly denied. Often this positive, self-help message for all practical purposes, ignores the holiness of God along with His just demands of us. Sin, if it ever even mentioned, is often called 'mistakes' or 'poor decisions' or self-destructive behavior. Since God gave us the Law to bring the knowledge of sin as well as the restraint of evil, we believe that there is direct correlation between the suppressing of this truth from the pulpits and the rampant sexual immorality in the church and the thousands of church babies who are being led to slaughter every day.

I have much more to say about the absolute necessity of using the moral Law when sidewalk counseling (& in crisis pregnancy centers & post-abortion ministries) but I am going to leave further discussion for another time so that you can take time to read and listen to the following biblical resources:

To better understand the 3-fold use of the Law read RC Sproul's concise explanation:

For a biblical teaching on the importance of not neglecting the commandments in evangelism, please listen to:
Hell's Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort:
I highly recommend that you listen to this powerful message twice.
To help you learn I suggest that you print up the helpful study sheets offered on that website so that you can take notes while you listen.

I would very much to hear your thoughts after you have interacted with this article.

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